4 Tips For Taking Your Business Marketing To The Next Level

Consistently taking a fresh approach to your marketing isn’t always the easiest task. Not only does it require being able to seek out inspiration, but be on top of your game with your audience. It can be a fine balance; however, that’s why we’ve compiled a few helpful suggestions on how to turn your marketing up a notch without sacrificing a ton of time. Check them out below:

Be Engaged With Your Brand

A primary step for any marketing strategy, getting engaged with your brand is going to be what defines the rest of your messaging from the top-down. Although branding might sound high-minded to some, it’s the core ethos that represents your brand. According to Kettle fire Creative, 94 percent of respondents to a survey stated they’d highly recommend a brand they’re emotionally engaged with, which goes to show how much value consumers place on branding. Even though it’s not necessarily a quantifiable quid-pro-quo, the amount you engage and invest in your brand will always have a long-term payoff.

One smart strategy is to conduct a brand audit, where you have either someone that’s a designer or brand consultant go over their thoughts on your brand. It’s important to be open and honest with them on the clear intention and message you’re trying to send with everything from your logo to your typeface choices. Every little component is going to be what constructs into the bigger picture of your image, as well as how your consumer base will think of you. Remember, your brand is everywhere your company is, which is why it’s imperative you invest in the foundational elements of it upfront.

Keep Your Messaging Concise

As we touched on above, your brand partly is going to be what determines the rest of your marketing message, but an extension of that is simply keeping your messaging concise. Not only will it be better to help share with others, but additionally will trickle down to those who work with and around you too, which is necessary when trying to spread the word on a company. In fact, according to CrowdSpring, marketing messages reach 561 percent more people when shared by employees rather than the brand, which goes to show how great a simple message and some word-of-mouth can go. However, even if you think you’ve got a good grasp on this, it’s important to have some marketing materials written down as a guide for others.

In formulating your brand and marketing guidelines, decide what type of central message you’re trying to convey to your audience. This is tricky, as excess information can be distracting, which is why you should first start with your elevator pitch (one to two sentence addressing a central message) and work your way up. Have different messages for different aspects of your work, such as a brand mantra (the principles you stands by), mission (what you plan to do in the world), and voice (what it sounds like). The overarching goal is to have a rehearsed message coming from your brand across all channels, giving a sense of consistency throughout it all.

Stay Consistent With Social

Although a lot of businesses are currently on social, they aren’t always the most active they could be on there. While posting irregularly might yield the same results for your social accounts, that’s not the same experience for brands. Why? Because as a business, you’re responsible for not only entertaining and engaging with your audience, but educating them as well.

Take the time to jot down what type of content your business could produce, giving a variation between educational, entertainment, or any updates in between. The goal is to be able to campaign around your objects, with certain items being the core focus. For example, as noted by Omnicore, 64 percent of online shoppers say that a video on social media helped them decide on a purchase more than anything else, which goes to show how much value people place on convenience. Try glancing through some ebooks on different social and content strategies, giving yourself the best position to thrive.

Don’t Forget About SEO

Finally, as one of the best inbound strategies out, SEO is a practice you need to implement early and often. SEO is the practice of search engine optimization or trying to place yourself at the top of the results. The best way to think about capitalizing on SEO is by envisioning a pipeline, which takes on a little bit different an approach than you might be used to seeing.

An excellent example of this is by picking a starting point, and considering that approximately 88 percent of user searches start on smartphones (according to Search Engine Journal), that’ll be our jump off. Most mobile searches come from habit, where people are posed with a question. For example, “Who has water boiled bagels in Cleveland, Ohio?” would probably translate to a search of “water boiled bagels Cleveland.” Try to brainstorm which items like these are going to be best to hone in on for your business, as these are crucial to landing more towards the top of a search.

What are some marketing techniques you’ve found helpful for your business? Comment with your answers below!

