Bathroom Remodelling: 4 Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

If the experts are to be believed, there are some rooms in the home which are just more valuable than others. The kitchen tends to grab the bulk of the headlines in this regard, but as you may have already gathered by now, the bathroom is worthy of a mention as well.

Sure, it’s not going to supercharge the value of your home – but it does make a difference. At the same time, this is one room which is subject to a lot of mistakes, and the remainder of today’s article will take a look at some of the most common when you decide to remodel it.

You don’t think about storage

Let’s start with a word that always seems to grab attention when it comes to home renovation. Storage might not be the first thing you think about when you plan your new bathroom – but it’s absolutely essential. You might ask a tradesman, armed with the necessary equipment and expertise we should add, to custom-build it for you – but it needs to be in there.

If you forget about it, you’ll soon find that towels, toothbrushes and whatever else will just be cluttering up your room and stopping it from looking as impressive as it should be.

You don’t rely on the right materials

Next on the list is a point about materials. Unfortunately, not all materials are equal in bathrooms for the simple reason that moisture can get the better of them.

For example, wooden shutters might look the part in the rest of your house. From an aesthetic point of view, the same can be said about your bathroom. However, over time the water will make them rot, and they just won’t be fit for purpose. Wood is the main material you have to be wary of, although on the plus side there tend to be a lot of vinyl alternatives that most people don’t even see the difference with.

You forget about the practicalities

For the purpose of today, we’re going to refer to ventilation but in truth, the practicalities topic can run far and wide.

While choosing the tiles, bath and even the toilet can be the so-called fun elements of a new bathroom, some of the boring factors need to be considered as well. Ventilation most definitely falls into this category, and if you don’t install it, or install it in the wrong place, the rest of your handiwork will suffer.

Over time, your room will become a sodden mess, and some of those luxurious materials you have chosen just won’t be able to stand the test of time. As such, to beat condensation, choose the right ventilation system, and ideally choose one with a timer.

A note about paint

We’re going to keep this final section short and sweet, as we’ve already touched on the moisture-factor through the course of today’s article.

Put simply; your walls aren’t immune from water-based problems. They are something that will absorb it, and again start to show deteriorating signs. It means that you must make sure you are getting a bathroom-specific paint – one that can resist the moisture and look like new for a good few years.