Choosing the Right Laptop Battery

Choosing the right laptop battery requires knowledge of your laptop’s needs and capacity. In order to meet these needs, it is important to know the type of battery the laptop came with. Consider how long that battery lasts, and consider how long you would prefer it to last. More than likely, your laptop’s regular battery barely maintains the amount of programs opened during the day. This can be fixed by purchasing one or two batteries with over 5000 mAh (milliamp hours). A typical laptop battery costs over $100, and it is important to know what brand, type, and ingredients to look for.

When choosing a laptop battery, consider the length of time that the battery lasts as well as the health of the battery itself. Certain batteries, due to their ingredients and physical makeup, have been known to catch fire, permanently damaging the laptop, battery, and everything else associated with it. You want to be able to run multiple programs and keep your laptop on for a long period of time, you want the price to be reasonable, and you want the battery to be long lasting. The average amount of time for a complete drain of laptop batteries usually takes 5000 mAh or milliamp hours. Generally, 5000 milliamp hours lasts for up to 45 minutes, but it is possible to get batteries at a much higher capacity (up to 5800 for $160).

If you are wondering if too much mAh is bad for your battery or laptop, the answer is no; the only downside to a larger number of mAh is a longer period of time for the actual battery to charge. True damage to your laptop results from the actual ingredients in the battery as well as what you are using to charge the battery. The main thing that laptop owners should worry about in terms of damage is voltage in laptop chargers. Is it possible to damage your laptop with incompatible voltage? The answer depends. If you use the correct charger for the laptop, then it is less likely to damage or overheat it while charging. This is because laptop chargers have adaptors which are made to convert the voltage to the correct amount of charge that the laptop needs. However, if you use an incompatible charger for your laptop, the adaptor’s voltage may not match the laptop’s. Incompatible voltage results in little to no charge for your laptop. Even using the wrong voltage charger for a short amount of time damages your laptop beyond repair, and it’s very likely that you will need to replace the laptop or the laptop charger. Other damaging results include overheating and meltdowns, which can possibly completely ruin your laptop battery and charger.

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