Counter-Strike Global Offensive – The Best Shooter Game

The Game Counter Strike Global Offensive was released in August 2013 but the amazing thing about this game is that it is still getting popular. It can be estimated through the fact that monthly about more that 100 thousand players play this game and in this year this rate has reached to about 300K. So on Steam, this is the second most played game and it is still dominating this title.

The Reason of Success of this Game

There are many reasons for the rapid success of this game but the two main reasons are the consistent and regular first party advertisement and a built-in fan base. On Steam, it has more than 150 million active users. It is also a fact that the success of the game is increasing over the period of three and a half years. So this is the best game that is meeting the needs of the diverse community. It is the attribute of CSGO that it is meeting all the needs of the assorted community.  The community consists of content creators, professional players, and team tournament viewers.

The Regular Updates

The game is constantly updated to maintain a balance of competitive play. So to satisfy the needs of the engaged players it is important to provide regular content updates. A great job has been done by Valve by listening to the community of the high-level tournaments and it has used feedbacks to deliver regular updates. The example of competitive balance can be taken as the rate of the sniper rifle has been decreased and slow moment speed has increased. So this professional change is accepted by the community in a positive way.

The High- Quality Content

Incentives are given to the community to create high-quality content. One biggest challenge to operating this game as a service was to produce a quick stream of latest content. So this was done by giving an opportunity to the community to produce User generated content also known as UGC. SO Valve provided a great opportunity to map makers to generate revenue by contributing map to operations and it works same like the official map pack of Valve. So through this successful structure, it was made possible to generate high-quality content on regular basis.

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