Are You Fit Enough to Play Golf?

When you think of golf, think back to the years from 960 to 1279 A.D. when a game that historians claim was something like golf played using sticks and balls, as depicted by paintings, during the Song Dynasty in China.  It is said that during the time of Julius Caesar golf was played using a feather-stuffed ball with tree branches. But it is officially recognized that golf, as we know it, was a sport played in Scotland from 1502.

According to experts, golf is said to be the most difficult sport to be performed. Golf and the golfers who have successfully played it have been analyzed from every perspective including a digital analysis of every bone and muscle in the body, in action, that are used to play this sport.

Many so-called experts claim that their approach to the game will make one a more competitive golf player.  But all experts would agree that it is the unique configuration of one’s muscles and bones which must be coordinated to put a golf ball in the tin cup from distances of hundreds of yards, feet, and inches with the least effort under all weather conditions.

The PGA Tour has an emphasis on the importance of exercise for each of its players have a fitness regimen.  At each PGA Tour event, there is a fitness trailer to be used by professional athletic golfers.

Exercise specialists claim that a person’s muscles and bones can be trained to withstand the rigors of golf using unique exercises.
The goals of golf exercises are to prevent injury, to create more control over the golf swing adding power and speed, and to reduce fatigue on the golf course, all of which should lead to better golf performance.

The exercises developed are designed to be cardiovascular workouts which some fitness experts refer to as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIT).  The HIT method involves activities that are quick and intense bursts followed by equally short periods of recovery.   This approach is designed to reduce the need for the traditional cardio jogging exercise.  The more conventional stretching exercises, cardio training, and weight training are recommended to firm up the upper body, trunk, and legs.  Walking the entire 18-hole distance would be part of your exercise program.

There are some dos and don’ts of golf exercises. For instance, the training must be golf specific, and the purpose is not to build muscle mass and become bulky, which restricts the motion for your swing. The purpose of golf specific exercises is to improve functional strength using high repetitions to build lean muscle.