Associated Boswellia Side Effects Liver and Other Body Organs

Boswellia is the natural herb and like other herbal medications it has very fewer side effects but it is commonly observed that overuse of anything especially medicine can be harmful. Same is the situation with this herbal agent, the overuse may cause severe side effects. off all the adverse effects Boswellia side effect liver is quite common. It directly acts on the liver enzyme thus causing the poor liver activity. Due to the reason if the liver stops working properly there are chances of having hepatitis, incomplete fat digestion and liver inflammation.

Side Effects Associated with Boswellia

The studies show that Boswellia medicine is safe for adults and few side effects are seen with the use of this medicine. Although some people are allergic or having the digestion problem may face the side effects. the commonly observed negative reaction in the body is

Skin rash. It is most commonly observed problem that occurs due to the hypersensitivity reaction. A person having the allergic problem with various medicine must discuss first with the doctor and tell about the allergies. It is important to avoid serious skin infection after using this medicine.

Nausea and Vomiting. People with weak digestion usually suffer from nausea and vomiting after intake of this medicine. If the problem is severe immediately stop taking the medicine and consult the doctor to get the treatment.

Acid reflux also occurs due to bad digestion problem.

In pregnancy, it may cause miscarriage so try to avoid taking during pregnancy.

Liver Problem. As discussed above the overdosage or misuse of the Boswellia may cause the liver problem. The person may face obesity due to incomplete fat absorption and fat deposition may occur in the body. Liver problem is also associated with the use of Boswellia with other medicines like ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory drugs. This may cause the liver toxicity and it may stop functioning properly. If you are using some painkillers along with Boswellia stop using one of them to avoid the serious issue.

Try to avoid various disease conditions and drugs that may create a problem in the body.

If you want to avoid side effects it is good to start taking lower doses and take in the morning. drink ample water to have complete digestion of the medicine. Avoid taking with milk or juices so that no food interaction occurs. This is because herbs are not usually recommended with dairy products.

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