Top Five Reasons to Learn English in 2018

Nowadays, many people are interested in learning of foreign languages. However, which of the second languages is considered the most popular all over the world? The right answer is English because it is still a leader in the list of most popular second languages. So, what are the reasons that make this language so popular all over the globe?

What Reasons Can Make People Learn English in 2018?

Learning of the foreign languages can be a nice hobby for people who want to be always smart. However, this business has many other benefits that can make people start learning English as a second language. If you still think about it but don’t have enough inspiration to start, here some reasons:

  1. The knowledge of the foreign language may push your career development.

It is clear that all employers dream about many-sided employees. People who widen the scope with the help of foreign languages have more chances for better career development. It is so because nowadays many global companies are working all over the world that are used to using English as a universal language for business communication. In addition, some well-known Asian companies become English-only because they have departments in different countries. For example, “Rakuten” that owns the “Viber” messenger is one of such companies.

  1. English lessons are very accessible today.

If you want to become English learner, all you need is a computer with a good Internet connection. Fortunately, it is not necessary to look for additional time for this business because you may find different offers of English Lessons Online. Hence, you may start learning English, or any other second language, when and where it is comfortable for you. As a result, you will become a more literate person and widen your scope. What can be better?

  1. English will help you with travel.

If you are a traveler (or want to become a traveler), you know that the knowledge of English will make all your trips a little bit easier. English is a universal language; therefore, you may speak it in all countries and workers of any hotel, airport or a transport company will understand you because many people use this language. In addition, the knowledge of English is a nice way to save your money as well: you may book hotels and tickets at international sites that are all in English and organize necessary trips on your own. It is a nice benefit for your finance!

  1. You may learn more languages on the basis of English.

Many people may prove that English is rather an easy language to learn, although it also has some difficulties. However, there are many ways to overcome these troubles easily and experienced English tutors know a lot about them. What is more important is the fact that with the help of your knowledge of English, you may learn other cognate languages, for example, French, Dutch, and German. By acting this way, you may become a polyglot soon, even if you used to think that you don’t have any capabilities to foreign languages.

  1. You will have an opportunity to educate yourself faster.

English is not only a universal language for business communication all over the globe but also the language of science. Hence, if you have higher education and want to develop your professional knowledge, it is better to turn to specialized literature on your profession written in English. Scientific journals are published in English predominantly. So, the learning of English is the quickest way to get access to new information in your professional field. In addition, by using the English language, you will have an opportunity to read the best samples of classic literature in the original or watch different films without subtitles. And it is really cool!

These five reasons are considered the most popular ones among people who started learning as a second language. However, if you want to join all these people, you may have your own reasons to do it. All in all, learning English as a second language will bring you only benefits that you may use to improve your everyday life. So, you shouldn’t doubt whether it is worth doing or not!

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How to use Education Apps effectively? Here are the Latest Innovations in Education Apps.

With the development of innovative technological advances as artificial intelligence and machine learning, our society has faced thousands of educational phone applications in Apple Store and Google Play.  Schools and colleges are transforming their traditional coursework to more technologically interactive classrooms: how to make educational and career goals essay that works to a new material from an absolutely different perspective and expand their opportunities in research and field investigations.

In this way, fifty years ago the only access to information was a physical library, nowadays students make research in co-working hubs and labs with the Internet database and online libraries. This article will cover on the focused innovations in educational apps which can be used by people from different walks of life and from every corner of the world. So, what are the main innovations?

Effective note-taking and planning strategies

Paperwork and physical journaling might be too daunting. But, what if you can save all your necessary information in one place, elegantly organized and structured?

●      Taking notes is convenient and cheap. IPads and computers created a great opportunity for school and college students to take notes in the most effective ways. Cornell notes four-boxes strategies can be used on the screens of your technology with already built-in templates. Look at Notability app. This educational app helps students to organize their notes with dividers and sub-dividers, units and topics.

In this way, a student will never mess up biology section with mathematical studies. In addition, you waste much less with online note-taking than with physical copies. And moreover, it’s much more sustainable. You don’t have to buy dozens of different highlights markers, paper, files, and folders! Everything is on your screen with rich color palette and opportunities for you to memorize material in the most productive way.

●      Planning lists will be always with you. Got an excellent and mind-blowing idea? Or want to make a to-do list immediately, but don’t have a pen and a piece of paper with you? Wonderlist and Todoist are here to help. Prolific planning with specific timings and step-by-step tasks will definitely help you to achieve a great success. These are the tools which will help you to cope with time-management issues and get more organized in your daily routines.

