Surrogacy Abroad – A New Wave of Medical Tourism

Reproductive Tourism has come as a new wave of hope for parents wanting to expand their family. It involves desiring parents to travel abroad in hopes of availing fertility treatments like Vitro fertilization, gamete production, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, and surrogacy. In surrogacy, a woman other than the mother is fertilized externally with the father’s sperm. Surrogate Carriers can be approached using adoption or surrogate agencies.

There are many reasons why parents seek surrogacy abroad instead of availing it in their home countries. Firstly, the availability or prospect of surrogacy may be extremely limited or non-existent in their country. In European countries such as Germany, Austria, and Italy, donation of an egg is not legal. Due to this, many parents travel to countries such as U.S.A and Spain where such procedures are allowed. Many countries have placed a ban on commercial surrogacy. However, it is completely legal in countries like India, which have made them a popular destination for parents seeking surrogacy.

Secondly, many countries may not allow all types of parents to opt for surrogacy. In countries where homosexuality is not even legal, it becomes extremely difficult for parents of the same sex to hope for kids. In many countries, unmarried people living together is a taboo so it is out of question to allow an unmarried couple to seek surrogacy. Many places have even restricted surrogacy based on religion.

Thirdly, in countries where surrogacy is legal and the costs are reasonable, there is often a longer waiting list. Canada is the best example of such a situation.

Also, there are a lot of stakes in surrogacy. The surrogate mother should be physical, mentally and psychologically healthy to give up the baby after birth. Arranging for surrogacy is a criminal offense in Hong Kong. Anyone who is caught receiving or making a payment for surrogacy can face a jail term of up to two years and a fine of up to HK$100,000.

A couple who had approached Planet Hospital in New Mexico was faced with disappointment. The hospital failed to deliver as promised and also mulcted a couple of their money.

The variations of surrogacy are immense with some countries allowing only certain types of surrogacy. Some countries permit only altruistic surrogacy where the woman carrying the baby is only paid for her expenses and not for carrying the baby itself. In the USA itself, commercial surrogacy is legalized only in certain states and banned in the others. New York, Nebraska, and Maryland have scorn upon payment in return for surrogacy. California considers surrogacy as legal for domestic partnerships. In some countries, even advertising domestic or foreign surrogacy is prohibited.

According to the Independent, the parental order permitting the transfer of the child from the surrogate mother to the parents have increased from 47 in 2007 to 133 in 2011. Unfriendly legislation and services in home countries have forced many parents to travel abroad to fill their lives with the cackle of a child. With foreign travel costs decreasing coupled with the advancement in medical technologies, all parents can hope to fulfill their family wish of completing their and welcoming a child.

Phonak Belong Rechargeable

The Phonak Belong Rechargeable hearing aid is Phonak’s solution for those seeking a rechargeable device. Aimed at active users who require a hearing aid that can keep up with their dynamic lifestyle it claims to provide 24 hours of hearing on one simple charge.

It comes as standard with a mini charger and there is also the option for a mobile, battery powered charging case. The hearing aid only comes in the behind the ear (BTE), receiver in the canal (RIC) format at present and it is unknown when a rechargeable in the ear (ITE) device will come to market.



In terms of what is inside the hearing aid not much has changed since the Venture platform. They have however introduced Soundrecover 2 on the Belong platform. This new concept is based on the original frequency lowering technology Soundrecover. For those that may not understand how frequency lowering works I will try to explain it in a simple way. Imagine you have a piano; the keys on the left hand side of the piano are low frequency sounds and as you move across to the right the sounds get increasingly higher pitched. For people with high frequency hearing loss they may not be able to hear the sounds on the upper end of the piano (the high tones). With Soundrecover, if somebody was to play the very highest note on a piano, to the person wearing the hearing aid review it will sound like a note lower done on the scale to ensure it is audible for the listener; this is called frequency lowering.

