How to choose best handheld Gps for hiking

Best Handheld Gps for hiking is the special device which helps the person and guides him about all the paths when going out for adventure. These devices come with many features and can withstand all weather conditions. There are many companies who are manufacturing these gadgets to help a person in different locations, some are high performing while other show less quality. In order to get the best Gps system, the person must follow the guidelines to make the money valuable.

Construction and the battery life of the device

The person choosing a device for hiking must focus on the robust design as well as the gadget that can bear shocks and abrasions of accidently fell down. The GPS system must be water resistant as well as must bear different weather conditions and must keep on working so that person does not feel any trouble while using it. Battery life is also important; the good device always provides the backup of 10 hours. Try to choose the system which provides at least 10-hour battery life as there is no facility of charging on mountains.

Display and planning software

The device with a 2-inch display and the touch screen is preferable when going out for hiking. As the large screen can clearly show the map and the person are able to understand the route properly. In a similar manner in cold weather, the touch screen is a good choice as a person can operate it along with the gloves as well. The device also comes with the planning information which provides the person information about the distance, route as well as ascent so that person feels comfortable while doing adventure.


The modern and advanced GPS system not only guides about the map and the distance but upgraded with many incredible features. It may contain a compass, barometric altimeter, camera, connection with the Smartphone and many other features. The other gadgets also contain heart rate monitoring and the temperature sensor buttons. So the cool and the advance device contain all the excellent features that can help the person on his trip.

Some gadgets also support GLONASS in addition to the GPS, this helps in the fast and precise location of the position. This feature enables the person to locate the position even in dark woods or other difficult areas. The person going out for the hiking must prefer the device that contains all these features to make the trip relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable.