Some of the Biggest Ways Social Media has Affected Politics

Social media has affected society in a lot of major ways. It’s not only a source of personal entertainment and a way to keep up with friends, but it is a business tool—the more Instagram followers you have, the more business you bring in, or the more you advertise on Facebook, the wider audience you’ll be able to reach. Social Media has even affected politics in some big ways. During the 2016 presidential election, it was one of the most influential channels, and candidates and voters alike used it to share opinions, spark discussion, and raise issues.

As of 2016, seven percent of social media users in the US began to discuss politics on social media often, and 19 percent began to discuss politics at least sometimes. Not only did people use social media to discuss and share their political points of view, but in another survey, 35 percent of respondents reported that they used social media to discuss politic points of view that they disagreed with because they found it to be interesting and informing. Social media hasn’t just affected and changed politics for voters, though. It has changed the way that politicians campaign and reach their voters and has changed the way and how quickly news sources report on updates and new information.

Social media has had a big impact on politics in several big ways, like the following:

Polls and Results are Made Available Every Day

Political polls have always been a major part of elections and are taken frequently to help get an idea of how the public feels about one candidate or another and make a soft prediction on what the outcome of the election will be. Polls can also help inform candidates about what issues they are covering well and what issues they need to take action on. Thanks to social media, those polls can be taken instantly, multiple times a day, and the results can be published right away.

Politicians Can Interact with Voters Directly

While voters still receive pre-recorded phone calls, have to listen to radio messages, watch ads on TV, get flyers in the mail, and will still have campaigners show up at their houses now and again, social media has made it easier than ever before for politicians to interact with their voters and potential voters directly—for better or for worse. Politicians can take and answer questions, personally, through their social media accounts, can respond directly to concerns raised by specific citizens, and more.

The News is Reported Every Few Minutes

Nowadays, instead of reporters having to work through the night to get the day’s news written up and ready to publish the following morning, reporters work through the night to keep voters and the public updated, in real time, on the triumphs, scandals, wins, and loses that happen throughout the day-to-day of different politicians. There’s no longer a specific timeline for when news will be reported—it is reported every few hours or minutes, depending on what kinds of updates come in.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Target the Right Demographic

Politicians know that they won’t get everyone’s vote, so instead of spending all of their time and money chasing votes they won’t have, they can turn their efforts towards those who are lukewarm to them and work on getting them off of the fence. Thanks to social media and all of the targeting algorithms it offers, politicians can now target and reach the right demographic, more easily than ever before. This helps them make the most of their money, time, and efforts.

It Perpetuates Fake and Unverified News

While social media does a lot of good, it has its downsides too. For example, it’s easy for anyone to publish just about anything, so a lot of fake and unverified news gets published and passed around. Whether a voter who adamantly dislikes a candidate, a misinformed news outlet, or a naïve citizen shocked by rumors that are being told, social media makes it easy to start and spread fake news which can muddy up the waters.

Voters are Exposed to More Points of View

Before social media and the Internet, it was possible to get different points of view on different issues, but generally, most people were only familiar with the points of view and arguments shared with them by their co-workers, family members, and close friends. These days, though, thanks to social media, voters can now know what their old high school rival thinks about certain issues or get a detailed explanation as to how their best friend’s boyfriend believes the country should be run. While voters may not take all points of view seriously, getting that exposure and gaining that understanding can be extremely valuable and helpful.

Campaigns are Changed

Social media has transformed the way that politicians campaign for an election. Now, fundraising can be done through crowdfunding, making it possible for anyone, (wealthy or not), to contribute to the candidate they support. Even the way that politicians get their message out to their voters, advertise, and, (as mentioned), interact with the voter base has transformed from what it was into an instant, cheap, and easy thing thanks to social media.

In Conclusion

Social media has had a big impact on society, and the political sector is not exempt. From the way that politicians contact voters to the way that voters stay informed on the issues, social media has transformed the way that politics are done in the US today. How else do you feel social media has impacted politics?


Plaques and Awards – Choose the Right One

Many employees in your company generally, looking forward to receiving the plaques and awards every year. Most of the workers give the best performance and do hard work to not only get the nice looking plaques but also for the glory or being awarded in front of all other employees of the company. Many recipients usually considered the quality and beauty of the award plaques because they love to display them at their home so that everyone can see them and appreciate their hard work and good performance.

So for this reason it is really important to choose a best and good quality award for the employees who deserve so that they can truly appreciate the award that is given to them and it will also motivate them to work further ensuring year in order to get the similar or much better awards and plaques on the following year.

