Complete guide on how to lose belly fat

Struggling with abdominal obesity for years, I intimately understand the frustration that comes along with dragging a “spare tire”. Being skinny and having a large belly is even more frustrating. You are working out, dropping pounds, but the tummy is still there.

This guide is therefore laser specific. Instead of sharing tips across the board, I’ll focus my attention on proven tactics that will reduce your waistline. If you struggle for a while and desperately try to figure out how to lose belly fat, this is a step in the right direction.

As Lifestyle Updated writes in their newly published comprehensive guide- losing belly fat is easy once you know the steps.

So let’s find them out one by one.

Foods that grow your belly

Processed sugar is bad for you

Processed sugar and artificially sweetened beverages increase your blood sugar concentration and insulin resistance. Over time this leads to high glucose levels which in turn make you even hungrier after a meal.

What this process also does, is promoting additional abdominal fat accumulation.

And it is visceral fat, which is the worst type of fat. That’s the one that blankets your internal organs and sits below your abdominal wall.

Artificially processed sugar also has more calories when compared to healthy nutrients such as lean meat or whole grain carbs.

Forget about sweetened beverages as well. Instead try drinking more water and squeezed fruits. The lemon diet, which is really popular in other parts of the world – known as the лимон диета – can help you burn belly fat as well.

Trans fats are dangerous

These will stay in your system much longer than it takes for ordinary fatty acids to process. Therefore, you will start accumulating fat tissue, especially in your problem areas.

Stay away from them.

More protein and more fiber

Eating a high protein diet (on the expense of reducing your caloric intake from carbs, of course) is going to increase your metabolic rate. Up to 30% as Lifestyle Updated points out citing a study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Low fiber diet is also a precursor to abdominal obesity, so if you are wondering how to lose belly fat one of the ways would be to increase your fiber intake, to match your optimal and recommended daily intake.

Fiber will keep your satiety high, and it will help your digestive system preventing adipose tissue from forming and storing.

Consider these specific foods

Cruciferous vegetables

Cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower contain a very powerful substance called I3C, which is very effective at burning belly fat and adipose tissue in general.

Only a single serving per day (200g) is enough to see noticeable results within a month or so.


This powerful ingredient that is found in the turmeric root (used in curry) is a strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. It will prevent fat tissue from storing and spreading, thus improving your weight loss efforts.

It has a way more powerful effect on visceral fat, and will hence slim your waistline within one month of regular use.


The Cumin seed has incredible effects on improving metabolic rates, and preventing fat storage around the abdomen. All you need is to sprinkle some on your main meals, and be patient.

You will see a noticeable change within two or three weeks.

How to change your diet habits and lose belly fat

You probably know the fundamentals of weight loss, but let’s go over the main principle once again.

In order to see results from the superfoods above, you’ll have to healtify (yup that’s a word now) your diet. And this is how:

  • Eat regularly throughout the day. Three main meals and two or three snacks in between, so you can keep your metabolic rate at optimal efficiency, and satiety levels high. Besides, if you are working out, you’ll need regular nutrition intake in order to see some results.
  • Follow the golden ratio. Tune your caloric intake so you have your calories from 40% carbs, 40% protein, and 20% fats.
  • Hydrate often. Take with you a bottle of water, and make sure to drink small sips throughout the entire day.
  • Your carb intake should be from whole grain foods.

Eat healthy, keep yourself hydrated, rest and supplement with some of the superfoods mentioned above. You will be losing up to 3-4 pounds per week on this lean and healthy diet.

Then you can add exercise once or twice per week. At least at first.

Ab workouts for losing belly fat

Most people believe that ab workouts mean infinite repetitions of the same old crunch. But that cannot be further from the truth. In order to reduce belly fat, you’ll need to be doing anaerobic exercises, and high intensity cardio sequences.

Then, after you have some momentum going on, you can incorporate strength and resistance moves that target the core.

Keep your workouts short in length (say around 20 minutes), and add intensity as time goes by.

Start with 2 sessions per week, and increase from there.

Losing belly fat is easy

If you think that reducing your tummy is a tough process, just remember that all you have to do is follow certain principles. If you are dedicated enough and stay on course for about a month, your fat belly will disappear and you will have a flat abdomen instead.

Make sure to watch your caloric intake, eat clean, and have enough rest. Then just add two or three workout sessions per week and you will see your body transforming in no time.

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How Does Massage Help with Weight Loss

Massage–anything this beneficial have to be fattening, right? Wrong! Experts now confirm what massage practitioners usually have known: massage therapy can be a powerful and effective weight-loss tool. By improving your body’s resilience, supporting muscle nourishment and suppleness, and supporting your emotional and mental well-being, massage will take your weight-loss intend to a new level.  Singapore spa offers a stomach massage that help with weight loss.

Their bond involving massage and weight-loss is the response to many understated changes cooperating, which include more effective injuries prevention and healing. Jeff Wooten, founder of, describes: “Massage helps you to heal existing injury by deteriorating scarring and other adhesions. This creates a more well-designed muscle and enhances joint ethics.” Massage therapists also get treatment to boost your flexibility and range of motion. This will make you less inclined to harm yourself, which means more lucrative and pain-free hours during a workout session. However the advantages don’t end there.

