Principles That Makes a Good Software Design

If you are a software developer, you know that software design will always be an essential phase during the development cycle. So, when you think on how you can structure code even before you can write becomes a critical task. As time goes, the updates and changes will inevitably rise. However, if you have a good software design plan, it will make allowances to new integrations, algorithm changes, and some added features.

The best thing you need is to ensure you plan so that you can save yourself from a headache, maintenance cost, original software extension, upkeep and valuable time. When getting help at Software development company Intetics Inc, it becomes a problem-solving the exercise. It will require you to break the task down to form various parts. Moreover, you will also need to decide on the way you will address all the parts so that you come up with the desired functionality.

Here are some of the principles making a good software design:

  • Simplicity

When developing software, you aim at simplicity. Each of the module, class, and method in your code needs only to have a single role. So, in every new task, you should give its module that is easy to use or modify independently.

If you make your software simple, you will have minimized regressions making codes much easier to use. However, it becomes vital to embrace simplicity and therefore avoid adding complexity especially a place where simple solution works. Sometimes, it becomes tempting for you to think that you have a brilliant solution. Besides, the best thing is for you to choose a simpler solution for you to accomplish your task.

  • Changing Requirements

Today, there is a high demand for software and therefore, numerous changes in the requirements. It’s therefore important for you to have a good software design. In some cases, a client will need new features, change tools or libraries so that he can accomplish a certain task.

Ultimately, as time goes, all the software becomes legacy and will need updates to help you keep up with your business requirements. The challenges that you might face when designing software from the start is that the future needs may not be clear. Having a good software design will anticipate your future needs. It will, therefore, implement better practices from the start unlike you start hacking solution any time there comes to a new problem.

  • Flowcharts

All software will fall into three categories: semi-automated, completely automated and user-centered.

For user-centered software, it includes an interface where the users interact with the software so that it can produce the desired results. In some cases, you might need to consider user experience when creating the user-centered software.

On the other hand, creating completely automated software will not need a user or interface. The interaction will be between software to software. In such a case, you will not need to have a storyboard, but it might be essential to map its components organized in a flow chart.

For semi-automated, you have to consider both interaction and user’s with the processes taking place autonomously.

Top 5 Things to Look Out for When Buying a House

When you’re viewing a property for sale, you’re excited, you’re nervous, and you’re being shown around by someone who is keen to sell it. Naturally, you’re not going to be in the best position to pick up on every last detail. However, it’s these small details which end up being costly in the long run.

To help you avoid the most expensive pitfalls, we’ve put together a list of 5 things to look out for when you’re buying a new house.

1: Scout out the area

If you’ve planned to visit a house for sale, then there’s a good chance you’ve got a rough idea of what the local area is like. You’ll have worked out how far you’ll need to go for a pint of milk and what the nearby schools are like. However, what you’ll also need to assess is how the area might impact you at night.

Certainly, it’s never a bad thing to have a good pub close at hand, but is this pub known for getting a bit rowdy after hours? Is there the chance that you’ll be disturbed each weekend as people make their way back home? Getting answers to these questions will definitely allow you to purchase with more confidence.

2: Take a look at the roof. A close look.

Before stepping foot into the house you’re viewing, you’ll need to take a good look at the roof. Of course, the obvious advice is to make sure there’s no gaping holes. The not so obvious advice is that you’ll want to find out what materials it’s made of, how much these materials cost to insure, and how recently it was installed.

Any estate agent worth their salt will be happy to answer all of these questions and let you know how sturdy the roof over your head will be.

3: Go behind the scenes.

A house viewing is all about appearances. It’s about imagining yourself in the kitchen and the lounge, creating memories with your family. What it’s not about is plumbing and wiring. However, those memories you’re excited to start making are going to be fairly miserable if they’re invaded by mould, leaks, and power cuts.

To avoid any and all future headaches, take a closer look beneath the sink, check for any unpleasant smells and take note of the condition of power points.

4: Identify which way the house faces

Determining how much sunshine and natural heat a house enjoys in summer, the benefits of a south-facing home cannot be overstated. Indeed, there’s nothing quite like a dark and dingy house to put a damper on an otherwise beautiful day.

With compasses featuring on modern smartphones, this is an easy thing to find out as soon as you’ve arrived at a property.

5: Remember that you’re seeing a stage

Well, more accurately, you’re seeing a house that is being presented in its best possible light. There’s no clutter, no pile of laundry in the utility room, and certainly no kids running about the place. This might be great for a film set, but the reality is that it isn’t what the place will look like once it’s lived in.

This is why it’s crucial to think about how much space will be taken up once you’ve moved in. Will you need to build an extra wardrobe, install shelves, or will everything be perfectly fine as it is?

