How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

If you’re traveling soon, it can be easy to worry about your health. Because even if you’re constantly going to the gym and eating well in your everyday life, it’s tempting to let your health slide when you’re traveling. If you’re in Italy, there’s all that pasta and pizza. If you’ve traveled to a new country for an internship or study abroad, a huge part of getting to know the culture is going out for drinks and trying new cuisines. And you’re so busy when you’re traveling that it can be a challenge to make time for exercise or go to the doctor if you’re ailing.

But health is of huge importance. And when you’re traveling, bad health can have devastating consequences. So if you want to be healthy on your next trip, read up our tips before you hop on that plane.

Get health and travel insurance

A lot of people think that they’ll be okay without travel health insurance. Especially if you’re going on a short trip, it might seem like a waste of money. But travel insurance can make a huge difference, especially if you get stick in an unforeseen way. The last thing you want is to miss out on a large chunk of your trip because you’ve gotten sicker than expected–or lose money because you didn’t pay the small amount necessary to protect yourself in the first place.

Some people are better about it than others. British people, for example, use travel insurance 82 percent of the time when they’re traveling on vacation. Talk to your health insurance to find out how helpful they’ll be in the specific countries you’re traveling to, and make a small investment if you aren’t covered. Additionally, if you’re traveling with high-cost items like a laptop, it’s worth insuring those, too.

Avoid social media addiction

Believe it or not, one of the biggest dangers when traveling is social media. And okay, there’s nothing wrong with posting some pictures on Instagram or catching up with friends over Facebook so that after they’ve met you in a hostel, you can meet up in another city in a few weeks. But if you’re spending hours on social media, you might not be living in the moment the way you should while traveling. Maybe you’re homesick, and you’d rather interact with friends back home. Or maybe it’s more serious, and you have a social media addiction.

Facebook, which had 1.94 billion global monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2017, has been shown to be addictive. So if your social media time is taking up too much of your travel time, cut back. Go out some days without your phone, and save money on your data usage, too.

Write down your calorie consumption and exercise

Eating well is one of the biggest challenges when you’re traveling. Especially if you’re in a carb-heavy region of Europe (most of Europe considers bread to be breakfast), or you’re traveling with friends who eat way more than you, it’s easy to lose control. But there’s no point in fully going on a diet, either. You don’t want to be sitting at the table, sadly looking down at your salad, while everyone’s trying the famous regional dish.

Instead, write down your calories. On days when the cuisine available is less interesting, eat lighter foods. Cook at the hotel, and you’ll save some money, too. That way, when you down a whole plate of cacio e pepe, cream-smothered pasta, in Rome, you won’t feel too guilty. Write it down, and account for it. If you need to go for an extra long walk the next day, you can subtract those calories from the total.

Don’t forget to account for alcohol! We know it’s tempting to drink as much as you can, especially when you’re on vacation and don’t have to show up to work the next day. But if you drink lots of water most nights, your calorie count will be way lower–and you won’t have to deal with a hangover when exploring the pyramids in the heat the next day. Remember, 60 percent of your body is water, so it’s important to stay hydrated!

Relax and sleep enough

Finally, remember that it’s important to give yourself the sleep and relaxation you need. If you want to get a lot of countries and cities out of the way, consider leaving one out so you can chill out once a week. And don’t stay up all night to catch a cheap flight; take the later one for a mere 20 euros more! Adults need seven to nine hours of sleep a night, and when you’re traveling, you’ll need even more to account for jet lag and exhaustion.

These are some of the best ways to stay healthy while you’re traveling. What other ways do you keep your healthy habits up when you’re traveling or on the go?

7 Unexpected Benefits of Travel

Traveling isn’t just about spending time on the beach, getting a tan. Or spending hours on a plane, and getting off in a new continent, in a different season on another side of the world. These are just small pieces of the experience of travel, an experience that, if done right, can bring us great benefits.

It’s like the Emerson quote goes: Life is a journey, not a destination–and we couldn’t agree with him more. Because traveling is something that changes us, inside and out, and that fulfills our lives in unexpected, exciting ways. Here’s how:

1 You gain perspective on your problems

Many of us, in our everyday lives, feel weighed down by our problems. Whether you’ve stayed late at the office the last few nights, worrying about the perfect logo design for a new product, or you’re spending hours worrying about what kind of job you’re going to have by the time you’re 30–traveling gets you away from those problems. It gives you perspective, reminds you that there’s a larger way to look at the world, to understand that however large your problems may feel, oftentimes, they’re less important than you realize.

