Equipment used by hikvison CCTV.

Security is the basic requirement of any organization. It keeps such security systems and equipment that provide the safety to the company or organization. Hikvision CCTV  is one of the leading companies which provides the security systems to the industries, home and any organizations which wants the safety measure.  This company provides different facilities to their clients and for this purpose, they use various type of equipment. These are discussed below.

IP Cameras

IP surveillance system has quality and productivity. The cameras that the company provides has the best quality of taking the footage and images because of advanced feature and functions. There are different types of IP cameras

  • Thermal cameras
  • Panoramic camera
  • Phasing camera

The features of the camera that make it unique and different are

  • Good quality resolution
  • Power over Ethernet facility
  • Solid design
  • Night vision
  • Weatherproof casing
  • Good frame rate

Analog cameras

These are the choice for good analog surveillance. They have good performance and are cost effective that is suitable for any type of department or organization. Different models includes

  • Turbo HD camera
  • CCD camera
  • HD-SDI camera

The features include

  • Night vision
  • Smart IR
  • Good dynamic rate
  • Good video image output
  • Efficient in low light
  • Wide operating range


Network Video recorder

This type of video recorder is compatible with IP CCTV camera. It is available in good quality and provides the video recording in an excellent manner. The software known as network management software helps in recording and saving them for the future use. These are operated through remote to assess local area network and internet. The incredible features includes

  • Adaptive for business environment
  • High-resolution video recording
  • Dual gigabit network interfaces
  • HDMI output.

Digital video recorder

This system uses analog surveillance system. It is a high quality recorder that can record and save the videos. The device uses the latest technology like video analytics and remote access to provide the extraordinary performance. The best features of the equipment includes

  • Good video compression
  • High-resolution real-time recording
  • Synchronous playback
  • Group management.

All the equipments are high tech and have the best quality to provide the security to the user. The company has specialized staff that installs this equipment and monitors all the recordings. If in the case of any trouble, the company provides the team to resolve the issue.