Breitling watches: How to spot a fake Breitling

Breitling is among the Swiss watchmakers that manufacture luxury watches. The watches often feature luxury design and sturdy construction. Due to the quality, the manufacturer has made a real name for himself in the market. There are certain things that make this watch unique. Due to its popularity, many people are making its replica. So, while you are about to get the watch for yourself, ensure that you have the appropriate piece. Here are certain things that will help you in differentiate between original and fake Breitling watches.

The logo

First of all, take a look at the logo. It should be a distinct logo bearing that comes with an anchor which is fixed between a set of beautiful wings. The logo is pretty small when it comes to the size and occupies the upper center area. The Breitling logo is printed right underneath it. In case that logo appears to be a printed one of an abnormally large one, you may have a fake timepiece.

The calendar display

The second thing that you can inspect to check the integrity of the watch is the calendar display. The watches this company manufacture are known as the chronograph models. It means that they make use of a pretty complex mechanism in order to keep the time and date going. There are subdials on the watch that ensures a great display of chronograph measurements. The Breitling watches display calendar in a separate window. None of the subdial displays the date or month.

Checking for misspellings

The misspelling errors are usually intentional. It is because this helps the makers of replicas to tell that they have made a separate watch. However, this cannot be the excuse. The original Breitling watch will come with a mix of Swiss and English spellings. Moreover, the printing will also be nice and clean. Consult the authentic watch and compare its back with your timepiece to see if there is any difference.

The ‘open heart’ design

The open heart designs are the ones in which the watch has a visible escapement. The escapement is among small devices that most of the watch makers use in order to regulate the mechanism and quartz movement. There is only one open heart model of Breitling, and that too comes in limited numbers. It is the Bentley Mulliner.

Locating the model and serial number

Check the model and a serial number of your watch. It is over the band of the watch and at the back of the dial. The manufacturing details come with all models of the watch. There is a unique stamp that helps in identifying the model number of your watch. If you have the metallic bracelet watch, you might have the model and serial number on the bracelet itself. For leather straps, there will be French phrases as the markings.

So, these are certain features that will help you in distinguishing the real Breitling watches and the fake ones. Before buying any watch, make it certain that you are buying it from a trustworthy and reliable resource.