Unusual Undergraduate Degrees Worth Considering

Going to university isn’t for everyone. While it’s easy to see the advantages of education, not everyone knows what it is that they want to study when they reach university age. Some people won’t find the right subject to study until they are well into adulthood. For other people, the usual subjects on offer just aren’t that appealing. Some people have a clear career path in mind but can’t find the right subject to study in order to break into that career.

The following unusual career choices are perfectly suited for those that want to do something a little bit different. Even if none of these courses are for you, they should at least get you thinking about potential alternatives to the usual courses that are available. If you have been struggling to find the right degree course for your personality, then these unusual choices are well worth considering.

Bachelor of Science With a Major in Alternative Medicine

If you would like to make a difference to other people’s lives but aren’t tempted by the usual healthcare and medicine subjects on offer, then a major in alternative medicine might be the ideal solution.  This course will teach you everything you need to practice offering alternative therapies to those seeking physical therapy or other health advice.

This course will bring together the skills from numerous different disciplines and is perfect for those who want to practice holistic and alternative medicine approaches. This is one of many Everglades University degree programs on offer. Check out their website for more unusual degree ideas.

Bachelor of Science with a Major in Alternative and Renewable Energy Management

Humanity is facing a number of different issues simultaneously. If we are to survive as a species then we will need to find solutions to a number of pressing issues, not least of all how we will generate enough energy to sustain ourselves while ensuring that the planet remains habitable.

We will only be able to achieve this if we are able to generate energy using renewable energy sources. The energy industry itself is undergoing a rapid transformation as it tries to keep pace with the developments of the modern world. A major in alternative and renewable energy management will teach you everything you need to know to join the fight for renewable energy to become the standard.

Bachelor of Science With Major in Construction Management

This degree choice will focus on the skills and knowledge that you need to be able to manage a construction business. There is a great deal of variability between the construction management courses offered by different universities. If you would like to focus on sustainable construction, there are universities, like Everglades University, who offer a sustainable construction course.

No matter what your passions and interests, there is a university course out there for everyone. Some people might have to look a little harder than others to find one that works for them but there truly is something out there for everyone.

How to Enhance the Retail Customer Experience via AI-Powered Price Optimization

It is no secret that the customer experience should be your main priority. Therefore, in order to give customers what they want, make sure that you offer the best prices at the right time. As a result, they will purchase more as well as be more loyal to your brand.

In order to create a successful shopping path, you need a solid pricing process. In fact, based on a study by PWC, customers will shop at specific retailers based on the price; the item of interest being in stock, the amount of trust in the company, as well as a solid location only come after. Now, maintaining the right prices is best accomplished via artificial intelligence. A good way to understand it is by looking at it from a dating perspective; the price of a product is comparable to that of the first impression of someone that you like. Therefore, due to the price, a shopper should become more interested in the product while also continue to find the price to be justified even after they have bought it. The latter is especially crucial as that is what the customer looks back on in order to figure out whether the entire relationship or the customer experience, was beneficial to them.

Typically, customers end up going with retailers that have the most optimal prices rather than the lowest ones. Therefore, in addition to setting the most optimal price, it is important to persuade shoppers that you boast prices with the best bargain within the market. Take, for example, Amazon; they are really smart in terms of creating the proper price perception by taking into consideration a number of variables such as customer behavior, company objectives, market information, and the weather, among many others. The thing is, though, a lot of the time, retail managers don’t have enough time, nor do they have all of the skills necessary to process as well as utilize all of the data needed in order to set the best prices. In fact, Bogdan Nesterenko, the Head of Cross-border Projects at Northern European omnichannel electronics retailer RD Electronics, claims that “If your product managers say they would rather use their experience to set the prices, do not believe them. Human managers cannot work better than a machine.” They probably, shouldn’t though, which is something that a lot of mature retailers have realized. Instead, they’ve understood that both their managers and their agents are better off putting their energy into direct communication with their customers or into focusing on a more balanced pricing strategy. Indeed, technology amplifies their proficiency in dealing with routine jobs and evaluating huge collections of information, while also offering both market and customer insights. Since decisions are made by machines, managers can instead focus on making more high-level decisions that way they can make sure that their customers are made the main priority in each project that the retailer is working on. As a result, companies are taking advantage of AI-powered price optimization. For instance, Amazon makes over 35% of its revenue through AI price management. When you think about it, they took over almost half of the American ecommerce market in 2018 or, in other terms, $258.22 billion, proving how remarkable their AI-driven earnings are. So, why is price optimization so efficient?

