Predictions for Matchday 18 of the Serie A TIM

The Italian League, called Serie A TIM, is one of the big national competitions in Europe and, because of that, receives a lot of attention from bettors around the world. They usually choose it for its interesting confrontations and great players.


With the help of specialist in sports betting Kate Richardson, we prepared three predictions for games from the Serie A TIM. Don’t forget to take a look at her profile here before checking our betting tips.

Sassuolo – Parma

Sassuolo and Parma will face each other at the MAPEI Stadium for matchday 18. In the last match that these two played against each other, in February 2020, Parma won by 1-0.

The hosts head into this game after losing at home by 2-0 against SPAL in a match for the Italian Cup. In their last Serie A game, they also suffered a defeat, this time away, by 3-1 to Juventus. Now, playing in their ground against Parma, they will probably focus on having the ball and proposing the game. Keep an eye on Italian Francesco Caputo, who is one of the best scorers of the squad with 6 goals so far.

Parma’s moment is also not good. In their last match, they lost by 2-0 at home against Lazio, registering their 5th loss in a row in the Italian League. Now, the visitors will probably focus on counterattacks, but also knowing that they need to score if they want to have chances. Gervinho could make the difference for Parma, as he is their top scorer with 4 goals.

Looking at these facts, it is possible that Sassuolo will dominate the ball possession and have more opportunities of goals, since Parma will play defensively focusing on counterattacks. However, both sides have been having a lot of defensive problems, making it a good possibility for an over 2.5 prediction.

So we are going to bet on: Over 2.5 Goals

Inter Milan – Juventus

Internazionale will welcome Juventus at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza for match day 18. In this ground, the head to head between these two is really balanced. However, the last time they met at this stadium, in October 2019, the visitors left with the three points after a 2-1 victory.

Inter will head into this game after a difficult qualification in the Italian Cup after beating Fiorentina in extra time. In Serie A, they continue chasing the top of the league, as they are currently in second place. For this match against Juventus we don’t believe there will be many differences. They will continue focusing on quick transitions and attacks through the wings. Their two most advanced men will probably be Lautaro Martinez and Alexis Sanchez.

The Old Lady also needed extra time to beat Genoa at home in the Italian Cup and qualify to the next round. In the Italian League, they are currently in 4th place and trying to win some positions. For that, we don’t believe manager Adrea Pirlo will change things in the squad, especially because they have really talented players. In the attack, Juve will probably count on Cristiano Ronaldo and Alvaro Morata to score goals.

The most likely scenario for this match will be for both sides to find the back of the net at least once. We expect Juventus to control more the game, taking into account their squad and style of playing, but Inter Milan will be at home and they want the three points.

So we are going to bet on: Both Teams to Score.

Cagliari – AC Milan

Cagliari will welcome the current leaders of the Italian League, AC Milan, at the Sardegna Arena. In their last time these two clubs faced each other in this stadium, in January 2020, the visitors left with the three points after a 2-0 win.

The hosts head into this game after a 3-1 defeat away from home against Atalanta, making their situation a little complicated in the league table, as they are in 16th place. Cagliari usually likes to make many transitions from the defensive to the offensive line and we believe they won’t change that against Milan. Fabrizio Caligara will have the mission to create the attacks of the home side.

Stefano Poli’s men head into this match after a qualification on penalties against Torino in the Italian Cup. Apart from that, the three points are important for Milan, who are currently at the top of the league table and want to continue there. The visitors will count on their three most advanced players, who will probably be Hauge, Ibrahimovic and Castillejo, to score the goals.

Even though they are playing away, we believe that Milan are the great favorites for winning this match. Not only because they are in a good moment in the league, but also because they have more individual talents than the home side. Apart from that, we could also take Cagliari’s bad moment into consideration, as they are currently five games in a row without winning.

We are betting on: AC Milan to win



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Are You Fit Enough to Play Golf?

When you think of golf, think back to the years from 960 to 1279 A.D. when a game that historians claim was something like golf played using sticks and balls, as depicted by paintings, during the Song Dynasty in China.  It is said that during the time of Julius Caesar golf was played using a feather-stuffed ball with tree branches. But it is officially recognized that golf, as we know it, was a sport played in Scotland from 1502.