Should you find that you’d like a little more professional assurance when buying a new home, it also doesn’t hurt to get in touch with a reputable estate agent such as Pymm & Co to get all of your questions answered well before you make an offer.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Whilst its relevance is often discussed in SEO communities, the subject of black hat SEO is something we continue to find clients asking about.

‘there’s no such thing as black hat SEO’, there can be no doubt that there are definitely bad practices that compromise the integrity and performance of a given website.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to define these strategies as ‘unethical SEO’ rather than ‘black hat SEO’.

How to Create an Office That Inspires Productivity

Whilst there can be no doubt that having a good-looking office is desirable, it’s far better to have one that inspires and fosters productivity. Indeed, there’s no point surrounding yourself with vintage decorations and fancy desk chairs if they’re not helping you to tick things off your to-do list.

The question, it seems, is how to create an attractive workspace that puts your mind into a state that’s primed for working effectively. Besides getting an appropriate temperature, noise level, and comfortable desk chair, what more can you do to get ahead?

First and foremost, it seems, is to decide whether an open or closed working space is best for you. Frustratingly, this isn’t something that science can clear up for you. Some studies present convincing arguments for retreating to the comfort of a cubicle whilst others suggest that the social element of an open-plan office is more conducive to productivity.

Suppliers like Office Furniture Scene are able to provide everything you need, no matter what kind of office layout you’re after. Indeed, their wide range of acoustic pods and cove screens are ideal for those who like to shut themselves off, whilst their selection of larger desks are equally great for those who prefer collaborative working arrangements. 

Finding a suitable layout is of course the first step towards the creation of an effective workspace. The next step is finding a colour which helps you to focus and complete tasks, this is where science can come into play to provide some answers. Specifically, research has shown that certain shades of blue help to inspire feelings of productivity whilst red is believed to create hunger – not the greatest feeling to experience when trying to work!

Another important factor to consider is the amount of natural light that your office is receiving. In particular, you’ll want to ensure that a steady flow of sunlight is able to make its way into the workspace. This will help to improve your mood and make you far more efficient than if you were left in a dark and gloomy office.

With these essential elements in place, you’ll simply be left to get creative with the decoration and theme of your office. Want to be on trend? Why not get playful and add some retro posters or quirky wall hangings. Ultimately, your finishing touches should all be about providing comfort that helps to kick your productivity into orbit.


Top 3 Best Business Books to Read

Planning to start a new business? Need to start the business without issues and get success in a short period? Want to start like a professional? Then why not to take guidelines from some important sources like books. These are great fellows and help you sincerely in guiding about the start of the business as well as you will get the good tips that will be helpful. The top three recommended and best business books that are really helpful and lead the entrepreneurs to a high level in the market are

Tribe of Mentors

The book by the Tim Ferris is the culmination of everything. The book has got number 1 ranking because it contains the adventures and lifetime experience of different business personalities. It is the 600 plus pages books that have a wide range of the topics and the pulls insights. Tim Ferris has included the examples of the Tony Hawk, Maria Sharapova, and Kelly Slater. Along with he has added some other well-known guests so that readers get impressed and adapt their lifestyle to start up their business.


The story of success by Malcolm Gladwell. By reading the book you will get the answer that how successful people got the achievement and how they are different from other people. It is worth reading a book that contains the life experiences of different personalities. Along with the writer has added the components of finding meaningful work. This is the complete guide for the entrepreneur who really wants to get success. Read the book and get inspiration from the achievers of the past time.

Smarter Faster Better

Another very important book for the startup is the Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg. The book clearly defines the meaning of productivity. The book has many guidelines to power up your decision-making abilities. It defines the different guidelines which the business personalities can learn and get help in growing in the field.

There is a number of business books that you get online and check how great leaders inspire everyone to take action and achieve the goals in their life. adopt their habits, check the lifestyle and get knowledge about how they tackle the hardship of life. by reading different sources and inspirational books you will definitely get the guidelines as well as motivation to get the success and meet the goals you wish for.

Dagcoin Making Headlines in Cryptocurrency Sector

If you are a user or simply follow the developments in the field of digital currencies then you must know about Dagcoin and Dagchain. Both of them are sweeping the headlines of the cryptocurrency sector. So, what is all this fuss about? In this post, you will get to know as to what makes the digital currency of Dagcoin different from other cryptocurrencies.

As you might know that blockchain is facing two burning issues of increase in transaction confirmation time and rising transaction costs. The developers are hell-bent to gain a working solution for these issues but no success so far. With the number of cryptocurrency users rising exponentially each day, it is becoming tougher for blockchain to sustain the huge number of transactions that happen each day. External miners who play a crucial role in the transaction confirmation process require more processing power to handle the current load of transactions. That’s why a transaction confirmation process is taking time in the case of blockchain based cryptocurrencies. Sometimes bitcoin users need to wait for hours to get the confirmation for their transaction.

