Counter-Strike Global Offensive – The Best Shooter Game

The Game Counter Strike Global Offensive was released in August 2013 but the amazing thing about this game is that it is still getting popular. It can be estimated through the fact that monthly about more that 100 thousand players play this game and in this year this rate has reached to about 300K. So on Steam, this is the second most played game and it is still dominating this title.

The Reason of Success of this Game

There are many reasons for the rapid success of this game but the two main reasons are the consistent and regular first party advertisement and a built-in fan base. On Steam, it has more than 150 million active users. It is also a fact that the success of the game is increasing over the period of three and a half years. So this is the best game that is meeting the needs of the diverse community. It is the attribute of CSGO that it is meeting all the needs of the assorted community.  The community consists of content creators, professional players, and team tournament viewers.

The Regular Updates

The game is constantly updated to maintain a balance of competitive play. So to satisfy the needs of the engaged players it is important to provide regular content updates. A great job has been done by Valve by listening to the community of the high-level tournaments and it has used feedbacks to deliver regular updates. The example of competitive balance can be taken as the rate of the sniper rifle has been decreased and slow moment speed has increased. So this professional change is accepted by the community in a positive way.

The High- Quality Content

Incentives are given to the community to create high-quality content. One biggest challenge to operating this game as a service was to produce a quick stream of latest content. So this was done by giving an opportunity to the community to produce User generated content also known as UGC. SO Valve provided a great opportunity to map makers to generate revenue by contributing map to operations and it works same like the official map pack of Valve. So through this successful structure, it was made possible to generate high-quality content on regular basis.

This game provides an excellent experience to eSprots viewer so it results in the increase of eSports community. This game is succesful for them for several reasons because its matches their structure. For More information Visit

Becoming a Professional Solicitor in Cardiff

The carrier of a Solicitor in Cardiff can be very fruitful because it is a job that has amazing challenges that can be intellectual and the professional can get many opportunities to this job. No doubt you can expect a lot if you are a CJCH Solicitor. The participation of a solicitor is almost in every field of life. He has a range of different works to deliver. You can work in many growing and changing areas of life. In England and Wales, you will find thousands of Solicitors.

Jobs a Solicitor can Offer

The job of a solicitor is very challenging. You can say that he has some confidential relationship with his clients in the form of an adviser. He combines his expertise, practice, knowledge, and skills to provide authentic and legal advice and assistance to people. His help is required in many situations in the life.

  • He can give professional advice and guidance to people who are going to buy and sell houses or property. He can draw all types of wills. He has the ability to deal with relationship breakdowns.
  • All the business can get legal assistance from a solicitor to make commercial transactions.
  • A solicitor is there to provide security to the legal rights of people. They ensure that all the government and private bodies are treating them fairly. They are just there to get compensation for them in case they are being treated wrong.
  • There are many people in the society who can not pay for the legal services that a solicitor can offer so he is kind enough to provide free help to them.

Qualifications Required Becoming a Solicitor in Cardiff 

A solicitor can represent his clients in tribunals, magistrate courts, and also in country courts. Once they got a special training they are able to represent them in higher courts also. For them, an excellent academic record is very important. Besides all this, their clients in Cardiff are looking for many other attributes like

  • Their dedication to working and their commitment to their clients.
  • Clients look for their personal and ethical approach and professional responsibility towards client and solicitor relationship.
  • They should have complete awareness regarding all commercial matters.
  • They should have an ability to understand financial accounts and statements.
  • They are complete problem solvers and time managers.
  • They have a good sense of collaborating with different clients and they can provide new ideas and concepts to solve a case.


After the first ten games of the NFL season, the North Division of the NFC is still up for grabs. Both the Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings are tied for first place with identical 6-4 records while the Green Bay Packers sit two games behind at 4-6. The Chicago Bears bring up the rear in the division with a 2-8 record.


Detroit is the surprise team so far and have won five of their last six. Not many picked them to win the division in preseason rankings but here they are. The Lions will face off with the Vikings for sole possession of first place in a Thanksgiving Day matchup.


So let’s take a closer look at the NFC North teams and how each team and their schedules are looking through the rest of the season.

Detroit Lions (6-4)

The Lions have been the league’s comeback kids as they have entered every game this season losing going into the fourth quarter and managed to win six of those games. Quarterback Matthew Stafford has been the main reason why as he has pulled off some amazing fourth quarter heroics.

Looking ahead, the Detroit Lions get to play all three divisional opponents on their home field where they are 4-1 on the season. They have road games at New Orleans, New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys. If they can take care of business at home and steal a game on the road, the Lions should be in good shape in the NFC North.

Minnesota Vikings (6-4)

After starting the season by reeling off 5 straight wins, the Viking went on to lose the next four. But a bounce back victory at home against Arizona has put them in a tie for first place. Quarterback Sam Bradford has needed to adjust to his new team but also learn the names of all of his offensive lineman. The Minnesota Vikings have lost most of their starters and are playing with mostly backups.