Why Price Optimization is So Efficient

AI in ecommerce considers an unlimited amount of information whenever it is calculating prices, regardless of the number of pricing and non-pricing parameters so that it can both forecast demand as well as suggest the best prices in actual time, which is simply impossible for managers. In addition, it is able to offer the best way to create the proper price perception for either a certain item or a selection of items that way you can persuade your shoppers into believing that you have the most optimal prices in the market. On top of that, AI predicts demand, allowing retailers to try out their pricing strategies to see if they are really customer-oriented. Through it, they are able to gain the attention of way more customers while also making sure that the first stage of the customer journey is rewarded.

As you’ve learned, the customer experience is turning into the main business priority for a lot of retail companies with the price playing the biggest rule in rewarding the customer journey. As a result, retailers are taking advantage of innovative technologies in order to make sure that their prices gain the attention of shoppers. Indeed, a lot of companies have begun utilizing AI-powered price optimization in order to be able to take into consideration a large number of variables when calculating pricing, allowing managers to pay more attention on customer interactions as well as on making customer-oriented pricing strategies.


How to Find the Best Online Assignment Help

Essay writing is mandatory in high school and colleges. However, writing these papers is no mean fete and sometimes, students end up postponing the task until they have no time. Hence, they end up writing in a rush which, in the long run, only leads to numerous mistakes.

However, thanks to technology, students can now access Instant Assignment Help from the comfort of their homes through smartphones. There’re tons of these services available online, but how can you separate the fake from legitimate sites?

1. Go Through the Website’s Content

The website may be top-notch from its design to its user interface but you should focus your attention on the website’s content. This includes the text and formatting. Does it have any grammatical or spelling mistakes?

If so, then you may want to stay away from the site because if the can’t spell words correctly or check their grammar, what’s the guarantee your essay won’t have similar errors? Essay writing requires spot-on grammar to convey your message with accuracy.

2. Do they Have Free Samples?

When looking for a suitable writing company, you want to look for one that offers free samples on their website. This allows students to go through them with the view of analyzing the writing quality. This will give them an idea of what their essay will look like when ready.

If the writing service doesn’t have free samples, then chances are they don’t want you to see their flaws and should raise a red flag.

3. Read the Customer Reviews Section

Service companies have a review section, at least most of them, where previous consumers can give their opinion on the company’s service. Writing services are no exception.

If the website is proud of their work, they’ll have no problem displaying the reviews. However, if they know they don’t do a stellar job, they’ll hide the review section and this is a red flag. Also, when going through the review section, turn your focus on the positive ratings? Are they as many?

Also, look at the negative ratings. How did they respond to these queries?

4. The Type of Services Offered

When looking for instant assignment help, you want to your issue resolved as fast as possible. But then what happens when you submit your query only for the writing service to slap you on the face with a, “sorry we don’t offer these services”

It’s frustrating for sure and this is why it’s in your best interest to check the type of services offered before committing. Do they review papers?

5. Ask Friends and Relatives for Referrals

You aren’t the first to seek essay writing help. Therefore, it means there’re tons of people, friends to be specific, who may refer you to a service they used in the past. Remember, you’re looking for quick help and with referrals, you’ll save the time you’d have used on researching the best services.

For the busy students who find it difficult to set aside time for their assignments, these tips will help you identify a legitimate writing service company which offers professional services.

What You Must know About Prince2 Foundation

PRINCE2is an acronym for (PRojects IN Controlled Environments). It is an organized venture management technique dependent on experience is drawn from thousands of tasks and from contributions of countless undertaking sponsors, venture managers, venture groups, academicians, trainers, and consultants. PRINCE2 is the true standard for venture management in the UK and is rehearsed around the world. It covers the management, control, and organization of a task.

PRINCE2 goes about as a common language among business, users, and providers, allowing for their representation on the Project Board. In spite of the fact that prince2 foundation and practitioner certification doesn’t include contract management thusly, it gives the vital controls and limits required for everyone to work together within the points of confinement of any relevant contracts.

Most important of all, PRINCE2 enables your business to concentrate on doing the correct activities, at the opportune time, for the correct reasons, by making the start of the task and its continuance reliant on the continued presence of a practical Business Case.