Opium in Asia: A Global Epidemic

The opioid epidemic has reached massive proportions throughout the U.S. and many have failed to see the impact that the widespread drug use has had on the rest of the world. The truth is, the rising rate of addiction is a global problem.

Asia has experienced an increase in drug trafficking activity as well as reports of addiction. This poses an even greater problem for authorities trying to navigate international laws and boundaries.

The availability of prescription drugs combined with more potent illicit opioids has resulted in an increased rate of addiction. Few countries have the resources to fight this problem on every level, but all agree that educating the public on the realities of opioid addiction is key.

What are Opioids?

The term “opioid” refers to any medication or illicit drug that has been developed using the opium poppy. The primary use for opioid medications is in the treatment of acute or chronic pain associated with injury or a disease.

As these medications are metabolized they bind with the opioid receptors in the brain. This creates a rush of chemicals that can block the body’s perception of pain. These chemicals also create an extreme sense of euphoria and false confidence.

Common opioids include:

  • Heroin
  • Fentanyl
  • Morphine
  • Codeine
  • Hydrocodone
  • Oxycontin
  • Oxycodone

There are a large number of variations on these medications and illicit drug combinations not listed. Prescription medications go by a number of different brand names such as Vicodin and Percocet, stressing the importance of patient education.

Why are Opioids So Addictive?

Opioids stimulate the release of “feel good” chemicals within the brain. By blocking the opioid receptors, these drugs create elevated levels of these chemicals resulting in extreme euphoria and a loss of pain.

Not everyone who uses opioids in the form of prescription medications is going to end up addicted. Addiction is a chronic disease that occurs when a person’s brain has an over exaggerated reward response to drugs and alcohol.

Some people are genetically and socially predisposed to addictive behaviors. They can start out taking doctor prescribed narcotics and end up using street drugs like heroin. Countries like Asia have much lower numbers of people prescribed these types of medications. There are stricter regulations on what doctors can and can’t do, and the long-term use of any narcotic is strongly discouraged.

This doesn’t stop the influx of street drugs that can fill the void left by the availability of prescription ones. The strength of opioids combined with their powerful psychoactive effects make them particularly attractive to the brain of an addict.

They stimulate such a huge chemical release that the body immediately associates the drugs with that reward. Under the right circumstances, a person can begin to crave opioids after only one use.

What perpetuates this addiction are the horrible withdrawal symptoms that begin as soon as levels of opioids start to fall within an addict’s body. They experience both physical and psychological discomfort, and many addicts continue using just to avoid this.

Once a person becomes chemically dependent on opioids, it’s extremely difficult for them to stop using without help.

A History of Opioids in Asia

Asia has largely been associated with opium and the cultivation of the opium poppy. In the 19th century, areas of China and Japan fought opium problems of epidemic proportions. With the introduction of strict regulations and active authorities, much of this problem was eradicated by the mid-20th century.

Unfortunately, Asia faced another type of epidemic when methamphetamine became popular for the first time in the 1950s. The drug saw another resurgence in the 1970s and has continued to grow in popularity since then. This has made it difficult for areas in Asia to deal with the opioid epidemic.

Myanmar continued to be the world’s largest producer of the opium poppy and saw an 80 percent decrease in poppy farming between 1998 and 2006. The recent demand for heroin globally has prompted Myanmar to begin expanding its growth of the opium poppy once again. This has brought the original Golden triangle back to life and has created new avenues for drug trafficking.

The U.S. and Asian Drug Trade

China has been particularly vocal in its disdain for the way that the US has dealt with the opioid epidemic. In a 2017 article released by CNN, a senior officer with the narcotics control Bureau of the Ministry of Public security, Yu Haibin, said “The biggest challenge China faces in cracking down on the smuggling of opioids is the huge demand from the US.”

This statement echoes the sentiment from other areas of Asia who believe that the huge amount of money generated by heroin sales to the US are responsible for an increase in their drug activity.

