What can I do with criminal justice associate degree?

If you have a criminal justice associate degree then you will be thinking what can you do with it? In criminal justice field, you can earn a number of jobs. You can have many career options with all your interest, talent, skill, and salary expectation. Here in this article, we are going to tell you some jobs that you can do with your criminal justice associate degree.

Working as a Probation Officer

As per US law, a probation officer can earn USD 48000 per year and this will definitely increase in the year 2020. The job of a probation officer is to monitor parolees that just releases from the correction system. The job of a probation officer can make the life of other people better by bringing a positive change in their lives. If you are interested in social work then you can choose this job as your career that can be very rewarding for Ashland criminal justice associate degree.

Working as a Police Officer

The average annual salary of a police officer is about USD 56,000 and their demand is expected to grow in coming years. The position of a police officer in the line of criminal justice is in the front place. Their duty is not just to prevent crimes but they also bring peace in the society with true law enforcement. They undergo a unique training secession beside their criminal justice associate justice. The person having this degree no doubt can get professional and personal opportunities for career growth.

Working as a Private Detective

To prevent many crimes a private detective can assist police officer and public detectives. With a variety of daily tasks, they can earn an income about USD 48000 per year. Private detectives are sometimes hired to investigate the background realities of divorces and sometimes they work on compensation claims related to the workforce.

Job of a Security Guard

Whenever there is a need to protect private or public property the demand of security guard increases. A private security guard is hired to observe an area for any unusual and suspicious activity. They ensure that all the security guidelines are enforced. They also ensure the safety of the area which is assigned to them by collaboration with armed forces to control crimes. With proper training and flexible working schedule, their job can be very rewarding.

Beside above mention jobs they can find other jobs as well like state trooper, crime investigator, and correctional officer etc.