Students tempted to play unblocked games at school

Are you getting bored? Do you want to kill the time? Do you want something exciting? Then go to the browser, unblock the game and trap yourself in some outward strategy.

Games are not age specific, every individual is there to tap the phone or iPad for solving some puzzle, a mystery or to capture any city. Every person has now access to the internet and this is the best way to play games. Today, wifi is the part of every organization but some of the institutes block particular sites which could affect the efficiency of individuals working there. School or colleges are one of those institutes where many of the games sites are blocked. School computers have very limited sites which are accessible. Sometimes, when a student is free from the computer class and he wants to kill his time, playing games on that computer is the only idea his mind strikes. But how? Heclicks on the browser, search for Mario combat but wait what he sees ‘this web page is not available’ and sigh! He feels hopeless. Then he moves here and there to find the way to play those unblocked games at school.

Why are games blocked on school computers?

A schoolis a place which has a purpose to educate, help people learn good character skills or have some social skills by making friends. Playing strategic games on a computer can enhance their intelligent quotient but it can make them anti-social which an education institute would never want. Students are tempted to playunblocked games at school but it is the responsibility of the school to protect the children from every such aspect. Moreover, most of the games have very strong influence on children such as fighting games or any other violence game.

Ways of blocking games sites

Usually, most of the unblocked games at school are flash base and you need flash enable browsers to run such games. There are many other ways in which school blocks such games sites. Some of them are as follows:

  • Use of Proxy Server

This is just like a door between the person and the online data. This proxy has some security protocols that checks whether the file which the user is requesting passes through the fixed checklist or not. If that particular game website is blacklisted then the user would not be able to play games on that site.

  • Use of Firewall

Firewall blocks the entire site, so the user would not have access to any single game.

  • Block parts of the site

Sometimes, some of the parts of the website are blocked which are considered inappropriate for students. Then no matter how hard the student tries, he would not be able to use those parts of the website.