16 Digital Marketing Stats You Need To Know For 2019

With the vigorously growing technology, the strategy of Digital Marketing has reached to top heights. For the incredible profits in an easier form, digital marketing strategy is focused on with great impact by the business entities. The strategy of Digital marketing overwhelms sometimes when you select right seo company in mumbai. It is indeed a major challenge for the business entities to stay updated so that the planning for the upcoming months is done fluently.

As the digital marketing strategy has proved to be incredible for the businesses, there are few listed statics that are imperative to be considered by the businesses while making any plans for 2017. Among the many, 16 stats that are actionable and imperative to consider are featured below.

Contents Would Continue Thriving In 2017

  1. Around 76% of the digital marketers would be producing more contents with priority to quality.
  2. Around 51% of the digital marketers would be increasing the budget for content marketing.
  3. The companies with active blogs would be able to generate 67% more leads.
  4. As per the expectations, the companies would be spending 28% of their total budget for marketing for content marketing.
  5. Approximately 60% of digital marketers find creating engaging contents as the biggest challenge.

The above-mentioned points feature that the businesses should be accelerating the content output and optimize those for generating leads. The businesses must even develop and document solid content strategy that would ensure that consistent and considered contents are delivered. The companies are advised to reevaluate the existing strategy and take steps for improvement in certain required areas.

The Customers Indeed Want More Specific And Personalized Contents

  1. Around 56% of customers show their interest in purchasing with their personalized experience.
  2. Around 75% of the digital marketers express the face-to-face events as the most effective marketing tool.
  3. Approximately 41% of customers prefer to interact with the targeted ads and get interested more in them rather than opting for random contents.
  4. The report says, around 45% of online customers prefer to purchase the products from the online stores or sites that offer personalized product recommendations.

The stated points above defines, the business entities need to make sure that the featured ads must be personalized and targeted in a direct form to the desired customers. Recommending for the custom contents, the businesses would increase the sales ratio. The customers prefer to buy items those are based on previous purchases.

Customers Go Online For Shopping In the Holiday Seasons

  1. Investigation says this holiday season around 60% of shoppers those who prefer online purchase and are aged 18-24 would use their Smartphone for shopping online.
  2. Around 21% of customers are expected to send social media messages directly to the retailers.

The stated points defines, around 1500 inbound messages are expected this year. Users indeed wait around for 24 hours for receiving reply via Facebook or Twitter, which is 11 hours faster in comparison to last year.  The companies need to make sure to make the processes optimized with responsive time and in proper place or the risk of losing potential customers.

With The Investigations and Expectations,

  1. Internet advertising would grow this year by 10%.
  2. This year mobile advertising would increase by 45%.
  3. The companies are expected to spend 60% more on the marketing analytics.
  4. In the year 2017, digital marketing professionals would be hired 38% more.
  5. It is expected that 74% of online traffic would be for video-based contents in the year 2017.

The above-stated points classifies that the companies need to ensure that the created content must be accessible on multiple devices and platforms. This is because the businesses having accessible contents for the users who use any device are expected to generate more sales as well as leads