5 Tips on Choosing the Right Water Well Pump

Have you been having a hard time maintaining the right water pressure at your home or business? Does the water sometimes have a hard time reaching your faucets and water-based appliances like the dishwasher, refrigerator, or toilets?

Maybe it’s time to install a new water well pump. It’s possible that the right type of pump was never installed before. Here is a summary of well pump characteristics, water safety, and how you can select the right systems for your home.

Well Water Safety

It’s essential to pick a strong well pump so your water can reach all the spigots and appliances in your house. Pumps, however, don’t necessarily filter the water to make it safe.

When you buy a new home, never assume that the water is going to be healthy. Be sure to have the water quality tested, and inspect the plumbing before you move in.

If you find impurities and want to improve your water quality, you can install a uv water purifier. They work without using chemicals and come in a variety of options.

Water Well Pump Types

Water well pumps come in many different makes and models. Here’s a quick summary of the most popular types.

Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps go down into your well and push the water up. These include deep well pumps which you can install several hundred feet underground. Deep water wells can be as deep as three hundred feet, so the pumps must be powerful.

Jet Pumps

Jet pumps draw the water upwards, which requires more energy than submersible pumps. They use water jets to create a vacuum, and are versatile enough to operate in deep wells.

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps can work at various depths. They must stay under the water line so they can spin water through a fan. This puts out a compressed stream that creates a vacuum.

Convertible Jet Pumps

Convertible jet pumps work with nozzles that reach down into the water. It’s possible to install them in shallow wells under twenty-five feet, or in wells up to ninety feet deep. They sit above the water and use pressurized jets and suction to propel the water.

Water Well Pump Sizes

To figure out what size of water well pump you’ll need, add one gallon per minute (GPM) for every spigot and appliance that uses water in your home and garage. This translates to about twelve GPM for the average family home.

How to Choose the Right Pump for Your Well and Home

Choosing the right water well pump comes down to picking the right size, horsepower, and type for your home’s needs. Details like the depth of your well and the number of water outlets in your home will also factor in.

If you are unsure about which pump to install in your well, check with a plumber in your area.

We hope you have found this overview of pump types and sizes helpful in explaining the various pump options available.

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