Aftercare and recovery of mommy makeover

Nature has gifted the women with the flexible body that can adopt for the reproduction body. She sacrifices to change her body shape to give the birth to new life. As soon as she delivers the baby her next wish is to get the smart look back to look fabulous and attractive. For this purpose, she goes for the cosmetic surgery. Like other operations and surgery, the mommy makeover also requires proper care so that the women can come back to routine life as soon as possible. Some of the care tips are discussed below

Care immediately about the operation

  • Immediately after the procedure, the woman may feel uncomfortable, nausea, or severe pain as soon the anesthetic agent lose their effect. In that case, it is important to prescribe relaxing and analgesic agents reduce the pain and irritating feelings. In the case of a tummy tuck, it is good to support her when going to the toilet so that there is no pressure on the abdominal portion.
  • Certain medications and antibiotics are prescribed that helps in healing as well as prevent the infection.

Healing after the procedure

  • As soon as the lady is discharged from the hospital it is important to provide her complete bed rest so that she does not face any post surgery problems.
  • To avoid pain it is good to take the support of the pillows under the neck or the back, this will minimize the stress and tension around the incision areas.
  • In the case of breast lift, it is good to wear the surgical bra; this will reduce swelling as well as pain and helps in fast recovery.
  • In case if the lady feels pain, swelling or another issue it is important to consult surgeon immediately to avoid complications.
  • It is good to take help of maid in performing different home activities as well as to care for the baby so that there is no burden on her. This is important to get the recovery fast without any complications.

Healing time after the surgery

The healing time of this type of surgery is short and the women get the recovery within 6 weeks if she takes complete rest and care. She can walk or move slowly day after surgery but it is good to keep calm and get more rest. She has to go for follow-up evaluation after 6 to 7 days so that doctor can guide her about recovery as well as about the medications which she has to continue. The best care, proper diet and the use of medicines in time will help to recover in short time.