2 You learn about other cultures–and become more open-minded

Especially for Americans, the majority of whom don’t even have a passport, but who are citizens of the world’s most powerful country–it’s very important to learn about other cultures. If only to understand where your favorite food comes from in a small town in Italy, it’s important to learn about other cultures, what their values are, and how, in a strange way, their cultures may not be so different from your own, in the end. Understanding that people, no matter where they are from, experience the same emotions and experiences that all of us do, from falling in love to raising children, makes us more open-minded and able to appreciate the entire world.

3 You get better at socializing

Especially in the beginning, it can be scary to get on a plane, alone, and know what you’re going to do with your life. Many travelers experience culture shock the first time they travel, closing themselves off from the world. But then, something changes inside you, and you start to reach out to the travelers around you. By staying in hostels and connecting with strangers from around the world, you’ll soon start to practice starting off conversations and making friendships fast.

4 Travel makes us more creative

Artists have known this secret for a long time: travel makes us more creative. That’s why there are so many writing residencies abroad, and why so many artists spent years traveling and learning both from their experiences and other cultures. It goes back to the fact that we get more perspective and clarity when we’re traveling, and that we become more open-minded: it helps our imaginations grow. So whether you’re a storyteller, painter, or musician, definitely consider traveling to get inspired.

5 Get out of your comfort zone

You’ll also become more fearless because of travel. More and more, whether planned or not, you’re going to end up in situations where you end up outside of your comfort zone. For example, you may have to book a boat trip from one Grecian island to another using your greatest skills of haggling–without ever having haggled before. The same goes for adventures such as sky-diving, or even the seemingly more low-key (but not low-key) adventure of venturing out and dating locals if you’re spending a long time somewhere on your trip.

6 Get a sense of self–and get empowered

Another benefit of travel is finding yourself. There’s something about putting yourself in new situations and places that somehow simplifies the task of understanding who you are and giving you a renewed sense of self. Away from your friends and family, away from your ordinary life and responsibilities, you are suddenly with yourself alone, and you’ll get to understand exactly who you are. Not only that, but who you want, and what meaning you want to make for yourself. It’s empowering, and it’s life-changing, too.

7 Lower stress

Additionally, travel lowers your stress. Even though the act of traveling has some stressful parts to it–like booking the right flight, and making sure you don’t miss your train–it’s actually emotionally healthy for you because it gives you a break from your everyday life. Especially if you’ve got a busy schedule, spending a lot of your time on learning about a Facebook ads guide to follow for your social media company, having a little bit of time off will give you the break you deserve and need.

As you can see, there are a huge number of benefits to travel–benefits that help you both inside and out, and in many areas of your life. So if you want to improve your life and yourself, get online and see what travel deals are out there–it’ll really make a big difference.

Where was the last place you traveled? Did you experience any of these benefits?

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Eton of Kashmir

High up in the Himalayas where the mountains cover the large part of land and the winters encrust the thick  layers of ice on the meadows.  Kashmir  remains the most beautiful part of northern India.  In India,   it is common thing that the best educational institutes are located in the hills.  If we travel in the Himalayas  we can see some of the best schools of the country. The mountains provide a secluded atmosphere and the serenity where the young minds get developed.  Same in Kashmir,  which is located in upper parts of northern India.  In 1800’s it was a princely state ruled by the maharaja of kashmir. British people used to come for holidays and to spend some time away from the humid plains.  Though they were not give land by the maharaja and these British lived in the houseboats on river Jhelum.  The British gentry consisted of officers in the military, soldiers, artisans, priests & missionaries.  Missionaries build churches and instead of the conversions they laid emphasis on education and social service.    A British missionary by the name of Cecil Tyndale  Biscoe also called “bisco sahab” by kashmiri people opened up a educational institute in  1880 in the lap of the valley which is surrounded by rivers & lakes. That time education was very limited to poor man or distinctly unavailable.  Mr  Biscoe’s enthusiasm to serve the society by sending his students for firefighting,  street cleaning & in rescue during floods,  much emphasis were laid on co curricular activities, teaching the young boys  swimming, mountaineering  &  regatta.  The school organized annual boat races, swimming competitions, cross country runs  & trekking expeditions. The schools motto “in all things be men”  all the activities  were being  revolved  around this motto.  These activities were not limited to summers only.   In winters during the winter vacation, the students would go to attend various skiing courses in gulmarg.