According to experts, golf is said to be the most difficult sport to be performed. Golf and the golfers who have successfully played it have been analyzed from every perspective including a digital analysis of every bone and muscle in the body, in action, that are used to play this sport.

Many so-called experts claim that their approach to the game will make one a more competitive golf player.  But all experts would agree that it is the unique configuration of one’s muscles and bones which must be coordinated to put a golf ball in the tin cup from distances of hundreds of yards, feet, and inches with the least effort under all weather conditions.

The PGA Tour has an emphasis on the importance of exercise for each of its players have a fitness regimen.  At each PGA Tour event, there is a fitness trailer to be used by professional athletic golfers.

Exercise specialists claim that a person’s muscles and bones can be trained to withstand the rigors of golf using unique exercises.
The goals of golf exercises are to prevent injury, to create more control over the golf swing adding power and speed, and to reduce fatigue on the golf course, all of which should lead to better golf performance.

The exercises developed are designed to be cardiovascular workouts which some fitness experts refer to as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIT).  The HIT method involves activities that are quick and intense bursts followed by equally short periods of recovery.   This approach is designed to reduce the need for the traditional cardio jogging exercise.  The more conventional stretching exercises, cardio training, and weight training are recommended to firm up the upper body, trunk, and legs.  Walking the entire 18-hole distance would be part of your exercise program.

There are some dos and don’ts of golf exercises. For instance, the training must be golf specific, and the purpose is not to build muscle mass and become bulky, which restricts the motion for your swing. The purpose of golf specific exercises is to improve functional strength using high repetitions to build lean muscle.

How did the Spice Girls Become the Most Influential Girl Group of All Time?

When the Spice Girls burst onto the music scene with their debut single Wannabe in 1996, the girl group instantly became a worldwide sensation. The song was a number one hit in 37 countries, and it brought about the beginning of Spice mania, along with the rise of Girl Power and 90s feminism. The group was a moneymaking machine, up there with the most successful marketing engines of all time. At the peak of their prowess, the Spice Girls were earning up to $75 million per year. Now four of the original lineup have decided to get back together. The question is, will they manage to take the world by storm for a second time?

Spice Girls Back Together After Nearly Ten Years Apart

Spice Girls announce comeback tour without one key member

While there is no doubt of the impact that the Spice Girls had, their time together was short-lived. The band decided to begin an indefinite hiatus in 2000 after the release of their third studio album, Forever. This was only six years after they had initially got together and four years since they achieved worldwide notoriety. For fans of the band, the news of the split was devastating. The Spice Girls decided to reform for a reunion tour between 2007 and 2008, and now they are back again for a second reunion. This time, many will be hoping that it is for longer.

In July this year, Melanie Brown officially announced that the group would be reforming. However, they would be without Victoria Beckham who is currently busy with other commitments. Since that epic piece of news, the Spice World – 2019 Tour has also been announced, and the group have made an appearance on the Jonathan Ross show to promote it. While many would love to see the Spice Girls get back together for a lengthy period, it is unclear how long the band will stay around for on this occasion. In fact, Betway is offering odds of 1/1 that they will split by 2020. The thing is, though, that none of the Spice Girls other than Victoria has been hugely successful outside of the group. For this reason, it may be in their best interests to stick together and look to replicate some of the success they found in their early years.

How did the Spice Girls get so Famous?

Spice Girls – ‘Girl Power’ And The Rise Of ’90s Feminism

The Spice Girls’ first ever single Wannabe stayed at the number one spot in the UK charts for seven weeks, and while it was there, the group rode a wave of publicity and hype. The country went wild for them in a similar way to how they acted when the Beatles were at the height of their popularity. This is why the term ‘Spice mania’ was coined, because the UK hadn’t seen anything of the like since the Fab Four took the country by storm all those years ago. Wannabe was followed up with Say You’ll Be There, which hit the number one spot for two weeks, and then 2 Become 1, which became the Christmas number one. This was also the fastest-selling single of the year, with 462,000 copies sold in its first week.