Types of Awards:

Traditionally there is most of the awards type that was made of from woof, but with the passage of time, the options are increased. Now you can choose the awards from more options according to your choice that will make the award more attractive and beautiful as well.

Glass and Crystals Awards:

Now a day, the contemporary awards such as glass and crystals are now preferred more by most of the businesses and companies because of their beautiful, stylish and elegant look, taking over the wooden plaque and awards. The class awards can be easily converted into an intricate shape of design by using the different art equipment that will help to enhance its attractive look.

You can also get the custom plaques according to your desire that will make your employees happier.

Selection of Awards and plaques:

It is one of the best ways of enticing to all company employees in order to appreciate and motivate everyone to aspire to become a vest and top performers of the year in order to get the plaques or award.

This is really effective for the other employees as well because they can get motivation from them and try other tries to give their better to achieve the award in a further year. It is a way of proud for them.

The plaque or award symbolizes the greatness of employees and having a number of awards at their home shows that the person works really hard and give his or her excellent performance in a job.


How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

From the moment you tried on your wedding dress, you knew your big day was going to be amazing. As you plan the details, however, you can’t help noticing a lot of wedding traditions and industry practices aren’t exactly kind to Mother Earth. According to The Chicago Tribune, the average wedding generates 63 tons of carbon dioxide and adds 400 pounds of garbage to landfills. Your wedding, however, doesn’t have to be average.

The principles for reducing the carbon footprint of your wedding are the same as the ones you’ve embraced in other aspects of life. Buy local, so less fuel is required to transport your purchases, and buy used, so no additional resources are required to produce new items. Eliminate disposable packaging, recycle it, or make it biodegradable, so it can feed your garden rather than clogging up landfills. Finally, support businesses that treat both the planet and their workers ethically.

A lot of trees go into those wedding invitations, save the date postcards, RSVPs, greeting cards, wrapping paper, gift bags, and wedding programs, and most of them end up in the trash. You can save a forest and the cost of printing by using digital invitations. Paperless Post allows you to choose from a variety of customizable designs, and you can manage your guest list and RSVPs on the website, which is more efficient than keeping track of dozens of envelopes.

To save on packaging and help a good cause, have a “no gifts” policy. Instead, ask your bridal shower attendees to bring a non-perishable item for the local food bank or set up a gift registry where your wedding guests can donate to charity. Feel free to skip the wedding favors, as most guests leave them behind anyway, but you might order plantable favors made of post-consumer material and flower, herb, or vegetable seeds; if your guests don’t take them, plant them in your own garden. The company also makes plantable confetti.

A large percentage of the wedding’s carbon emissions comes from the venue itself. Having an outdoor ceremony that takes advantage of natural light and surrounding foliage, for example, is usually a better choice than an indoor ceremony that needs extensive lighting, flowers, and heating or cooling. In The Chicago Tribune, eco-friendly event planner Carlene Smith says if you must have an indoor ceremony or reception, look for LEED-certified buildings, which have been evaluated for energy efficiency.

When choosing a caterer, look for one who uses local, seasonal ingredients. Friends of the Earth reports that nearly 15 percent of all greenhouse gases are produced by the meat and dairy industry, so choosing a vegetarian or vegan menu is the easiest way to impact climate change. Whatever you decide to serve, make sure none of the food goes to waste. One couple in the UK proved they could cater their wedding with nothing but the food others had wasted.

Make sure your venue recycles glass and aluminum containers at the bar. In place of paper and plastic plates and utensils, Bridal Musings recommends compostable dining ware made of bamboo. For cups, give each of your guests a glass with a nameplate that corresponds with his or her seat.

Flowers are one item that’s particularly difficult to buy locally because they have a such a short growing season in most climate zones. Most wholesalers either source their flowers from South America or grow them in greenhouses using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. To make your centerpieces more sustainable, the Wedding Guru recommends potted plants like fresh herbs. Succulents are also a popular choice, and some rustic or boho-themed weddings feature bouquets made of fruit.

If you do use flowers that have traveled many miles, get as much mileage out of them as possible. For example, Bridal Musings suggests reusing bridesmaids’ bouquets as centerpieces. Rather than discarding flowers after the reception, donate them to hospitals or nursing homes. You might also use a service like Bloomerent to share flowers with other events and save up to 60 percent.