Recent reports indicate that China is currently the largest supplier of fentanyl, a drug more powerful than heroin, to the US. The US and Chinese governments have agreed to work together to place stricter controls on Digital Communications and potential shipping outlets used to get drugs out of the country.

This is only one source in the thriving opioid trade. Opium being grown in Myanmar is being refined in neighboring countries and then shipped out of poorly controlled ports in Thailand. Part of what makes the opioid epidemic so widespread is the number of resources used to supply the drugs.

Treatment in places like Myanmar and Vietnam can be compulsory and cruel. Addicts are effectively detained and placed in “treatment facilities” that mimic primitive work camps. Some can end up in these facilities for up to four years. And many don’t survive the experience.

These mandatory treatment programs will use physical violence, electroshock therapy, starvation, and other techniques that mirror stereotypical torture. Some of them consist of little more than tents or stick built huts with no bathrooms and very few necessities.

There are some modern treatment facilities throughout Asia that offer the same types of inpatient programs that are available in America. It’s simply a matter of where a person lives, and their financial circumstances. Countries like China and Vietnam also have extremely harsh penalties for those arrested for drug trafficking or use.

Even with all of these deterrents, the use and international trafficking of opioids continues to be a thriving practice throughout Asia. Governments are coming together to impose stricter international laws that will help them to focus on the growing problem with addiction in their own countries.

Helping the World Recover

Regardless of any ongoing international conflicts, we can all agree that addiction has become a common enemy. This disease has been further exacerbated by the availability of opioids, and we need to find a better way to fight back.

Stopping the drug trafficking between Asia and the US will drastically decrease the supply of opioids in both places. This will allow the US to set recovery in motion and to start focusing more of its resources on treatment programs.

International cooperation and more aggressive tactics have already started to make a difference. Addiction is a disease that doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t recognize borders, nationalities, or conflicts. Every person is equally susceptible to its affects, and it’s because of this that we’re coming together to find a better path to recovery.

Roofing Jobs Done By Roofing Companies

When it will come to the roofing problem it can be both expensive and difficult. There are some roofing projects that you can do yourself over a weekend with a few extra pairs of hands but there are some roofing projects that do require the assistance only found in the roofing companies.

Roof Repairing:

Repairing your roof can be difficult and expensive. It can be a complete replacement for your home if you do not know that what you are doing. Over time the boards which are underneath your roof will begin to decay and it will be rot away if there is any kind of moisture that get to them. If you will try to save your money and do it by yourself, you may patch the bad spot not paying attention to the detail and hurrying up your project so it is easy for you that you can be done by Sunday morning. The roofers can go in and assess the roof damage done by the moisture and they will cut all the bad board away in the roofing and can replace everything that was damaged so when the roofing goes back up the roof is strong and you will feel a confidence in your roof lasting a few more years. It will enhance the age of your roofing.

Roof Replacement:

Replacement of roofing is one of the main jobs that roofing companies do. After having the same roof covering for years it is time to replace your roof, especially when you notice that there are several leaks which are starting after rain. Having the lays of snow on the roof for days, or if there are trees over your home than your roof will need to have a professional and complete makeover.

When it’ll happen, you can plan on a big expense that will pay for itself for many years after. The roofing company does complete the makeover of roof every day. They talk to their customer and after their conversation; they determine that which roofing material, style or color is better for your roof. When you call a roofing company for your home or business place they will provide you an estimated cost for the replacement of the roof. You can also know and get information about their license.

You can call the best roofers in Dearborn Michigan. Here’s the address of professional roofing company.

3200 Greenfield RD,
Suite 300
Dearborn, MI 48120


How To Choose a Mobile Phone: Things You Should Know

There are a number of mobile phones in the market and many smartphone deals around you. People all over the globe are getting their hands on the modern phones that come with various functions. You might be among the individuals that look forward to benefit from mobile phone deals but are unaware of what to buy and how to buy. So, here we give to you certain points that will make your choice easier.

Android or ios?

