California Spousal Rights: A Quick Guide to Probate in California

If you live in California and have recently lost your spouse, it’s important that you have a basic understanding of California probate and spousal rights. Spousal rights after death in California can be tricky, and it might have a few nuances that are specific to your situation. Here’s a brief overview of the rights of surviving spouses in California:

Community Property Basics

In community property states like California, community property is everything that both parties acquired during the marriage or partnership. The term “property” refers to anything of discernible value and includes:

  • Cash
  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Real estate
  • Pensions or 401(k) plans
  • Vehicles
  • Life insurance policies

Under normal circumstances, spouses share equally in all of the above assets, and surviving spouses will generally inherit them automatically. Of course, there are some circumstances in which this becomes a bit more complicated.

Domestic Partnerships

If you were not married to your partner upon his or her death and didn’t file for a domestic partnership, you may have some legal difficulty when it comes to inheriting community property. California does not afford the same rights to unmarried couples who are not in the domestic partners registry, which is why many couples who choose not to marry might want to create an estate plan to ensure that each of them are taken care of in the event that one of them dies or becomes otherwise incapacitated.

Omitted Spouses

An omitted spouse is a spouse that, for whatever reason,  wasn’t listed in the will or trust of the decedent. Generally speaking, omitted spouses have all of the inheritance rights as anyone else to whom community property applies. The only exceptions to this rule are spouses who:

  • The decedent’s will or trust intentionally disinherits
  • Are sufficiently cared for through other means, such as life insurance, bank accounts or gifts

Putative Spouses

A putative spouse refers to a spouse whose marriage was not actually valid. For example, if someone believes his or her divorce is finalized and it turns out it wasn’t, his or her remarriage is invalid. Because the surviving spouse believed the marriage was valid, he or she is legally considered a putative spouse. In the case of putative spouses, California courts generally consider any property acquired during the partnership as quasi-marital and applies the normal community property laws.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements (Prenups and Postnups)

Prenups and postnups are agreements that spouses can enter into either before or after their marriage and, in some instances, they can override California’s community property laws. For a prenup or a postnup to be considered valid, it must:

  • Outline the property rights of both parties
  • Be in writing and signed by both parties
  • Be voluntarily entered into and not deemed unfair or oppressive

In the event that a surviving spouse feels a prenup or postnup is unfair and the court agrees, the court can invalidate the agreement, in which case standard community property rights apply.

The above information is not comprehensive and is for informative purposes only. If you’re a surviving spouse and need help navigating California probate, you should consult a California probate attorney as soon as possible.


Top-10 Brands of Fashionable Clothes – Rating by Date of Foundation

We present to you the TOP of the best world-famous clothing brands that create timeless fashion collections. The masterpieces of the leading fashion houses are preferred by Hollywood stars and first ladies. The rating is compiled according to the date of brand foundation. What secret do they hide behind a veil of chic, outrageous and a logo with a long history? Let’s try to figure it out together.

1. Louis Vuitton

Date of foundation: 1854

French fashion house Louis Vuitton embodies exclusivity with its signature LV monogram. The brand history dates back to the creation of Trianon canvas chests. Founder Louis Vuitton personally designed the logo with floral ornaments and quatrefoils as a guarantor of the authenticity of the products.

2. Burberry

Date of foundation: 1856

Draper Thomas Burberry brought typical British supremacy to life. Burberry is recognized for its waterproof trench coat in tartan gabardine. Initially, the symbol of the brand was a knight with a spear. The logo has undergone a change and has become minimalistic – Burberry and London England under it.

3. Gucci

Date of foundation: 1921

Guccio Gucci started out as a tannery. In 1953, the first store appeared in Manhattan, which marked the beginning of the legend of Italian chic. Gucci fashion clothes are preferred by world stars: Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Dakota Johnson and others. The real logo of the brand is two mirrored and intertwined letters "G", which symbolize the initials of the creator.

4. Adidas

Date of foundation: 1924

Adolf Dassler, together with his brother Rudolph, created a company for the production of sports shoes. The success of the brand was brought about by the development of the world’s first football sneakers with spikes. The name Adidas comes from the name and surname of the founder. The logo is represented by three stripes – steps for climbing up to victories in sports.

5. Dior

Date of foundation: 1946

French fashion designer Christian Dior presented the first ready-to-wear collection to the world in 1947. The company of the same name became famous for the appropriate combination of femininity and formality in each model. The minimalist Dior handwritten logo is synonymous with the brands high performance and the understated elegance of luxury fashion.