You may be thinking that things may sound out of tune with Soundrecoverbut in reality this lowering of the frequencies is generally only applied to much higher pitched sounds beyond the reach of a standard piano. It also has a cut off frequency so it does not affect important low frequency speech components, particularly the vowel sounds.This has now been developed further and Soundrecover 2 has differentiated itself as the first adaptive frequency lowering system. The hearing aid samples the sound coming in to the hearing aid and if the sound is predominantly higher pitched then the lower cut off frequency will be used to improve audibility. However, if the initial sound is predominantly lower pitched it will use the upper cut off frequency to prevent distortion of the important low frequency vowel sounds. This evolution of Soundrecover is still in its juvenile stages and so research around the tangible benefits are limited but I can say that patient feedback has been very positive.

The Phonak Belong Rechargeable hearing aid has also improved its water and dust resistance from an IP67 to an IP68, the highest ingress protection rating available for water resistance. This is because the device is now completely enclosed as you no longer need to have access to the battery.

Initial Impressions

When I got my first pair through the post I was very keen to open them up and give them a test drive. Phonak hearing aids are always somewhat overpackaged in my opinion, but to be fair the large black case is durable and practical.

These hearing aidsare larger than a lot of the RIC devices currently on the private market and are probably the size you would expect from a superpower hearing aid. This is because the Lithium-Ion battery takes up more room than the disposable zinc-air batteries. Even still, they fit neatly behind the ear and have a nice solid feel about them.

I switched them on for the first time straight out of the packaging and this was my first mistake with them. I was made aware that the hearing aids are sent out in a ‘shipping mode’ for safety reasons when transporting Lithium-Ion batteries. If you try to turn the hearing aid on before docking it on to the mini charger the hearing aids will fail. I tried everything to get it working but because you can only program wirelessly there was no way for me to reset the firmware. As such, they had to be sent back for repair.

When, once again I received the repaired hearing aids I plugged them in to the mini charger and the green light started to flash indicating that they were charging. From here I was able to program them up the same as any other Phonak hearing aid which is done with ease using their intuitive software.

I am disappointed that the Belong Rechargeable does not feature a loop system program as this has prevented one or two customers moving forward with this device and so this could be something they will hopefully develop later down the line.

Patient Experiences

I have fit a handful of these devices now and every customer so far has been happy with the hearing aid. They find charging intuitive and the hearing aid is lasting the full 24 hours as advertised. The one downfall is that the mini charger is a bit light and so it lacks stability on a bedside table but this is overcome with the more sturdy mobile charging case although this is a chargeable extra.

The clarity of the sound has been reported to be good and when programming the hearing aid meets prescription targets well. Music comes through clear and patients are able to notice significant improvements when listening in background noise.


Thus far, no glaring issues have been highlighted to me about the Belong Rechargeable other than the lack of a loop system and the fact that they are somewhat larger than conventional zinc-air hearing aids.


The PhonakBelong Rechargeable is a fantastic addition to their range of hearing devices. It caters to the more active and dynamic users and has seen a fantastic uptake by customers, so much so, that at one point Phonak were struggling with demand. If you require a loop system unfortunately this isn’t the device for you at present but I’m sure we will see a solution to this in future.

Vitamins and Minerals to Boost Brain Power

We all understand by currently that uptake a healthful diet made in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables will facilitate us keep slim and lower our risk for Cardiopathy, however, did you recognize that a growing body of analysis shows that this sort of diet conjointly preserves memory, boosts alertness.

Following are the best vitamins for brain and memory, that can help you recover many sort of disorders in life:

Eating a lot of E-

“For a protracted time, folks believed that a typical element of antioxidant referred to as alpha E was most vital, however, another type referred to as gamma E is unquestionably a protecting inhibitor in brain disorders.

When you consume food made in antioxidant, together with almonds, inexperienced foliaceous vegetables, corn oil, vegetable oil, hazelnuts, and whole-grain flour, you get each alpha tocopherols and gamma tocopherols. If you’re selecting supplements, search for antioxidant with “mixed tocopherols” and take 400 IU every day, she says. Nourishment functions as an inhibitor and also the brain are especially liable to free radicals.

B smart to Yourself-

” Every vitamin B plays its own role in conserving brain perform and mental acuity. Ranging from B complex (a B complex), that helps within the early brain development, these vitamins facilitate in several aspects of metabolism. B vitamins are concerned in serving to the formation of brain chemicals like Intropin, adrenaline, and 5-hydroxytryptamine,”.