In Daily Journal, Mary Hall discusses guidelines for choosing ethically sourced wedding jewelry and attire. The diamond industry has a sordid history of civil wars and slave labor, but fortunately, the conflict diamond trade has been greatly reduced. Check your jeweler carries the Kimberley Process Certification, which ensures transparent mining and trade practices. Consider doing business with Forevermark, whose charitable causes include rhinoceros conservation and supporting South African business women.

The International Labour Organization estimates 21 million people worldwide currently work under forced labor conditions, many of them in factories that produce wedding and formal attire. When purchasing a dress or accessories, pay close attention to their policies regarding their factories overseas. David’s Bridal, for example, conducts surprise inspections of all facilities to ensure their labor codes are enforced. Hall also recommends doing a Google search for your brand and keywords like “human trafficking.”

How did you tread lightly on the earth when you tied the knot? Share your experiences in the comments.

Secrets for a Unique and Memorable Wedding Reception

So you’re planning your wedding and already have a perfect budget that will get you what you want without throwing you into bankruptcy or leaving you to struggle with balancing student loan and marriage debt.

You’ve ordered the invitations, the tuxedos, and that beautiful bridal gown and bridesmaids’ dresses from Azazie. You’ve chosen color and theme, planned the ceremony, and purchased the wedding rings. And now you want to ensure that your wedding reception is something special- and not the ordinary chain of events that you’ve experienced time and time again. Here are some ideas to make your reception unique and memorable, an event that your wedding guests will be talking about years from now!

  1. Offer an interactive food table. Whether you choose to have a sit-down meal or a buffet, guests will have plenty of time to mingle and wander during the reception. Consider having a food table for hors-d’oeuvres, appetizers, after dinner snacks, or even desserts that allow your guests to customize their plates throughout the reception.

    These might include a mac-and-cheese or baked potato station, a sushi-rolling bar, or even an ice cream sundae set up that will please even your pickiest guests and make them feel like an important part of the festivities.

  2. Plan some surprise entertainment. Maybe your best friend is a pianist, and she has prepared a song for the two of you. Or perhaps there is something that is unique to the heritage of one or both of you, like a particular style of dance.

    Maybe you want to hire a celebrity impersonator to sing to your spouse or get granny out on the dance floor. Surprising your guests with an unanticipated bit of performance is one way to keep the party going and make certain no one forgets your nuptials!

  3. Hand out thoughtful favors. While we know this isn’t a birthday celebration, party favors are not out of the question for a wedding. Letting your guests know you appreciate their presence at your wedding by providing each with a small item is another way to make your reception memorable.

    Small candle votives with your monogram, tins of mints or candies with a love quote on the lid, potted succulents in painted pots, or even a DIY mix of hot chocolate and mini-marshmallows for that winter wedding are examples of amazingly thoughtful favors that your guests can enjoy after they leave your wedding reception.

  4. Plan for a memorable first dance. Special first dances can showcase your dancing skills, but they can also become the very something that everyone remembers about your reception. Engaged couples may want to take dance lessons and get help choreographing that first show dance. Or maybe you and your betrothed want to shake things up by turning that first romantic twirl into a fast-paced frolic.

    You may even want to consider something that allows you reception guests to get involved, like a square-dance or line-dance styled dance. The options are limitless!

  5. Play a wide range of music that everyone can enjoy. Most receptions include guests that range from the tiniest toddlers to octogenarians. In order to get the greatest number of guests out on the dance floor and keep them partying until the very last minute of your reception, plan for a wide range of music interspersed throughout the evening.

    From the jazz and big band eras of the 30s and 40s to the disco music and hair bands of the 70s and 80s, you can choose a little bit of something that every one of your guests will recognize and enjoy.

  6. Small, special touches. Your day should be a true reflection of who you and your spouse are as individuals and as a couple. Think about that makes the two of you unique and incorporate that into your wedding reception. Maybe the two of you are Trekkies, and you want to translate the reception program into Klingon, or you decide to serve late-night reception lattes as a nod to how you met.

    Your wedding cake topper might be specially made to incorporate your spouse’s love of fishing, or you have each guest complete a Mad Lib card to drop in a box at your reception for you two to read on your honeymoon! Find ways to be unique and unapologetically yourself while allowing your guests a glimpse into what makes the two of you special.

Have you been to an utterly memorable wedding lately? What do you remember most about the event? Do you have any suggestions for brides and grooms want to create that perfectly memorable wedding reception a reality? Share your thoughts here.

Love for language can be fulfilled with online platform

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Binding the blockages

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