6. Puma

Date of foundation: 1948

German multinational brand Puma is one of the world’s top three sportswear leaders. Conceptual products of the brand are presented in 120 countries of the world. When developing the logo, the creator of the company, Rudolf Dassler, was inspired by the grace and speed of a predatory cat. The brand’s symbol depicts a jumping cougar.

7. Nike

Date of foundation: 1964

The American multinational company Nike topped the ranking of the most expensive sports brands in 2019 according to Forbes. The name Nike comes from the name of the ancient Greek goddess of victory, Nike. When creating the logo, the designers tried to make it look like the wing of a female deity.

8. Versace

Date of foundation: 1978

The Italian fashion house got the right to life thanks to the talented fashion designer Gianni Versace. After his death, Donatellas sister took over the company and continued to create luxury goods. The brands logo is Medusa Rondanini, which symbolizes the strong charm and silent amazement of all Versace collections.

9. Tommy Hilfiger

Date of foundation: 1985

Tommy Hilfiger strives to convey the American way of life in every line of clothing. Fashion designers take the classic images of the elite class as a basis and bring simplicity to the design, accessible to ordinary consumers. In support of its concept, the company created a logo with the colors of the American flag: blue, red and white.

10. Supreme

Date of foundation: 1994

Supreme concentrates on streetwear and youth collections. In its models, the brand recreates the culture of hip-hop, skateboarding and rock music. The company emblem is Supreme in a red rectangle. When designing the logo, brand founder James Jebbia was inspired by the work of artist Barbara Kruger. She used mainly red, white and black colors to create canvases.

Forex Broker – How to Find the Best One?

In forex trading, the USA is not an exception to this rule. There are forex brokers for US traders who can earn big money by helping the investors in forex trading. There are also many online services, which allow forex brokers for US clients to operate from their computers. This enables these forex brokers for US clients to take part in forex trading even while on vacation. There are many tips for forex trading for US traders which are available online.

Rules and Regulations:

The first point of information that forex brokers for US clients should be aware of is the fact that they do not operate with any authority. In forex trading, forex brokers are subject to regulations as well as laws of the countries where they operate. Hence US traders must check the licensing status and the registration status of the US forex brokers. The forex brokers accept US clients and provide advice on forex trading in the USA as well. They are registered with the Department of Commerce or are designated banks.

The forex brokers for US traders should have access to ample amounts of capital. This helps them to make investments that offer a better return. This also enables forex brokers for US clients to offer bigger commissions. The forex brokers accept US clients and can provide tips on forex trading in the USA.

Terms and Condition:

Before forex brokers for US clients open a trading account, they should know all the terms and conditions related to forex trading. This also helps them to learn about the forex trading platform. It is important for forex brokers for US clients to learn about forex options trading. They should also understand how forex options work. They should also understand how to read forex charts and become a forex broker.

Forex Brokerage Firm:

The forex brokers for US clients need to establish forex brokers for US clients need to learn a solid forex brokerage firm. The forex brokers for US clients who establish forex brokers firm should also have access to ample amounts of capital. The forex broker for US clients should also have a wide range of assets, which can include stock, futures, currencies, commodities, bonds, derivatives, and many more assets. The forex broker for US clients should have the ability to accept orders from other foreign currencies. They should also offer valuable advice on forex trading in the USA.

Good Customer Service:

The forex brokers for the clients should offer them good customer service. The forex brokers for the clients should also offer them low commission fees. They should also provide free trading tips. The forex brokers for the clients should also offer reliable and fast internet access.

Manage Forex Account:

The forex brokers for the clients should help them manage their forex accounts. They should help them to minimize their risks. The forex brokers for the clients should be able to give them useful advice on forex trading in the USA. They should also help them maintain their forex trading accounts in the best of their financial condition.

Demo Account:

The forex brokers for the clients should also provide them with a demo account. This demo account should help them to learn and get experience in trading in forex. The forex brokers for the clients should always offer them the option of trading in forex using a real account. They should always keep them guessing about the true profitability of forex trading in the USA. Hence, these are some of the important points that the forex brokers for the customers need to understand before they start forex trading in the USA.

Professional’s Risk Management Techniques for Retail traders

People should know how to manage the risk to maximize profits. They must not try to take the high risk as it can be dangerous. If you do the research, you will be surprised to know, majority of the retail traders are losing money in the Forex market. However, if you learn things from the scratch and follow some strategic steps, you should be able to take the trades professionally. Let’s get into the details.

