Finding the right Microwave Oven

To have a good Microwave Oven in the kitchen is a great thing, it saves time and making the reheating or defrosting a breeze. states that having a microwave oven is a kind of blessing, and I agree with them.
but, Microwave Ovens have different types, different prices, different sizes, different functions, finding the right one is a challenge.

so, how can you find the right one?

there are three things that you need to figure out.

First, you must consider what your objective to have a microwave oven, is it only for regular tasks like re-heating the pizzas, defrosting meals, is it only to prepare your popcorn? Or you want something more advance like baking?
Second, you, your home and Kitchen Variable

1. where do you want to put it? on the counter, or somewhere else?

2. Person count on your household: 1-2, 3-5, 5 or more?

3. the Electricity: Microwave consume electricity, larger microwave tends to consume more.

Third, the Microwave Oven’s variable

1. Pre-Programmed Setting: these days, Microwave oven tends to have pre-programmed

2. Child Lock, make sure the Microwave has this one if you have children in the house.

3. Sensors: some microwave ovens can be considered as smart since it can calculate the time needed to defrost (by using the sensor). However, this feature usually comes with bigger price

4. Brand: brand do matters, for me, I like Sharp because it works and it last (in my personal experience it last more than the median Microwave Oven’s age of 8 years)

5. The Type: Over the counter, Over the range, or Built-In, the latter cost more and harder to install than the former, but they have their own pros and cons.

6. The Size: the measure of microwave ovens is on cubic feet (read :Cu.Ft), anything less than 1 Cubic Feet can be considered small, anything between 1 Cubic Feet to 1.4 Cubic Feet can be considered medium, and those more than 1.8 Cubic Feet can be considered a Large Microwave Oven.

6. The Budget: most over the counter microwave oven will cost you between $60 to $200, most Over the Range Microwave will cost you between $150 to $300, and most built-In Microwave oven will cost you about $500 to over $1000

The Summary:

if you only want to have something simple that works, I recommend a Sharp Countertop Microwave Oven (Sharp Brand not just a brand but a token of high quality in this field)
have a mid-size household of 3 to 5 persons, and want something that works great, consider an over the range Microwave Oven, you can go with General Electric or Sharp, they are great.

if you have extra cash, then, Built-In Microwave Oven will save you space, and the social effect is great too (you can boast it to visitors of your household)
You can see a more In-Depth guide about choosing microwave oven on

They write in details about the products in this post, pay a visit to have better insight on choosing the right microwave oven.

Complete guide on how to lose belly fat

Struggling with abdominal obesity for years, I intimately understand the frustration that comes along with dragging a “spare tire”. Being skinny and having a large belly is even more frustrating. You are working out, dropping pounds, but the tummy is still there.

This guide is therefore laser specific. Instead of sharing tips across the board, I’ll focus my attention on proven tactics that will reduce your waistline. If you struggle for a while and desperately try to figure out how to lose belly fat, this is a step in the right direction.

As Lifestyle Updated writes in their newly published comprehensive guide- losing belly fat is easy once you know the steps.

So let’s find them out one by one.

Foods that grow your belly

Processed sugar is bad for you

Processed sugar and artificially sweetened beverages increase your blood sugar concentration and insulin resistance. Over time this leads to high glucose levels which in turn make you even hungrier after a meal.

What this process also does, is promoting additional abdominal fat accumulation.

And it is visceral fat, which is the worst type of fat. That’s the one that blankets your internal organs and sits below your abdominal wall.

Artificially processed sugar also has more calories when compared to healthy nutrients such as lean meat or whole grain carbs.

Forget about sweetened beverages as well. Instead try drinking more water and squeezed fruits. The lemon diet, which is really popular in other parts of the world – known as the лимон диета – can help you burn belly fat as well.

Trans fats are dangerous

These will stay in your system much longer than it takes for ordinary fatty acids to process. Therefore, you will start accumulating fat tissue, especially in your problem areas.

Stay away from them.

More protein and more fiber

Eating a high protein diet (on the expense of reducing your caloric intake from carbs, of course) is going to increase your metabolic rate. Up to 30% as Lifestyle Updated points out citing a study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Low fiber diet is also a precursor to abdominal obesity, so if you are wondering how to lose belly fat one of the ways would be to increase your fiber intake, to match your optimal and recommended daily intake.

Fiber will keep your satiety high, and it will help your digestive system preventing adipose tissue from forming and storing.