The main motto of the Spice Girls was the idea of Girl Power, and this was perhaps one of the main reasons for their immense success. They were credited with reinvigorating mainstream feminism, and they gave young listeners a sense of empowerment. The Spice Girls were hugely influential on the music industry as a whole and led to a number of other widely successful girl groups in the years after them. One of the most notable imitation bands was Girls Aloud, who shared a lot of similarities with the Spice Girls.

The Spice Girls are getting back together in a very different time period to the one in which they found such amazing success. They will doubtlessly attract a large portion of their old fanbase for nostalgia’s sake, but will millennials be interested in what they have to say? Will the Spice Girls still have the same level of influence in a world where social media is considered more of a driving force for change than music? Whether the Spice Girls can take the world by storm in the same way as before remains to be seen.


3 Reasons You Should Use a Scoring Table

A scoreboard or a scoring table is a large board for viewing of score publicly in a game. Most games need a scoring table to display their score, measuring time, and statistics. The modern scoring tables use either electromechanical or electronic means of showing the audience the score. While in the past, it was more of a manual system. When a team gained a point, an appointed person would place the relevant number card on the hook.

Following are some of the reasons you should use a scoreboard:

  1. Sponsorships and generating revenue opportunities

Scoring tables are another way of generating revenue rather than just generating money from the game tickets. You might wonder why brands, sports events, or other events will be interested in buying advertisement spots on a scoring table. During time-outs, half-time, and delays, the audience will be more vigilant to an ad displayed on the scoring board as they are just sitting back there doing nothing. So what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest scoring board sellers and book one now, captivate the audience and generate some additional money from the sponsors.

  1. Scoring tables and their versatility

The latest scoring tables have additional, changeable features, for example, you can now choose from the options of Non-Lit, Rear-Lit, LED at any moment during the match. It is a result of the new proprietary design that has been introduced lately. Many different sizes are available in the marketplace. You can choose your scoring table according to your courtside seating area. Some sizes you can choose from are, 8ft, 4ft, and 10ft. You can also customize your scoring table by fusing a few scoring table sizes and designs by combining them in a way that they generate a seamless appearance. However, one thing you should make sure is that scorekeepers, statistician, and announcers get a seat to sit on at the table during the game. Some scoring tables have a feature of getting upgraded at any moment by replacing the inserted cartilage with a rear-Lit or a LED cartilage one.

  1. Educating students

Scoring tables are not only confined to sports and other event-related advertisements, but they can also be used for knowledge purposes. So in short, students who are gaming and athletics lovers too can take advantage of it. Utilize LED Scorers Tables to educate your audience.

Best Tips for Compound Bow Hunting

Whether you’re new to bow hunting or you have been shooting a compound bow for years, it never hurts to learn a few new tips. When it comes to hunting, especially with a best compound bow, there is always something to learn. The experts always have new experiences and situations to share with fellow hunters. Here are some of our newest takeaways from our latest expeditions.

Tough two-finger release:

We like the two-finger release. After trying a bunch of different release techniques, the best tip we can give is to use the two-finger release because you can split the pressure between them, with about 75% of your power in the middle finger to hold the draw back. Of course, we recommend using a mechanical draw and release, but if you are old-school and you want to use your fingers, use two at the full point of the draw. Your middle finger becomes the anchor and your tops finger eventually drops off in release.

Compound Bow release

Get a good draw:

We do have another piece of advice for those who want to shoot without the help of draw accessories. If you are using your finger, use your finger, avoid using the tip of your finger. When you do this, you do not give the draw its full length. Get that trigger around the middle joint of your index finger. This not only allows you to fully draw the bow, but it also gives you more control to get a smooth trigger.

Use the proper angle:

Shooting from a tree stand can be tricky, and misses are tenaciously high. There are several reasons for it, but the most common is that most hunters shoot at the wrong angle. It is best to bend the body and still fire from the same arm angle. It’s kind of like swinging a bat, if you drop the angle of the bat, the ball tends to pop up. But, if you have the level swing, good things happen. Keep your bow at the same angle, but adjust your body with a bend at the waist rather than a drop of the bow arm.