Know their tolerance level

Traders should identify the risk tolerance that will aid to take the risk properly. Sometimes, the investors accept the loss. So, if you cannot able to afford the high loss, you should not take high risk. People have to make the decision based on the capital. The person is needed to determine the position and invest the money in the right asset. Traders must not take any action because of greed. People must remember that this is necessary to take the right action depending on the circumstances for getting valuable profits. If you make any wrong moves, there is a high possibility of facing a huge loss.

Do not avoid stop-loss

You are required to use the stop-loss to reduce the loss. People should know how to place the stop-loss and take profit to maintain the risk-reward ratio. This is necessary to identify the right place for these points. If you do not use this, you will face huge difficulties. Try to monitor the market the whole time. People should use stop-loss so that they cannot need to monitor the market for a long time. This will help to remove the excessive tension in the currency or stocks trading business. Never open any trade without having a protective stop. If you do so, you are going to lose money most of the time.

Be confident about the plan

Investors must go with the roadmap so that they can manage the situation. This is necessary to modify the strategy based on the situation. Traders do not try to change the plan unnecessarily. Traders must retain the discipline with the strategy to get more money. If anyone fails to do the activities according to the plan, you will fail to handle the circumstances. Sometimes, the investor develops a good strategy but fails to apply this properly. People should keep focusing on improving the level of discipline which will help them become victorious.

Measure the progress

You should become conscious of your performance. If the investor can get the idea about the mistakes, he will try to avoid this. People should know the process of developing the trade history. The person should try to develop the two lists so that he can find out the reasons behind the winning streak and the losing streak. If people do not keep this, they will miss the right information and unable to make progress. Without reviewing this, it is not possible to measure the performance.

Do not take emotional moves

By reducing the sentimental issues, it can be viable to make the decision wisely. If the investor will make the decision emotionally, he will fail to get better sequels. The investor can do meditation or yoga which will help to get relief from the stress. This is necessary to anticipate logically so that they can overcome the tough situation. Traders should become skilled enough to avoid the emotional components.

In the Forex market, this is crucial to follow the risk management rules which will help to manage the risk properly. Traders should not take trading as gambling which is a wrong thing. If you do not give time and effort, you will become the loser. So, to become a winner in the Forex market, it is necessary to work hard. So, do not be overconfident and stop showing over excitement. Both are bad for trading. Here, excessive things can make you confused.

Different Types of Document Formats and When to Use Them

You can find literally hundreds of document formats online, and countless more have passed into obsolescence. That can make it extremely difficult to decide which format to use and when. Fortunately, you’ll probably only ever have to use a handful in your daily life.

Take a look at these five and ask yourself if they’d satisfy the needs of whatever project you currently find yourself faced with.

1. Plain Text Format (TXT)

Perhaps the simplest format that’s still in use, plain text files don’t come with any embedded fonts or style hints. That means you can open them with almost any tools, so they’re perfect for situations where you need to make sure the other party can open your file no matter what. Nano and other command line tools are perfect for editing TXT files, but you can even use pretty much any modern browser to view them. Consider TXT format when file size is the most important consideration.

2. Portable Document Format (PDF)

Due to the flexibility of Adobe Acrobat and the fact that PDF files can be read on countless different devices, this has become one of the most popular formats on the web. You’ll want to use it almost any time that you share a document in the cloud or via email. PC users can compress PDF files using the Acrobat suite and this will normally make them small enough that they could even be transferred as a multimedia text message through a smartphone.

3. Word Document (DOC/X)

Whether you want to produce business correspondence or type out professional-looking letters that are ready to be printed out, consider the DOC or DOCX file structure. The fact that there are many alternative solutions that can work with DOC files, such as AbiWord, have helped to popularize it. By using a virtual printer, you can also convert it to PDF or several other formats as well, which should help to provide an even greater degree of interoperability with those who use other computing devices.

4. Rich Text Format (RTF)

In situations where you have to send style hints but you don’t know what kind of computer the other party has, you might want to consider RTF. This format is essentially like a Word document, but it’s designed to be as vendor-neutral as possible. Support for it is built into Windows, but Macintosh and Linux users can rely on the TextEdit app to get the same functionality.

5. PowerPoint Presentation (PPT/X)

Anytime that you want to make a slideshow to present information in a convenient manner on a projection screen or in an online video, consider using PowerPoint’s own document format. Since it’s hard to share these files with those who don’t have access to PowerPoint, however, so you’ll want to export them as PDF files before you post them online. That will ensure that even users without access to a standalone PowerPoint app will be able to flip through your slides.