Coach Mike Zimmer still has that strong defense and they will need to keep playing well if the team wants to get to the playoffs. After the big game against Detroit on Thanksgiving, Minnesota takes on Dallas, Indianapolis and Chicago at home and travel to Jacksonville and Green Bay.

Green Bay Packers (4-6)

The Green Bay Packers are really struggling right now having lost four straight games. But surprisingly they are not out of the NFC North race. It won’t be easy however. The team has been hurt by injuries at some key positions including linebacker Clay Matthews and defensive back Sam Shields.

But they still have quarterback Aaron Rodgers who is one of the league’s best clutch players. They also still have games against all three divisional opponents the last three weeks of the season. So if they can get a couple wins over the next three games, they should still have a chance if they can run the table against the Bears, Vikings and Lions.

Chicago Bears (2-8)

It has not been a good year for the Bears. They do have wins against the Lions and Vikings but those are their only two victories. This may be the last year we see Quarterback Jay Cutler in a Chicago Bears uniform. The veteran has talent but has proven that he is not a winner or leader.


They do have a chance to play the spoiler role with games left against all three division rivals.


I believe it comes down to the Lions and Vikings to win the division. The Bears are not a factor and the Packers are just not playing well at all right now.

I like what Detroit is doing but it’s not like they have a history of winning. But if Stafford continues playing like he has been and they can get just little from their defense, the division could be theirs for the taking.

It may come down to the Thanksgiving Day game with the Vikings. Make sure your watching.

Students tempted to play unblocked games at school

Are you getting bored? Do you want to kill the time? Do you want something exciting? Then go to the browser, unblock the game and trap yourself in some outward strategy.

Games are not age specific, every individual is there to tap the phone or iPad for solving some puzzle, a mystery or to capture any city. Every person has now access to the internet and this is the best way to play games. Today, wifi is the part of every organization but some of the institutes block particular sites which could affect the efficiency of individuals working there. School or colleges are one of those institutes where many of the games sites are blocked. School computers have very limited sites which are accessible. Sometimes, when a student is free from the computer class and he wants to kill his time, playing games on that computer is the only idea his mind strikes. But how? Heclicks on the browser, search for Mario combat but wait what he sees ‘this web page is not available’ and sigh! He feels hopeless. Then he moves here and there to find the way to play those unblocked games at school.

Why are games blocked on school computers?

A schoolis a place which has a purpose to educate, help people learn good character skills or have some social skills by making friends. Playing strategic games on a computer can enhance their intelligent quotient but it can make them anti-social which an education institute would never want. Students are tempted to playunblocked games at school but it is the responsibility of the school to protect the children from every such aspect. Moreover, most of the games have very strong influence on children such as fighting games or any other violence game.

Ways of blocking games sites

Usually, most of the unblocked games at school are flash base and you need flash enable browsers to run such games. There are many other ways in which school blocks such games sites. Some of them are as follows:

  • Use of Proxy Server

This is just like a door between the person and the online data. This proxy has some security protocols that checks whether the file which the user is requesting passes through the fixed checklist or not. If that particular game website is blacklisted then the user would not be able to play games on that site.

  • Use of Firewall

Firewall blocks the entire site, so the user would not have access to any single game.

  • Block parts of the site

Sometimes, some of the parts of the website are blocked which are considered inappropriate for students. Then no matter how hard the student tries, he would not be able to use those parts of the website.

The 101 Audio Game

The people who love the games always dream for making or designing the games themselves one day. Yes! It is possible and is not very difficult task if you are having enough know-how about the field in which you want to go and also if you have a keen desire to fulfill your dream. The video gaming field is highly paid and you need years of experience to get a good job in that specific field related to video gaming. There is not a single job in video gaming but lots of jobs to choose from for example game programmer, level designer, game designer, game artist, game producer as well as a game tester. The gaming industry is a wide as well as booming industry. Do you want to come in the gaming industry as a sound designer, composer or musician? Your dream is going to be fulfilled. audio game  101 is the best option for you. All you need to know is merely some basics so that you could join the company that is offering you your dream job i.e. to work as a sound designer in video gaming industry. The people must be aware of some basics, as mentioned above, for example, music, and audio production, voice over, middle ware and game engines.

You must know the value of fine audio in audio game:

If the audio of the games is poor, it communes a sort of poor message and ruins all other efforts, with the fact that all other levels are amazingly designed and programmed. Some music designers recognize the worth of great sound in the games whereas there are hundreds of people who don’t. The companies who know the worth of the good audio in games are spending about 7 to 10 percent of entire production finances.

Make your mark with audio:

There are such a variety of things to consider with respect to how sound is utilized as a part of a video gaming industry, especially how you can make your own mark in this amazing industry. Signature sounds intended for key activities or results in the video game is only one viewpoint that can break your game or can make it ideal or unique. Each and everything merely depends on your interest, your knowledge and your keenness of desire to become successful in this industry.

Audio game jobs:

All of you are most welcome at 101 audio jobs. You are provided the wonderful opportunity to avail and you must browse and apply for the jobs as these are for you.