This is the current scenario in which Dagcoin & Dagchain come up as a welcome addition as they claim to solve these primary issues which blockchain based cryptocurrencies are facing. Continue reading ahead to know more.

Dagcoin – How Is It Different from other Digital Currencies?

With the recent slump in the price of bitcoin, cryptocurrency users are already looking for some good Altcoins to buy and Dagcoin, probably, tops the list of favorable Altcoins as it has completely revolutionized the cryptocurrency sector.

Dagcoin relies on Dagchain for its operations. Dagchain or Directed-Acyclic-Graph-Chain doesn’t require external miners for the transaction confirmation process. Instead, for confirming a current transaction, the transaction done prior to it acts as a reference and this chain continue. With no external miners in the picture, the whole process requires significantly less processing power than blockchain based cryptocurrencies and is also much faster. A typical Dagcoin transaction takes a few minutes to acquire confirmation thereby eliminating the issue of rising transaction confirmation time altogether. Users of Dagcoin, unlike bitcoin, don’t require waiting for hours to acquire confirmation for their transaction.

Speaking about transaction costs, a Dagcoin transaction costs a mere 0.0005 USD. Moreover, Dagchain is completely scalable in nature. This means the rise in a number of users won’t affect its performance. In fact, the performance of Dagchain will become even more superior with the rise in a number of users. This is the beauty of it which threatens the very existence of blockchain. If blockchain is not able to find a working solution for the primary issues it is facing, Dagchain has got all the chances to render blockchain obsolete in the near future.

Dagcoin Is a Perfect Cryptocurrency for Acquiring Sole Control over your funds

Normally, what we do when we possess some extra funds? We simply head over to the traditional banks and deposit the same. The banks, on the other hand, provide us with a platform and certain services which enables us to perform transactions with our funds over the internet. It is compulsory that banks will levy charges for the provision of such services. Moreover, if you happen to violate any of your account’s terms and conditions, banks will levy charges on that as well and may even resort to closing your account. In the event of an account shut down, you require going through multiple channels, protocols, and procedure in order to regain access to your funds. Thus, for accessing your funds only you require undergoing so many processes. You can understand now that in this case, you are not the independent owner of your funds. Banks act as a second owner to your funds. Even if anybody hacks into a bank’s network and steal funds, you really cannot do anything as you have handed over your funds to the bank to take care of.

Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, make you a single owner of your funds. There is no concept of banks or a middle-man in case of cryptocurrencies. Hence, you are the independent owner of your funds. You only possess the public and private encryption keys for conducting transactions through your funds. You need to take care of the encryption keys so a major part of the security lies in your hands. Thus, you don’t have to face undue charges which these traditional banking institutions keep on levying for one reason or the other. However, none of the cryptocurrency, as of now, is able to achieve this feat perfectly in all terms as the current blockchain based cryptocurrencies are only seen as investment products and as far as their usability goes, they are simply nothing.

This is the point which makes Dagcoin completely different from other digital currencies. Dagcoin is pretty high on the usability factor as well. While most of the blockchain based cryptocurrencies comes up as one of the major investment products and nobody thinks of them as an alternate payment method, Dagcoin differs in this concept. The development team of Dagcoin has taken special care to make Dagcoin, apart from being high in investment value, high on usability as well. Dagcoin is extremely convenient and user-friendly to use. In fact, providing Dagcoin as a medium of online financial transactions to the people living in areas where there are no centrally-managed banking services is a fantastic idea to give such people financial independence. Dagcoin has got a flourishing community around it and has its own business tools like DagPay, DagWallet, and Merchant Finder around it to facilitate people as well as businesses to adopt Dagcoin as an alternate payment method.

Speaking about Merchant Finder the number of online merchants that have registered on the portal is increasing every day. More and more online businesses are thinking of adopting Dagcoin as an alternate payment method.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Dagcoin and Dagchain have, indeed, got everything to bring about a revolution in the cryptocurrency sector. Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies are struggling with their issues with no working solution in sight and if the same set of events continues then the future of cryptocurrency might not have blockchain at all. As of now, let us wait and watch what the future is holding.

Please note that this post expresses a personal opinion on the provided topic and the ideas and the facts mentioned in the post shouldn’t be used as an investment advice without conducting proper research on your own side.

Ruchi Gupta is a successful blogger, who specialises in all the different form of digital media content. She is well known for her informative articles that help readers to get a good idea regarding the latest developments in the field. She also has a lot of interest in the different technological advancements.