Perhaps the first question anyone will ask you is that are you looking to buy an android phone or would you prefer an ios device? Well, there are a lot of people that simply go with ios and for that the choice becomes very limited. These individuals will only look forward to iPhones as only Apple phones come with this operating system. On the other side of the picture, those that opt for android have a list of companies and a number of flagship models at their disposal.

Do you want a flagship?

Well, many people look forward to the catchy flagship devices that come with amazing specs. Mostly, the modern phones that come with the flagship are having a price tag of over $1000 that, with the carriers, may ask you to pay around 150%. Many people strive hard and try to get their hands on these devices despite being out of budget just because they appear to be catchy. However, the fact is that how many features of that device you are going to use? Many people that acquire these devices do not even utilize the phone to its half strength. So, choose wisely.

Get out of the iPhone myth

There are a lot of people that simply buy an iPhone because ‘its an iPhone.’ Well, there are some choices that can serve you a little better than that. No disgrace to the phones manufactured by Apple as they are usually top notch but the fact that they come with a hefty price tag makes it out of reach for many people. Moreover, there are a lot of other smartphones that come with amazing specs and some of them are equal to and, in some cases, even better than the iPhone.

The contract

There are people that can afford to have the latest smartphone and bound themselves with the contract for a flagship to pay on monthly basis to the carrier. However, this is not the most cost saving option and those that are on budget and want to save money should look towards other choices. This is because first of all the contract will bound you and secondly you will end up paying more than the actual price of the smartphone. However, if you find it easy to sign the contract and are able to find a good option among mobile phone deals then you may not feel shy in taking it.

Top Features of SEO Company in London

SEO Marketing is very popular these days. It is intended for the business owners to increase their audience via a wide range of organic seo methods and also social networking. For providing a solid support to your business with SEO work, a high quality SEO Company in London is the ultimate solution. A user can enjoy a highly skilled service related to search engine optimization by providing a wealth of experience and SEO services including domain analysis, free and detailed SEO audit of your website, anchor text analysis, backlinks analysis and a full domain analysis, among many other things.

Don’t forget Leads Generation!

Lead generation usually leads to more sales. It is a highly efficient, and effective means of growing your business and getting a great return on investment. Instead of just paying for an SEO service, you can also pay per lead in certain industries, eg a locksmith might pay per referred customer your sent to them.

How does SEO work?

Analyses the web site

They start their SEO services by analyzing the website. They check through everything including on page and off page factors.This thorough approach means a very effective plan can be made to improve your digital offering from the ground up.

Optimization including on Page and Off Page

On page and off page factors are equally important in the modern SEO’s environment. Unique high quality content is also a vital facet to an effective website. You need to make the journey a beneficial one for the sites visitor!

Before starting into a project of search engine optimization, it is vital to understand the methods involved in an actual SEO campaign, so you can see what value you are getting for your investment. A full service and intensive SEO campaign is a very expensive service purchase, but you can gain many more times than your investment back.

Reporting and analysis

Reporting and analysis of key metrics from your campaign, current growth of it and ranking improvements.

Onsite Optimisation

For improving the position of the website, they use the strategy of the onsite optimisation which is delegated to their in house web development team, unless you have a team you want to us and we can relay instructions to them. Be aware, this can cost you more in the long run due to the technical difficulty in communicating some aspects of a good on page analysis and change log.

Keyword research

Full analysis of your keywords and what you should be aiming to rank with.

Link Building

A vital piece of the puzzle, this agency will focus heavily on content writing and white hat link building to gain more trust for your site in the search engines.

SEO is the most efficient way of marketing because it increases your web searches at really competitive prices. You may spend a significant amount of money using a professional search agency, but your returns will far exceed the initial expenditure provided you stick with your digital marketing efforts for the long term. Effectively, a monthly spend with a good seo agency should be seen as a long term thing (eg/ forever) because search marketing cannot be effectively done in house without a dedicated in house team, who will not be as experienced by a long way as a full service, old school digital marketing agency.