Online education is everything you need

It’s never too late to learn something new and valuable for yourself. Hundreds of online platforms are launching new online courses for everyone in the world. Coursera, Future Learn, EdX, Open University etc. are all your advantages to take in. The question what you can do with those apps?

●      Enhance your computer skills. Computer programming, web-development, applied robotics is what innovation called. Those are essential skills that are used everywhere and in every field, from architecture to business, from graphics animation to bioethics. If you want to learn C or Python computer language, create your own website from which you can earn money – this is your first step. In addition, those online courses are offered by the most prestigious institutions and companies. Don’t miss this movement!

●      Learn new languages. Do you want to travel to Italy or Korea, but don’t want to waste money on dictionaries? Here’s the tip. Duolingo and online translators are to help. Everything you need to do is just click on buttons and your willingness to learn. Nowadays, you can learn any language from Latin to Norwegian, from Chinese to Ukrainian. Online tutorials, workshops, interactive classrooms, digital memorization techniques are everywhere. Quizlet will create flashcards to memorize and check your knowledge, while Duolingo will help you to pronounce the words correctly.

●      Develop you creative skills. Skillshare and Master classroom are those types of platforms where you can explore your hobbies and creativity and develop your skills with the professionals in the field. To learn architectural practice with Frank Gehry and film making techniques with Hand Zimmer has become much more accessible than any before.

All in all, with the arrival of dozens innovations in educational apps, the mesmeric power of learning has become something important and valuable. Those innovations help society to plan and take notes in the cheapest, most sustainable, and most productive ways. Moreover, with the today’s online platforms people can learn anything they want regardless of their place, time, and occupation.

14 Tips on Writing the Best College Papers

Sometimes writing an essay may be a quite difficult task, and it may seem impossible to get good grades. Such a task really isn’t easy at all, especially if you don’t have enough experience. You have to find a good topic, your claims must be clear, and your arguments must be strong. You have to create a proper logical structure and make your paper really interesting for readers. Obviously, it also must be grammatically correct. There are a lot of requirements for a good essay, so we decided to provide you with 14 simple tips that will help you improve your writing.

1. Choose your topic carefully. Working on any paper starts with searching for a topic, and if you want to get high grades, you must choose a topic carefully, thinking of what you can write about it.

2. Pay special attention to the thesis statement. The thesis statement is a backbone of your paper, so you have to keep it in mind during the whole writing process. Make it clear, specific and logical.

3. Work out your arguments and make sure that they provide a great support for your thesis statement. If you choose your arguments carefully, your claims will be strong and persuasive, which is the most important thing to impress your readers.

4. Analyze your assignment. Take your time and analyze your task. Search for keywords, it will simplify your work significantly, since you’ll be able to find all necessary information easily and fast. You may have heard a common saying, that any question has an answer in it. This principle is quite useful in college writing essay.

5. Ask more questions. There is no better way to dig deep into your subject. It will also motivate you to keep in mind your audience. Think what questions would be most interesting to them, and build your arguments depending on the interests of your audience.

6. Use samples. Even if you have no idea how your paper should look like, it’s not a problem at all. Check out various similar papers on the internet, and you’ll get many ideas that can be used in your own work. Just make sure that your paper isn’t plagiarized.

7. Manage your time. The effective time management is your best tool for getting highest grades. It allows you to sort your tasks by priority and plan your work, so you wouldn’t puzzle on what to do next. Time management is especially important in case you’re working on several projects simultaneously.

8. Get help. There’s nothing wrong with asking your instructor about everything, as many times as you want. You have to clarify all specific features of your assignment, in order to write it really well.

9. Revise. Read your paper as many times as you need, this is the only way to understand what can be improved, which facts are unnecessary, and what would make your paper better.

10. Edit your papers. There’s no problem if you’re not a master of grammar. There are many online sources where you can order proofreading and make sure that some missed commas or misspelled words won’t affect your grades.

11. Submit your papers on time. We already mentioned that time matters, but it’s of key importance when it comes to deadlines.

12. Avoid procrastination. Such an advice looks pretty obvious, but really, don’t procrastinate if you have a lot of work to do. If you can’t stop scrolling your feed on Facebook or texting your friends, just turn off your phone while you’re writing, and you’ll be impressed by how productive you can be.

13. Another golden rule sounds like this: expression over impression. Of course, you have to impress your readers, but they must be impressed naturally, just by seeing how you express your ideas, and how good you are at it.

14. Don’t forget that all these rules are equally important. Don’t try to improve your style to the detriment of structure, and so on. Just keep in mind all these simple tips and make sure that your essay is really perfect!