When you be given a therapeutic massage, you’re right impacting the circulatory system. By continuously shifting blood to body tissues, your massage therapist boosts the level of oxygen and nutrients your muscle mass receive. This relaxing period assists in easing you into much-needed rest and relaxation time.

Deneen Rhode, a therapeutic massage trainer who educates fitness classes, says, “The qualitative style of Swedish massage therapy relaxes the neurological system and takes your body into what is called the parasympathetic nerves. The parasympathetic state is quite therapeutic to the body–it is the place the entire body should check out heal itself.” Whenever you make this happen through asian body work, it indicates you will want less recovery time involving routines and you can shift your fitness program full speed in advance.

Jeff Mann, the regional manager for Cortiva Institute Schools of Therapeutic Massage, knows this directly. With experience as both a masseuse and personal trainer, he’s seen just how massage therapies might help customers drop kilos whilst them off. “Massage to weight reduction is similar to the padding on the steering wheel–you can perform without one, but it makes it much easier and more comfortable to carry onto.”

Be Successful For You Personally

Losing weight is difficult. Thank goodness, anyone can combine massage therapy in to the healthy lifestyle you’re creating. It’s wise to get a special assessment together with your therapist about your brand-new ambitions and workout plan so that treatments might be customized to your body requirements.

Meredith Nathan, manager of massage at Pulling Down the Moon in Chicago, says there are several certain concerns you have to be happy to answer. For example, “If you’re following physical exercise, how has it affected one’s body? Are there any particular parts of pressure or pain? Where would you have a tendency to put on weight first? How is your digestive wellbeing? Is your life-style calm or stressful?” The more info you can supply your psychologist, the higher your benefits will be–and this also includes your medical history. During your absorption process, educate your massage therapist about any health conditions, surgical treatments, medicines, and also recent minor conditions you’ve had. Anything your physician needs to realize, your therapist must called well.

“Normally, massage on a healthful [client] should not be far more that 90 minutes; 60 minutes is regarded as the frequent,” Rhode claims. Weekly massage therapy are excellent, however, you can experience lots of advantages from month-to-month visits, too. Your therapist will continue to work along to set a unique plan of meetings that fits with your exercise workout, as well as your funds. No problem should your MT wants to view you often at the outset of your plan–this is normal, so it helps her or him to get to know your strategy for handling anxiety and exercise.

Do Not Be Timid

While it’s all-natural for anyone to feel just a little self-conscious to start with about undressing for any massage, chubby clientele often have main anxieties about disrobing. If you’ve postpone massage since you’re embarrassed regarding your shape, have faith: massage therapists are understanding of your considerations and do not want you to feel ashamed. Thom Lobe, MD, creator and manager of Beneveda Medical Group in Beverly Hills, says, “Massage counselors are merely that–therapists. They are used to discovering all designs, measurements, and types of conditions with the physique. A well-trained massage therapist has a fully scientific perspective, just like another health-care worker. Truth be told, while I provide a massage…exactly what the body appears like isn’t even in my informed views.”

If you want to lose weight, you can always visit a Singapore spa that offers stomach massages.


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Services Available in the Eye Hospital in China

Eye hospitals have specialized doctors which deal with all the problems related to the eyes. Usually, the patient suffers from the different types of glaucoma and visits to an eye specialist to get the treatment. Hospital in China and other countries have specialized doctor who has the experience to treat different eye problems. All the hospitals provide almost same facilities to the eye patient, some of the common services provided in the eye hospitals are discussed below

Laser therapy

Ophthalmologists and other specialized staff are available in the hospital to perform this procedure. The person suffering from any eye infection consults the doctor and prescribes the laser treatment. It is the specialized technique that the doctors used to treat the eye. It does not require any incision; the laser light is focused directly on the eye to remove the symptoms. The clinics have special equipment and well-modified surgery rooms so that the patient feel comfortable during the procedure.

Outpatient department

Almost every eye hospital has outpatient and emergency department. The patient suffering from various eye diseases like Cataract, Uveitis, Vitreoretinal, and Glaucoma can visit the hospital to get the emergency treatment or can get the routine checkup. The outpatient department is usually well equipped and contains all the machines that are useful for the diagnosis of the type of the disease patient suffering from.

The paramedical staff takes the medical history of the patient which includes past surgeries, hypertension, diabetes and hepatitis-like disease so that the treatment strategies are made according to the medical history. After that ophthalmologist checks the patient and discusses the treatment plan.

Lens surgeries

Lens surgery is the important part of the hospitals it is required for the patients suffering from the presbyopia or the hyperopia. The surgeons perform this procedure to improve the eyesight and give the patient better vision. The reflective lens replacement is the simple procedure that takes about just 15 minutes, it takes about one week to recover, and initially patient may suffer from blurred vision or halos but after some time it gets better and the patient can see clearly.

The eye is the sensitive and delicate organ of the body. It needs special care and attention before and after its treatment. It is the duty of the patient to care the eye according to the guidelines that the doctor prescribed him otherwise he may get the problem. The patient suffering from any eye issue can avail the services in the hospital to get the proper treatment to see the world clearly.