Chinese Influencers – the Amazing Marketing Tool

In China, there are about 670 million internet users and they are connected trough their mobile, tablets, laptops and other devices. Although it is a huge number of online customers yet there is a decrease in the sales of luxury goods market. It is the time to target this online Chinese target audience. So many luxury brands are now setting influences to increase the sale of their brand. Now influencer is a well-known term and t is frequently used by marketers. Online influencers are now famous with luxury brands. Although they are also consumers but they act as a guide for other consumers. In this article, we will talk about Chinese influencers. Let’s discuss in detail.

Chinese Web Influencers

Brands are now expanding on Chinese networks like WeChat and Weibo. The reason is that these networks have a lot of active users with an account. The Chinese influencers have a great impact on the life of Chinese people because they are constantly connected to websites and they are always active on these social networks. You will find influencers in every category like fashion and cosmetic. There are bloggers that have millions of fans. The main reason for this great impact of influencers on Chinese people is that they get all the related information through the internet.

Influencers as Key Opinion Leaders

The Chinese people understood the information so well that these influencers are also considered as the opinion leaders. It is very important for marketers to have social network visibility of the product they are marketing. The reason is that it is the only big platform that can increase sales. For example, with WeChat, you can make a direct purchase by using this app. Also, you will find many micro-stores that are hosted by social networks. So many brands are now investing in social networks to increase their sales. They can promote their product to more than 600 million people but influencers do not do it at low cost. This is the reason Chinese bloggers and influencers are the most expensive in the world.

The luxury brands are now making partnerships with influencers and it is very expensive in Chine. These influencers can charge up to I0, 000 to 15,000 Euros according to a survey of bloggers and influencers. So Chinese influencers are no doubt the most modern and expensive marketing tool for luxury brands. It is important to thin twice before signing any partnership because there are many fake influencers too.