Apptivo Position and Cost – All you Need to Know

Apptivo is such a powerful application that it is possible to manage all the communication from your client and company through a web-based platform. At a single location, it is possible to record and save all the agreements made by your client and you can also save other related details about your client. It is a natural existing relationship between you and your client. After using this application, you can increase the effectiveness of your sales too much extent. Also, it is possible to track your sales and tasks at the minimum time interval.

The Main Position of Apptivo

It is considered that Apptivo is on the top 20 CRM software products on the market. So if you are interested in this application then you can check the subcategories of this CRM software. It is very difficult to say that single software can meet all the goals of your company that is according to the size and type of your industry. So it is better to read the review of this application so that you can judge that this software has the ability to deal with every type of business and enterprise that can come in your mind. So this application can work well in a very intuitive manner and can increase the functionalities of the most experienced users in the industry. There are many solutions that are presented in this application just to provide support to a large number of users with a perfect toolbox. It will incur more cost if you avail these features and tools in a separate deal. So Apptivo serves as a complete toolbox and it ensures that you know all your requirements and it is just there to fulfill all of your requirements.

The Cost of Apptivo

The best thing about this application is that a free trial period of 30 days is available and for starters, it is just free of any cost. In this category 3 users can use this app with the 40+ standard application included. Also, you will get online technical support in the case of any difficulty. You can manage signatures and simple contact sharing through Google apps integration. You will get a secure connection through SSL connection. In premium addition, you have to pay USD 10/ month/user including all the premium applications. You can get technical support from the company from 9 am to 6 pm in the evening.