Attributes of PRINCE2:

  • PRINCE2 is a non-restrictive technique.
  • It is one of the most broadly acknowledged techniques for managing ventures.
  • It is really nonexclusive: can be applied to any extent. This is accomplished by isolating the management parts of undertaking work from the specialist contributions.
  • PRINCE2 depends on a customer/provider environment. It accepts that there will be a customer who will specify the ideal outcome and most likely pay for the task, and a provider who will give the assets and abilities to convey that outcome.
  • PRINCE2 is an integrated framework of procedures and themes that tend to the planning, delegation, monitoring, and control of all these six parts of task performance.

Benefits of PRINCE2:

  • Best practice and governance for venture management.
  • It tends to be applied to any sort of task.
  • PRINCE2 is generally perceived and understood.
  • It accommodates the unequivocal recognition of task responsibilities.
  • Its product center clarifies what a venture will convey.
  • PRINCE2 plans are carefully designed to address the issues of the different dimensions in the management group.
  • It depends on a ‘management by exception’ framework that guarantees productive and economic use of task management time.
  • PRINCE2 guarantees that participants center around the practicality of the task in relation to its Business Case goals.
  • It defines an intensive yet economical structure of reports.
  • It guarantees that partners are appropriately spoken to in planning and decision making.
  • It advances learning and continual enhancement in organizations.
  • It advances the consistency of venture work and the capacity to reuse venture resources.
  • It encourages the assurance and appraisal of venture work.

Limitations of PRINCE2:

Specialist viewpoints – Industry specific and type-specific exercises are barred. For instance, engineering models, venture life cycles, organization change management and acquisition and so on.

Nitty gritty procedures – PRINCE2 talks about only those methods that have a specific PRINCE2 approach. For instance, product based planning, quality review strategy.

Authority capacity – Interpersonal abilities are not tended to by PRINCE2.

How to Become a PRINCE2 Trainer

Becoming an Approved PRINCE2 Trainer and being sponsored by an Accredited Training Organization means that you can give authorize PRINCE2 training. The market for PRINCE2 training courses is substantial and appears to develop – in the UK, as well as internationally too. Countless candidates far and wide take the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner tests every year, and vast quantities of them get ready for those tests by completing PRINCE2 courses. The PRINCE2 venture management strategy is designed to be reasonable for running any task in any industry, making it a well-known decision for a wide range of organizations.

PRINCE2 trainer requirements

If you are aiming to qualify as an Approved PRINCE2 Trainer, you have to meet the following requirements:

A score of at any rate of 66% in the PRINCE2 Practitioner test

Something like 2 years’ understanding of delivering training courses

Somewhere around 2 years’ involvement in undertaking management (or having conveyed no less than 2 full PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner courses under the guidance of an existing Approved PRINCE2 Trainer)

You additionally need to find an Accredited Training Organization that is eager to sponsor you to end up an Approved PRINCE2 Trainer. Before agreeing to sponsorship, the ATO is probably going to want to demonstrate that you meet the above requirements. It is, therefore, a smart thought to have your PRINCE2 Practitioner candidate number to hand and mention your plans to current or previous associates who could give references if required.

Training the PRINCE2 trainer

After an ATO has consented to sponsor you, you will total a trainer sponsorship program (often called ‘PRINCE2 Train the Trainer’), which intends to enable you to create and refine your PRINCE2 training aptitudes. The program may include giving presentations to existing trainers; conducting training sessions for representatives; familiarizing yourself with course materials and any relevant PC software required to convey a PRINCE2 course; discussions with existing trainers about how to enhance your training style, and so on. Such exercises are designed to set you up for a formal appraisal, during which you ought to demonstrate that you have the capacity to conduct successful PRINCE2 courses. As part of the formal evaluation, you will be watched training delegates and likewise interviewed about your insight into PRINCE2. The assessor will introduce his/her findings to you and then deliver a composed report. In light of your performance, the assessor will choose whether or not to prescribe that you are granted Approved PRINCE2 Trainer certification.

Make the most of your PRINCE2 training career

While the role of an Approved PRINCE2 Trainer can be challenging, it additionally can possibly be exceedingly agreeable and differing. For instance, you may have the chance to train in various locations, maybe delivering PRINCE2 courses in Europe, Asia, Africa, or other regions. You will likewise have the satisfaction of knowing that your training outfits people with a leading technique for managing ventures, which is designed to enable organizations to enhance their capacity to convey successful tasks on time, on a budget, and on a plan for today’s focused business world.

Requirement for PRINCE2

PRINCE2 fundamentally is an abbreviation for Projects IN Controlled Environments. This task management strategy is gaining a ton of fame both in the general population just as the private sectors. PRINCE2 can be dated route back to 1975, where prior it was alluded to as PROMPTII. PRINCE replaced PROMPTII in 1989 and later re-propelled itself as a nonexclusive undertaking management procedure in 1996.

