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Eton of Kashmir

High up in the Himalayas where the mountains cover the large part of land and the winters encrust the thick  layers of ice on the meadows.  Kashmir  remains the most beautiful part of northern India.  In India,   it is common thing that the best educational institutes are located in the hills.  If we travel in the Himalayas  we can see some of the best schools of the country. The mountains provide a secluded atmosphere and the serenity where the young minds get developed.  Same in Kashmir,  which is located in upper parts of northern India.  In 1800’s it was a princely state ruled by the maharaja of kashmir. British people used to come for holidays and to spend some time away from the humid plains.  Though they were not give land by the maharaja and these British lived in the houseboats on river Jhelum.  The British gentry consisted of officers in the military, soldiers, artisans, priests & missionaries.  Missionaries build churches and instead of the conversions they laid emphasis on education and social service.    A British missionary by the name of Cecil Tyndale  Biscoe also called “bisco sahab” by kashmiri people opened up a educational institute in  1880 in the lap of the valley which is surrounded by rivers & lakes. That time education was very limited to poor man or distinctly unavailable.  Mr  Biscoe’s enthusiasm to serve the society by sending his students for firefighting,  street cleaning & in rescue during floods,  much emphasis were laid on co curricular activities, teaching the young boys  swimming, mountaineering  &  regatta.  The school organized annual boat races, swimming competitions, cross country runs  & trekking expeditions. The schools motto “in all things be men”  all the activities  were being  revolved  around this motto.  These activities were not limited to summers only.   In winters during the winter vacation, the students would go to attend various skiing courses in gulmarg.

Out  there in the middle of the lake a small boat circles near the fountains,  children in yellow uniform, in other boat the kids are in blue uniform. There are four houses in the school named after the high peaks of Kashmir, kalohoi, harmukh, tatakuti & mahadev.  Prominent teachers of the school included TN Misri, TN Kaul , Shadi Lal Dhar,  BN Mujoo, Rajinder Kaul , Mr Mughloo , Nazir Dar.

After the long winters the cross country run is the biggest event in the history of the school. It is a run through the mountains of shankaracharya.  This race starts after a long winter vacation After the race kashmiri  khawa is served to participants .  Studying and growing up in this school is a great upbringing for a perfect man.  Tyandle Biscoe school Is  also called the eton of Kashmir.  It was the only school to impart modern education & give boos to adventure tourism in Kashmir.  Growing  up  & studying in this school is the best part of my life,  this school is still producing some of the best sportsmen, doctors &  academicians.

About the author.

The author of this article has studies in the same school, were he was molded  into one of the finest trekker in Kashmir,  right now he works as a travel guide for his family owned travel company


Some of the Best Arabian Traditions

The conventions of Arab Emirates, attributable to the Muslim country, have their own specificity and characteristics. Arranging a get-away in the UAE, you should mull over the way that the memorable conventions and traditions are hold consecrated and respected here.

Religious traditions

Talking about the religiousness of the Arab individuals, it ought to be noticed that all the Arabic traditions and conventions depend on the Quran which is the Muslims’ Holy book. The Quran is the religious, as well as a social example of the Arabic composed dialect.

The Muslims implore five times each day, and amid the festival of the Holy month of Ramadan every one of the adherents should quick. Eating, drinking and smoking is denied in the daytime. All the day time of Ramadan, gatherings and diversion occasions are not permissible.

Arabian Traditions-The state of mind towards ladies

Lady are doled out the extraordinary place in the customs of the Arab individuals. The lady in the East is the attendant of family bliss and chimney at home. Bedouin lady ought not feel the necessities, and the spouse must present her with endowments and adornments.

Because of such a deferential demeanor, a lady ought to act with unobtrusiveness and restriction. It is prohibited to appear in broad daylight any uncovered body parts, and lady must be joined by her mate or a senior relative when outside.

There is an exceptional day for Arab ladies. Once every week all the water parks, shorelines, magnificence salons and wellness focuses are opened just for ladies.

Family customs -The Arabian Traditions

Family customs of United Arab Emirates have their starting point in the remote history. From time immemorial Arab individuals was driven a tribal lifestyle. Every tribe was isolated into discrete groups, which incorporated a few families. Because of such a plan, the family in the UAE has dependably had an awesome significance.

Till these days the most noticeably bad discipline for the Arabs is the expulsion from the family circle. Albeit present day life affects the customary Arab lifestyle, family ties stay hallowed for each occupant of the UAE.

Arabian Traditions- Instructive condition

The customs of the Arab individuals allot an extraordinary place for the territory of training. Since the antiquated circumstances, the Arab individuals was surprising for high information and proficiency. In the past private instructors were stand high in regard yet today such current instructive organizations as schools, colleges and universities have become an integral factor.

