Does Chiropractic treatment work for a migraine?

Have you ever considered hiring a chiropractic treatment services for upper cervical care? You must have and it is not surprising at all as most people do! However, what can be a little surprising is that in the recent year’s chiropractic practice is being trusted to cure a migraine and other types of headaches. However, the question is that whether the chiropractic treatment really works to cure a migraine or not. There is a mixed response that you can get for that query. In this article, we dig deep into the details about Chiropractic treatment in relevance to headaches via

What is Chiropractic treatment?

If by any unfortunate chance you ever suffer from trigeminal neuralgia in life, you would get a lot of recommendations to seek chiropractic treatment for that purpose but what is it really? Chiropractic treatment is actually the treatment of human body diseases and problems by handling the body muscles i.e. stretching and moving in various directions. This treatment does not include any medication or surgical treatment but can use the aid of X-rays or ultrasounds to get an insight into how the internal system of the body is working. You will commonly see a chiropractor using several different tools like braces and straps to do their job. Moreover, instead of medication this practice believes in maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle for quick recovery.

Is migraine curable through chiropractic?

There have been several studies that are conducted to decide whether or not chiropractic can help cure migraine or any other headache. The truth so far has been that it cannot. It might seem like the pain is relieved temporarily but after sometime it is most likely to return. Hence, it is best to seek help from a migraine specialist rather than experimenting with this practice.

Side effects reported

Though it promises treatment, chiropractic actually does the opposite when it comes to curing migraines. There has been several side effect reported in patients post-treatment.

  • Increase in the intensity of pain
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Lack of sleep
  • Sore muscles

In several extreme cases, serious head injuries and internal bleeding in the brain has also been reported as a result of this practice.

Is it worth a try?

If you are a headstrong person who believes to have the power and capacity to endure pain to get relief from it then the chiropractic treatment can be worthy of a try for you. However, it is advised not to attempt it if you have weak bones or muscles or lack internal endurance.

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