Some recent studies have shown a link between declines in memory and Alzheimers within the old and inadequate levels of B complex, B-complex vitamin, and vitamin b6. Reduced levels of folate are related to high levels of homocysteine — a marker of cardiopathy and stroke.

Boosting B12-

Myelin forms layers or a sheath around the nerve fibers and acts as insulation. B12 is principally found in meats (beef, pork, lamb, veal, fish, and poultry), and an as result, vegetarians is also deficient. This deficiency could lead on to nerve harm, cognitive state, low moods, and mental slowness

Filling up on Folate-

Folic acid or Folacin is another vital water-soluble vitamin for the brain. “Getting adequate Folacin will build one a little more alert, and improve memory and focus.” It helps lower blood levels of the Aminoalkanoic acid Homocysteine that’s notable to wreck brain cells. It’s found in rich provide in several foods as well as beans, fruits, inexperienced leaved vegetables, lentils, and cereal cereals. Aspire 400 micrograms each day.

Stirring Up 5-hydroxytryptamine With B6-

Vitamin B6 helps convert 5-hydroxy-tryptophan (5HTP) in into the mood chemical 5-hydroxytryptamine and it additionally helps in creating dopamine. “These are massive mood and alertness chemicals,” he says. Aim for roughly 2 to 10 milligrams each day if you supplement. B6-rich foods embody bell peppers, cranberries, green, cauliflower, garlic, tuna, leaf mustard, and kale.

Seeing to a lot of C-

“Vitamin C could be a crucial matter that will intercept free radicals before they need an impact on the brain,”.It’s found in foods like broccoli, legumes, oranges, potatoes, and strawberries. Of course, before taking any supplements talk over with your doctor initial, several could interfere with the absorption of medicines you could be taking or may cause bothersome aspect effects.

5 Easy Tips to get rid of Oily hair

One of the common problem among people when it comes to take care of their hair is “oily hair or scalp”.

People often find it very difficult to find a solution for their oily hair problem.

Because Oily hair makes you to feel heavy and gives unmanageable hair that can clump together and further if not it may lead to dandruff and itchiness

Don’t worry we have 5 easy tips that will help you to remove excess and make your hair oil free.

Please note that these are proven methods and been tested upon time and time with a small group of people and listed here.

  1. Try Oil Control Shampoo

It is important to control excess secretion of oily in your scalp by using the best shampoos for oily hair available in the market. These oily hair shampoo will prevent excess oily formation on scalp and roots of hair and also cleans up the already buildup of oils and makes your scalp from wet to dry.

  1. Egg Yolk Hair mask

Generally egg yolk is used to pull excess oils from the faces that cause acne and black heads. We can use the same egg yolk technique to pull excess oils from the scalp and make it dry.

You need two eggs and a squeeze of lemon juice to prepare this pack. Mix the egg yolk, lemon juice and beat it well and stop when it beaten to thin and soft.

Apply this to your scalp and hair roots and splits. You should rest if only five minutes and use your shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

Continuous use this egg yolk treatment 2-3 in a week will remove excess oil from you hair free from oil.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse Treatment

You need 2-3 drops apple cider vinegar and mix it with a cup of water that’s it you mix is ready. Soak your hair with this mixture and leave it for 3-5 mins and rinse. Doing for 3-4 times in a week will show good results in oil free hair.

  1. Baby Powder Treatment

Apply baby powder on the hair roots and rub it well on the scalp so that the baby powder absorbs all the oil. Now before washing comb your hair to remove the large mass formed because of baby powder and oily scalp. This way you will be removing 50% oil even before rinsing your hair.

  1. Avoid using Leave in Conditioner

Final Tip for oily hair problem is to stop using the leave in conditioner as these conditioner will result to building up of unwanted mass and increases the sebum to secrete more oil.

Oil secretion on the scalp is a natural thing which happens to keep your hair healthy and provide sufficient strength and preventing them fall. Where Oily hair or oily scalp is completely a different from oil secretion which is caused by too much of oil secretion.

Excessive oil secretion on your scalp happens for many reasons like excessive stress, heredity, hormonal changes, eating too much junk and oily food items.

Although the above tips takes care oily hair problem, But controlling of excessive oil on the scalp mainly lies in the hands of person who has healthy food habits and have proper hair care.

