4 Interesting facts about Search Engine Optimization Services

The subsequent boom of the internet changes the entire world by weaving a web around the people. People often consider it a treasure full of information. Business owners also consider it the best platform to promote their product or services. People use the search engines to avail the appropriate service, so it indicates the importance of search engines in promoting a business. Due to its ever growing need in today’s world, every person gets the opportunity to create an excellent fashion blog and share it with the world to have maximum followership or readership. The Search Engine Optimization Services helps the people in enhancing the visibility of their website or service through various techniques. The facts discussed in this article are quite interesting, so you will enjoy going through them.

1.  Percentage of the search engine users

Several new website search engine marketing are emerging with every new day because of the increase in the number of the search engine users. A survey indicated that about 91 percent of the United States Internet audience is using the search engine every month. It revealed that if a website is not optimizing, then it do not even exists.

2.  Clicks on the top 5 results

Whenever the internet users search for a particular information, then they mostly believe on the first page results of the search engine. An effective search engine optimization will bring your website on the first page of the search engine and ultimately your website will get the maximum clicks. A survey reported that the top five results of the search engine gets about 75 percent of the clicks.

3.  The highest correlated social factor

Since every millennial has an account on social media, so business owners have a greater opportunity to promote their business through social media. With the growth of technology, several search engines has started to factor the social media in to the results. A survey revealed that google plus is the highest correlated social factor for the ranking of SEO. So, it guaranteed search engine optimization.

4.  Convincing meta-description

The brief preview shown underneath a particular link on the various search engines is called as Meta description. A survey reported that a meta-description having less than 155 characters id more persuasive as it increases the clicks even though it is not affecting your SEO ranking. It often attract the clicks if the customer finds it interesting.