  • PRINCE2 accompanies the beneath attributes and features:
  • Accompanies a defined life-cycle that can be managed by stages and exceptions
  • A defined organizational structure with appropriately defined responsibilities for better venture management
  • Accompanies an undertaking focused planning approach
  • It very well may be made to suit any extend’s size, environment, hazard and importance

Different Themes and Process for PRINCE2

You can pick different PRINCE2 themes which can be integrated into every one of the 7 procedures of PRINCE2. The seven PRINCE2 themes are:

Business Case – How the venture will benefit the organization

Organization – What might the roles and responsibilities of the group handling the undertaking

Quality – How the venture will almost certainly convey on the subjective perspectives

Plans – Different steps embraced to build up the plan through PRINCE2 procedures

Hazard – Different dangers involved in the venture and kinds of measures attempted to address them

Change – How the undertaking management group investigate changes and execute them

Advancement – Evaluation of the venture advance against what was planned initially

Since you have understood the themes, let us take a gander at the procedure.

  • Starting the task
  • Directing the venture
  • Initiating the venture
  • Stage Control
  • Product Delivery Management
  • Stage Boundary Management
  • Closing the venture

Getting Accredited for PRINCE2

If this has got you interested, then you should want to realize how to enroll for PRINCE2. All things considered, fundamentally there are two tests that you have to embrace. One is the Foundation tests and the other is the Practitioner tests. Every one of the PRINCE2 test questions has a different arrangement and can be taken either together or on separate dates.

How Study Guides Are Changing Online Learning

Remember when SparkNotes exploded onto the online scene and paved the way for many different EdTech companies such as Studypool, Chegg, Course Hero, Quizlet, and many more to blossom? The central innovation that SparkNotes introduced which arguably kick-started this entirely new niche for learning lies in the idea of offering succinct summaries of the most important point associated with popular high school literature books. The rest is history.

Naturally, modern EdTech experiences no slouch in its growth. Just last year, a study by EdSurge noted that EdTech investments peaked at $1.45 billion for raised capital in the United States. Let’s take a look at the past and present circumstances for this budding field.

The History of Study Guides

So, while Sparknotes was the pioneer of this idea, there have been many spinoffs in recent years all essentially offering similar services. Enotes, BookRags, Shmoop, Cliffsnotes, and Gradesaver, to name a few, all belong to this category of sites that provide literature resources. The emergence of these sites coincides with the increasing amount of information and publications that are available and accessible.

In other words, as more and more students are able to have access to greater numbers of texts, the ability of each student to internalize the entirety of a text and then remember the key points after two weeks becomes weaker. Think about it, when’s the last time you’ve read some long, 19th century novel like Crime and Punishment, or if you have, do you really remember all the details that clearly?

In Nicholas Carr’s often cited essay in The Atlantic entitled “Is Google Making Us Stupid,” he alludes to this notion that an overflow of information may fundamentally alter the way we process, digest, and retain information – and sometimes not for the better. In an excerpt from the above: “I’m not thinking the way I used to think. I can feel it most strongly when I’m reading. Immersing myself in a book or a lengthy article used to be easy… That’s not the case anymore.” What this all points to is the idea that the Internet is becoming a more common medium that requires us to pinpoint and process relevant information, rather than to dive deeply.

So what’s the connection here? SparkNotes capitalized on the shifting trend in how people read and conceptualize things. Increasingly, people want things that are boiled down to the basics and that can tell them the main plot elements, characters, and themes in contrast to the more traditional approach of slowly internalizing each of these elements.

The Modern Approach the Study Guides

A picture is worth a thousand words. How many pictures is a video worth then? That’s what the trailblazing EdTech company Studypool is asking when it comes to the presentation of study guides. Studypool has taken a hybrid approach towards developing a system that allows users to access and learn the information they want to know about books when browsing online, but the company has also started to explore how videos can help even optimize this process further.

Infographics are helpful for condensing information, but videos are especially engaging when used properly because there is much more contextual information that viewers can glean from the intonation and body language of a speaker, as well as from the fact that video requires more active attention. These aspects work in tandem to help Studypool achieve a take on study guides optimized for learning.

Another signature approach to these informative videos is to make them piecemeal. Khan Academy embodies this strategy the best, by having each video contain a discrete concept, but also by ordering these videos in a way such that a coherent narrative or presentation is created. Again, all of these are up and coming innovations to the original types of short, text-based content first utilized by Sparknotes.