Consider these specific foods

Cruciferous vegetables

Cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower contain a very powerful substance called I3C, which is very effective at burning belly fat and adipose tissue in general.

Only a single serving per day (200g) is enough to see noticeable results within a month or so.


This powerful ingredient that is found in the turmeric root (used in curry) is a strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. It will prevent fat tissue from storing and spreading, thus improving your weight loss efforts.

It has a way more powerful effect on visceral fat, and will hence slim your waistline within one month of regular use.


The Cumin seed has incredible effects on improving metabolic rates, and preventing fat storage around the abdomen. All you need is to sprinkle some on your main meals, and be patient.

You will see a noticeable change within two or three weeks.

How to change your diet habits and lose belly fat

You probably know the fundamentals of weight loss, but let’s go over the main principle once again.

In order to see results from the superfoods above, you’ll have to healtify (yup that’s a word now) your diet. And this is how:

  • Eat regularly throughout the day. Three main meals and two or three snacks in between, so you can keep your metabolic rate at optimal efficiency, and satiety levels high. Besides, if you are working out, you’ll need regular nutrition intake in order to see some results.
  • Follow the golden ratio. Tune your caloric intake so you have your calories from 40% carbs, 40% protein, and 20% fats.
  • Hydrate often. Take with you a bottle of water, and make sure to drink small sips throughout the entire day.
  • Your carb intake should be from whole grain foods.

Eat healthy, keep yourself hydrated, rest and supplement with some of the superfoods mentioned above. You will be losing up to 3-4 pounds per week on this lean and healthy diet.

Then you can add exercise once or twice per week. At least at first.

Ab workouts for losing belly fat

Most people believe that ab workouts mean infinite repetitions of the same old crunch. But that cannot be further from the truth. In order to reduce belly fat, you’ll need to be doing anaerobic exercises, and high intensity cardio sequences.

Then, after you have some momentum going on, you can incorporate strength and resistance moves that target the core.

Keep your workouts short in length (say around 20 minutes), and add intensity as time goes by.

Start with 2 sessions per week, and increase from there.

Losing belly fat is easy

If you think that reducing your tummy is a tough process, just remember that all you have to do is follow certain principles. If you are dedicated enough and stay on course for about a month, your fat belly will disappear and you will have a flat abdomen instead.

Make sure to watch your caloric intake, eat clean, and have enough rest. Then just add two or three workout sessions per week and you will see your body transforming in no time.

5 Important Supreme Court Cases About Education

When reading through legal case briefs the chances are you will come across numerous education court cases. There are even terms in the law dictionary that describe different court terminology specifically about education. Read on to find out about some of the more notable cases that changed education as we know it.

The Board of Education verses Brown in 1954

Back in 1954 education was just as important, especially to those with the disadvantage of being a minority. Back in 1954 it was common for schools to be segregated by race. This caused a lot of uproar in the black community where people claimed that those taught at an all-black school were disadvantaged by lower standards than their peers. The case was successful and schools that were segregated by race were stopped.

The Lemon verses Kurtzman case

Again another case about equality came about when it was argued that the financial aid that was given to support the teachers salaries and the books used in parochial schools was unfair. The legal case briefsdecided that the scheme was in violation of the Establishment Clause which meant that they could not receive additional funding just for being a school of religion. The Establishment Clause is now known as the Lemon Test where unfair funding is not given based on religion.

Amish vs the Education

The legal case briefs stated that back in 1972 it was the law that every child stayed in school until they turned 16, however Mr Yoder felt that this was in violation of the Amish life he led and brought his children up to follow. He reasoned that as his son was to be tending to agriculture anything over the 8th grade was unnecessary. Noting the Amish religion the law dictionary was changed to make a legal exception for the Amish and other similar religious ways of life.

Unfair searches in schools in 1985

In New Jersey in 1985 there werelegal case briefs regarding a student got caught out smoking a cigarette on the school grounds. As a result she was searched by a member of staff who to her surprise found not only cigarettes but evidence of drugs. The police were called in and charged her and the school excluded her. In court her defence lawyer claimed that the Fourth amendment which protects against searches without a good reason was breached and for that reason the evidence was inadmissible. It was on this occasion noted that students have a right to privacy however the search was deemed reasonable and the case was thrown out.

