7 Healthy Habits Of The Best Students

Staying disciplined when you need to study for your finals, and there are no libraries to inspire you or to make you feel motivated, can be really tough. It is especially challenging when you cannot go out to any other place where you would have less distractions around you. Juggling of living, studying, and working from home is a tough job where you need to have a routine, a schedule and create a specific environment to stay motivated and focused. Here are seven tips to help you do that

1. Keep your environment clean

For some people, what they call creative chaos may be comforting but for the most of us, it is easier to focus on studying when your desk (or other designated workspace) is tidy and organised. It can take just a few minutes every day, but it subconsciously clears up your mind and boosts up your concentration at the same time.

2. Wake up early

Mornings are usually quieter than the rest of the day and you can make use of your energy to the maximum. Without distractions, it’s easier to focus and more likely that you keep on working. A good sleeping schedule is also an act of self-care. Do yourself a favour!

3. Have a plan

Various study results show that it’s significantly more likely to be done when you write something down. Majority of the most successful people in this world cannot imagine life without a calendar or a planner. And it should be your friend as well. Not only does it make your mind free of distractions but also helps to make the most out of your day. Planning can imaginably improve productivity and efficiency which is what we seek when studying. But remember to keep it realistic and elastic.

4. Make compelling notes

Studying doesn’t have to be a dull responsibility. Let yourself be a little more creative every day while revising. You can use colouring pens or make a graph by yourself. It might take some more time than usual, but it’s scientifically proven that eye-catching notes are easier to absorb. At the end of the day, the knowledge that you gain is for you so make sure you understand what you’re learning about.

5. Avoid all distractions

Make sure you remove anything that can be distracting from your sight. It is a good idea to switch all the notifications on your gadgets off so they don’t distract you from studying. Also, surround yourself with some healthy snacks like nuts or dark chocolate and plenty of water so you don’t think about being hungry or thirsty for a more prolonged period of time. Be present and focus on one thing at a time. Practising mindfulness is also a great way to help you with coping with all the distractions that we have in everyday life. Put your phone away, take a few deep breaths. It’s that simple.

6. Exercise and eat healthy

How you feel is how you think and how your brain functions. Thanks to good nutrition and a dose of endorphins, your attention span elongates, you can retain more information and the memory improves. Besides, it has other benefits such as de-stressing or feeling better in your own body.

7. Take care of yourself

Take a break. You are doing great and you deserve a moment to reset. Writing a journal or having a long bath is an amazing opportunity to unwind and declutter your mind. Especially if you use a few drops of CBD oil or a CBD-infused bath bomb when soaking in a bathtub after a long and productive day. It’s super important, particularly during revision and exam times. Remember – you’ve got this!

Everyone knows that it’s hard to stay productive sometimes – and that’s completely fine. We need to acknowledge that everyone has bad days. Be understanding and excuse yourself when something goes not exactly the way you want it, and treat yourself with kindness.

Good luck on those finals!

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