Essential instruction is necessary and totally free in the UAE. Particular optional training fills in as an additional one. Every year preparing programs for the grown-up populace, which permits to take out lack of education totally, are actualized.

National diversion -Arabian Traditions

In the UAE you won’t have the capacity to discover betting houses or clubhouse as betting is precluded here. In any case, the absence of a betting segment is repaid by the various wearing occasions. Different game rivalries are sorted out here consistently. It can be camel dashing or bullfighting. Bedouins incline toward falconry as an extravagance rest. Checkout the Arabian Desert Safari For more Information

Vietnam – a Great trekking destination:

Vietnam is a small but beautiful country located in the East Asian region. It is mostly remembered as a war country that challenged the US and had a prolonged history of war afterward. You must have seen Vietnam War reenactments in many international Hollywood movies. However, many people are not aware that Vietnam is a great place to visit for tourism and vacations. Once torn by the war, the country has come a long way since. It now regarded as a great tourist destination of Asia.

The growth of Tourism in the region:

According to International statistics, Vietnam has had an influx of tourists from all parts of the world. In a single year, there have been approximately 6.5 million visitors to this place. In fact, tourism has now become one of the greatest contributors to the country’s economic growth and GDP. For the same reason, the Vietnamese government is also working on various measures and projects to promote international tourism from all parts of the world.

Lots to do in the country:

Vietnam is a great country with a variety of terrains and landscapes to see and visit. It is a naturally beautiful place with some of the most serene and peaceful locations in the entire region. It has a mix of mountains, forests, caves, heritage sites, museums and parks to visit. Many people suggest that the best way to explore the beauty of its coastal regions is through cruising around in a boat or ship. One of its most famous groups of islands located in the northern region is Ha Long Bay. It is famous for its limestone Karsts caves and heritage sites.

Trekking and hiking are best:

Looking at the natural beauty of the great outdoors of Vietnam and especially the Ha Long bay, many people prefer to do trekking in the area. Hiking and trekking trips and tours are arranged by a name of travel agents and companies in the region. You can get information about your options by searching the internet. It is best to get information from their website and compare your options wisely. You can see more Sapa Trekking tours on the internet and guide books.

It is best to keep in mind the following tips:

• Get prior information about the tour
• Compare the rates and services of various tour operators
• Look at customer reviews and feedback
• Always make advance bookings
• Always go for travel insurance for emergency situations.

Tourism in China is Robust with these Top 7 Attractions

The mighty country in Asia is beautiful in its every aspect. From the Colossal structure of Wall of China to Dunhuang sand dunes captivates the traveler to this magical country. The astounding beauty has maximized the charm of normal tourist. Vast and diversity of China encompass one of the most beautiful scenery in the world. A 5000-year rich history with modern architecture enhances the beauty of China. The soul of China lies in a rich culture that hasn’t lost its fascination for thousand years. The historical sites are preserved and giving goose bumps to everyone. Tourism in China is bolstering with the economic growth of the country. Let’s see the list of the top 7 attractions in China.

  1. Mighty Yangtze River and Narrow Valleys: The length of Yangtze is whopping 6000 kilometers making it the third longest river in the world. The Yangtze contains numerous points that can be visited. There are three gorges with the name of Xing, Qutang, and Wu. Passing through these gorges is an incredible sight.
  2. Tibet Potala Palace: Potala palace in the town of Lhasa covered around by massive mountains is the true essence of Chinese architecture. It was built in the 17th century. It was destined to be used as a residence for Dalai Lama. This palace takes the traveler back into time.
  3. Hongcun Ancient Village: This village history dates back to 900 years. The distinctive architecture with beautiful natural surroundings is amazing. Narrow lanes and rice fields give a look of old China which loves to be in its simplicity.
  4. Cruise in Yangshou: A cruise through amazing scenic hills and rivers in Yangshuo is, in other words, cruise through nature. There are a lot of options for tourists. Tourists can rent a bike and head to the country side for more breath taking views. Traditional fishing village life style is a glimpse of magical old China.
  5. Terracotta Army: The archaeological wonder was discovered in the 1970s. Almost 8000 warriors and 520 horses are meant to guard the first emperor’s tomb. Standing in front with these life-size warriors gives goose bumps.
  6. Beijing: Beijing is famous for two attractions with an immense beauty which includes Forbidden City and Imperial palace. The Imperial palace was built during the Yuan Dynasty. Imperial palace is situated in heart of Beijing. The Forbidden City was built during the Ming Dynasty. It was used as the home of emperors and serve as the political center of the Chinese government for 500 years.
  7. The Great Wall of China: The Great Wall can be considered as the jewel in Chinese tourism. The Great Wall is 6000 kilometers long. It was built to protect against the invaders. The wall is six to eight meters in height and 16 meters at some places makes it amazing colossal structure.

“China awaits adventure tourists with mesmerizing beauty”