Lopez verses the United States

The Gun-Free School Zones Act which was put in place to stop firearm possession in specific school zones being legal. The act was challenged by a high school student from Texas after being caught with a gun on his possession in the school and was charged as a result. The conviction was challenged because it was argued that as there was no constitutional authority able to pass the act of banning guns from school zone areas after reading through legal loopholes. The courts ruled in the schoolboys favour stating that congress were in fact over their heads in passing the act as it did not affect the commerce interstate.  Only state governments have the power to change such laws/acts.


Why When To use electric shaver spares

If you’ve owned an electric shaver for some time then you already know that the blades are bound to get dull sooner or later. Many new users after realizing their electric shaver is getting dull end up getting a new electric razor all-together without knowing that it can be renewed by using electric shaver spares. Using electric shaver spares you can change foils and cutters on your electric shaver and make it good as new. Don’t know when you should use electric shaver spares to change your electric shaver’s blades and foils? Read on!

Young handsome man shaving with Panasonic shaver

 When To Change Electric Shaver Blades And Foils?

On average, an electric razor needs to be changed every 9-18 months but with electric shaver spares you can switch out parts that are going dull or broken to make your daily grooming fast and have great results. You might want to consider replacing the foils and cutters with electric shaver spares when:

  • The quality and smoothness of the shave has decreased drastically since you bought the electric shaver. A tell tale sign is after you finish shaving you notice some hair follicles are still showing on your cheeks
  • The electric shaver is uncomfortable to use and continuously tugs at your skin (only applies to list and cut blades)
  • You’re having trouble shaving and you need to press the shaver harder on your skin to get a decent shave
  • It takes more than once to shave different parts of your face and is taking longer to groom.

If you’re facing any of the above difficulties while shaving with your electric shaver than getting electric shaver spares to replace the foils and cutters is highly recommended if you want a smooth and easy shave.

Philips shaver parts

Benefits of Using Electric Shaver Spares

Replacing new parts for your old electric shaver,  can benefits you both in the long and short term especially if you’re trying to cut back on your spending and time taken while shaving. Electric shavers aren’t the most affordable products and having to change them after every twelve months can be extremely expensive. Using an electrical shaver can help bring down expenses and help repair any damaged or dull parts on your electric shaver.

By changing worn or clogged blades parts with new electric spares you can have the same shaving experience as when you bought the electric shaver to enjoy a smooth and worry free shave.

Where To Find The Best Electric Shaver Spares?

If you’re looking for electric shaver spares that are high quality and affordable then Shaver-Spares UK offers everything that you can need to make your electric shaver look and perform as it was when you bought it. Shaver Spares UK provides electric shaver spare parts for all major brands as well as making sure that each electric shaver spares is just as good if not better than the original.

Don’t know what kind of spare part you need for your electric shaver? If so, then contact Shaver Spares UK today to get professional help and high-quality electric shaver spares. See

Apptivo Position and Cost – All you Need to Know

Apptivo is such a powerful application that it is possible to manage all the communication from your client and company through a web-based platform. At a single location, it is possible to record and save all the agreements made by your client and you can also save other related details about your client. It is a natural existing relationship between you and your client. After using this application, you can increase the effectiveness of your sales too much extent. Also, it is possible to track your sales and tasks at the minimum time interval.

The Main Position of Apptivo

It is considered that Apptivo is on the top 20 CRM software products on the market. So if you are interested in this application then you can check the subcategories of this CRM software. It is very difficult to say that single software can meet all the goals of your company that is according to the size and type of your industry. So it is better to read the review of this application so that you can judge that this software has the ability to deal with every type of business and enterprise that can come in your mind. So this application can work well in a very intuitive manner and can increase the functionalities of the most experienced users in the industry. There are many solutions that are presented in this application just to provide support to a large number of users with a perfect toolbox. It will incur more cost if you avail these features and tools in a separate deal. So Apptivo serves as a complete toolbox and it ensures that you know all your requirements and it is just there to fulfill all of your requirements.

The Cost of Apptivo

The best thing about this application is that a free trial period of 30 days is available and for starters, it is just free of any cost. In this category 3 users can use this app with the 40+ standard application included. Also, you will get online technical support in the case of any difficulty. You can manage signatures and simple contact sharing through Google apps integration. You will get a secure connection through SSL connection. In premium addition, you have to pay USD 10/ month/user including all the premium applications. You can get technical support from the company from 9 am to 6 pm in the evening.