Elope in Las Vegas with a Wedding Photo Tour

The scenic Las Vegas wedding has been a favorite for a long time now, and with good reason. The lights, the views, the entertainment, the atmosphere–all these things and more shout out for weddings. Whether you want to elope in Las Vegas or plan a picture-perfect wedding package (or both!), Vegas has it all, baby.

For the couple planning to elope, Vegas is a dream come true. Forget about the difficulties of a traditional wedding… With a Las Vegas wedding photo tour, the professionals have you covered with packages within every budget. There are few places on Earth as exciting as the City of Lights, and a Las Vegas wedding photo tour breathes in that excitement, infuses it into your biggest life event, and makes memories that will last forever.

But if you do elope to Vegas, what kinds of wedding packages can you look forward to? Here are a few, and remember–there’s a package to meet literally any budget.

Vegas wedding

If you want your big day’s event to happen at your house in Vegas, your hotel by the pool, or even in your favorite Vegas park, you’re looking for an “on site” package. Whether onsite or with any other package, you want a deal that includes everything, of course.

  • Photos (and you want to pick the best among them!)
  • Officiant
  • Witnesses
  • Videography
  • Event planning

If you want your wedding to take place right on the spot where you met your amazing partner-for-life, then Vegas can make that happen.

Red Rock wedding

You are planning on eloping and you want to have a fantastic time on the Strip, but you want your wedding to be in one of the most gorgeous locations on earth without the city’s lights and energy?

Red Rock is one of the most memorable places on earth. Elegant. Natural. Graceful. Just like you in your wedding dress, Red Rock gives you the opportunity to have the kind of wedding photos no one else has. Forget the buildings; let nature be your cathedral.

Take your vows on The Strip!

Or perhaps you want a high-energy wedding right on the world-famous Vegas Strip. There are many wedding packages for this. With drinks and entertainment literally feet away, your guests–or even the friends you meet at the blackjack table–can stack your audience and make your friends jealous, because when you elope in Las Vegas, anything’s possible with a ceremony on the Strip! Today’s Vegas screams energy, class and that certain cutting-edge mindset that makes your wedding one to remember for a lifetime.

The ultimate memory: A Las Vegas Wedding Photo Tour

A scenic Las Vegas wedding doesn’t have to be onsite. If you’re really eloping, then a tour with 3 or 4 of your closest friends might be the perfect getaway wedding! These photo tours take you all over the city, from over an hour to all-day trips, and let you stop for several sets of wedding pictures at the places you think are the “best of the best.” A luxury SUV handles transportation, and you only need to handle celebrating your own personal best-day-ever.

Want some wedding photos in Vegas Venice? Paris? Rome? The Las Vegas wedding photo tour  lets you get them all and then pick a huge number of photos for your keepsake–so you get all the best photos. Nothing makes friends jealous like a Vegas “European” vacation wedding!