7 Useful Things To Know Before Doing Microdermabrasion At Home

  1. What is microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion  is a non-invasive facial resurfacing technique that removes the outermost dead layers of skin to reveal a younger looking and smoother layer of skin. Desired results are usually achieved after several treatment sessions either at a spa or using an at home microdermabrasion machine. The process is simple, pain free with no medications and requires no downtime which makes it a popular skin care treatment.

  1. How does microdermabrasion work?

Microdermabrasion involves a machine that mechanically exfoliates the skin using fine stream of crystals or a diamond tipped wand and using vacuum to remove the dead skin cells. Removing the dead top layers of your skin reveals the young and healthier skin below and also stimulates collagen and elastin growth.

With regular use it can even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of acnes, blemishes, scars, wrinkles and age spots. Microdermabrasion makes the skin fresh, giving it a natural glow.

  1. What are the types of microdermabrasion machines?

There are mainly two types of microdermabrasion machines that are used commonly.

Crystal microdermabrasion involves a hand-held piece that emits a stream of fine crystals onto the surface of your skin. This results in gentle abrasion and the dead skin cells removed are simultaneously suctioned in the same hand piece using vacuum. Aluminium oxide or sodium bicarbonate crystals are used for this. The good thing is there is less risk of infections as the crystals are not reused but there is a risk of inhaling the small crystal if used close to the mouth and eyes.

Diamond microdermabrasion is done with help of a natural or synthetic diamond tip fixed on a stainless steel wand connected to a compressor. When the wand touches the skin, a vacuum effect is created that pulls the dead skin layers removed as the diamond tip abrades your skin surface. They don’t have the risk of inhaling any particles but proper cleaning of the reusable tip is essential to prevent infections.

  1. What are the benefits of microdermabrasion?

There are many benefits of doing microdermabrasion as listed below.

  • Reduce the appearance of scars, blemishes, acnes, whiteheads, blackheads, hyperpigmentation, age spots, clogged pores
  • Improves skin texture, smoothness, blood circulation and builds collagen
  • Can be done without much preparation
  • Quick, painless and non-invasive method with instant results
  • Safe and less downtime compared to other similar treatments
  • Suited for all skin types and tones
  • Improves the penetration of skincare products by removing the dead layers
  1. How to do microdermabrasion at home?

Microdermabrasion is normally performed in spas or clinic by a professional dermatologist. But now there are affordable microdermabrasion machines designed for home use that give spa like results and save you money and time.

When you are buying an at home microdermabrasion machine,you need to consider factors like ease of using the machine, maintenance costs of accessories, device suction power , crystal or diamond type and which type of skin issue you are trying to treat. You must not use a machine and instead see a dermatologist for skin conditions like active rosacea, deep acne, dermatitis and eczema.

Once you have got the right microdermabrasion device for your needs, you can start using it weekly once initially and change the frequency as per the results. Take care to not use the device if you have sunburns, cuts, burns or any skin conditions. Use the device only for the recommended duration and it is better to start with gentle heads or settings. Make sure to follow the device instructions carefully.

The machine has to be used on clean dry skin and do not repeat over same area more than two times in one session. The vacuum filter collects your dead skin and needs to be replaced after each session. Sanitize the tips with alcohol before and after each use to prevent any infections. Finish off each session with a toner and moisturizer for best results.


  1. How much does home microdermabrasion cost?

The best quality machines for home use that gives spa like results will cost around 200$. You can get good diamond tipped machines around 100 to 150 $ also.

Portable crystal machines are available from below 50$ to 100$. Running cost depends on your usage and the replacement heads and filters are usually available at under 20$.

  1. What are possible microdermabrasion side effects?

Microdermabrasion is considered quite safe with only a mild irritation that may occur which can go away in few days. You can minimize any side effects by correctly following the procedure and usage frequency

Performing it without proper hygiene must be avoided to prevent any infections while using diamond tipped machines. Care must be taken to avoid mouth and eye areas while using a crystal machine. Avoid sun exposure and strong skin products immediately after sessions to properly heal the skin.

Overall, microdermabrasion is a useful skin care exercise that can give a healthy glowing skin in no time!