Out  there in the middle of the lake a small boat circles near the fountains,  children in yellow uniform, in other boat the kids are in blue uniform. There are four houses in the school named after the high peaks of Kashmir, kalohoi, harmukh, tatakuti & mahadev.  Prominent teachers of the school included TN Misri, TN Kaul , Shadi Lal Dhar,  BN Mujoo, Rajinder Kaul , Mr Mughloo , Nazir Dar.

After the long winters the cross country run is the biggest event in the history of the school. It is a run through the mountains of shankaracharya.  This race starts after a long winter vacation After the race kashmiri  khawa is served to participants .  Studying and growing up in this school is a great upbringing for a perfect man.  Tyandle Biscoe school Is  also called the eton of Kashmir.  It was the only school to impart modern education & give boos to adventure tourism in Kashmir.  Growing  up  & studying in this school is the best part of my life,  this school is still producing some of the best sportsmen, doctors &  academicians.

About the author.

The author of this article has studies in the same school, were he was molded  into one of the finest trekker in Kashmir,  right now he works as a travel guide for his family owned travel company


Some of the Best Arabian Traditions

The conventions of Arab Emirates, attributable to the Muslim country, have their own specificity and characteristics. Arranging a get-away in the UAE, you should mull over the way that the memorable conventions and traditions are hold consecrated and respected here.

Religious traditions

Talking about the religiousness of the Arab individuals, it ought to be noticed that all the Arabic traditions and conventions depend on the Quran which is the Muslims’ Holy book. The Quran is the religious, as well as a social example of the Arabic composed dialect.

The Muslims implore five times each day, and amid the festival of the Holy month of Ramadan every one of the adherents should quick. Eating, drinking and smoking is denied in the daytime. All the day time of Ramadan, gatherings and diversion occasions are not permissible.

Arabian Traditions-The state of mind towards ladies

Lady are doled out the extraordinary place in the customs of the Arab individuals. The lady in the East is the attendant of family bliss and chimney at home. Bedouin lady ought not feel the necessities, and the spouse must present her with endowments and adornments.

Because of such a deferential demeanor, a lady ought to act with unobtrusiveness and restriction. It is prohibited to appear in broad daylight any uncovered body parts, and lady must be joined by her mate or a senior relative when outside.

There is an exceptional day for Arab ladies. Once every week all the water parks, shorelines, magnificence salons and wellness focuses are opened just for ladies.

Family customs -The Arabian Traditions

Family customs of United Arab Emirates have their starting point in the remote history. From time immemorial Arab individuals was driven a tribal lifestyle. Every tribe was isolated into discrete groups, which incorporated a few families. Because of such a plan, the family in the UAE has dependably had an awesome significance.

Till these days the most noticeably bad discipline for the Arabs is the expulsion from the family circle. Albeit present day life affects the customary Arab lifestyle, family ties stay hallowed for each occupant of the UAE.

Arabian Traditions- Instructive condition

The customs of the Arab individuals allot an extraordinary place for the territory of training. Since the antiquated circumstances, the Arab individuals was surprising for high information and proficiency. In the past private instructors were stand high in regard yet today such current instructive organizations as schools, colleges and universities have become an integral factor.

Essential instruction is necessary and totally free in the UAE. Particular optional training fills in as an additional one. Every year preparing programs for the grown-up populace, which permits to take out lack of education totally, are actualized.

National diversion -Arabian Traditions

In the UAE you won’t have the capacity to discover betting houses or clubhouse as betting is precluded here. In any case, the absence of a betting segment is repaid by the various wearing occasions. Different game rivalries are sorted out here consistently. It can be camel dashing or bullfighting. Bedouins incline toward falconry as an extravagance rest. Checkout the Arabian Desert Safari For more Information