Just breathe:

Another good tip for successful bowhunting is to slow down and relax. All too often, archers get stressed while they worry about all of the aspects of the hunt. Instead, relax. Breathe and let your ability take over. You know how to draw, how to aim, how to shoot. When the hunt is happening, trust your instincts and the time you spent in target practice. There is nothing you can do to adjust the way the animals react, so there is no need to stress about it.

Don’t stop practicing:

Speaking of practice, don’t stop doing it just because bow hunting season began. Even during the football season, players practice everyday. If you plan to be successful in the field, you should continue to practice. This is the time when you can learn about your successes and failures in-season rather than waiting until after the season if over. What you do well you can repeat in practice and what you do wrong, you can fix.

When you practice, make sure you do so in all lighting conditions, especially dawn or dusk. The odds are rather good that you will not be shooting at high noon when the sun beaming down on you. Instead, you will be taking your shots before and after the daylight hours. It is more difficult to shoot accurately in low lighting conditions, so take the time to learn how to adjust to get your best shot.

Add a follow-through for more accuracy:

Develop a follow-through with your shot. Those final moments with the bow can affect the trajectory and success of the shot. All too often, archers will drop their arms as soon as they release the bow. We recommend keeping your hand relaxed and on the bow until the target is punctured. That extra time on the bow will help the arrow reach its destination smoothly. Adding follow-through will not make a immense difference, but those fractions of inches can be the difference between a shot that hits the target or misses it.

Accuracy is more important than speed:

Concern yourself with accuracy before you worry about speed. It is better to slow down the shot if you cannot make the arrow hit the target. Again, likening archer to baseball, a fastball out of the zone isn’t effect. But, a changeup that hits the target is the money pitch. We are all about shooting with accuracy, because the goal is to hit the target, not send the arrow buzzing past it.

However, if you get the whole accuracy thing, then by all means, shoot a fast bow. The speediest bows will send arrows flatter than the slower bows. With a speedy bow, you do get to have a simple day in the field. You shoot, the arrow flies. If you can handle a speedy bow, you can try shooting heavier arrows which are more effective at piercing targets.

Shoot the arrow:

Get out of your head and shoot. The idea of waiting and waiting until the perfect shot comes along can actually make you miss your perfect shot. Hesitation can mess with your confidence and it can make you miss because you are too busy thinking. If this is the case with you, it is best to get out of your head and take the shot. You can’t hit the target or miss the target if the arrow is sitting on your bow. You have to shoot it to hit. In fact, the longest you should wait between aiming and firing is seven seconds, anything longer than that can affect your focus. Load, aim, and fire. Don’t wait around.

Accessories can help, especially the good ones:

Use the best accessories. Depending on the bow you have, you should add accessories that will help you shoot your best shot. Those accessories are usually sights and bubble sights are brilliant options because you can clearly see if your bow is at the proper angle and you can sight your target. When you add the accessories you need, you become a better shot.

Know your range:

Don’t shoot from too far away. If you try to shoot from too far away and you miss, you will miss big and probably lose expensive arrows in the process. It is best to know how far you can still shoot with accuracy and not extend that range. Just trying to shoot at an extended distance is a recipe for disaster.

Go low instead of high:

Our last bit of advice is to try shooting from a blind that is low to the ground. Tree stands aren’t

the only tools that will hide you from your target. You could even hide behind a tree to get a good shot. Also, there is nothing wrong with hiding out in a blind on the ground. Bring a stool, get a ghillie suit, and hide in the brush.  Be sure you have your scent covered up and you remain as quiet as possible. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly deer and other creatures will come your way.

Mastering a compound bow is a lifelong journey. There is always something to learn. Improving accuracy, adding to speed, and making cleaner shots is something that every hunter wants to know how to do. We cannot guarantee that all of these tips will make massive changes to your performance in the woods or during target practice. But, it certainly cannot hurt to try. You might be pleasantly surprised.