Former Winick Realty exec opens own firm

Corporations looking for retail real estate in the New York tri state area need to look no further than the office of Tyler Bennett, president and broker of record of Bennett Real Estate Group LLC. As one of the area’s top producing retail broker, Tyler is working with many large corporations looking to expand their retail real estate presence in New York, New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut. As a specialist in retail real estate, Tyler has developed relationships with many commercial retail developers

Having started his commercial real estate career with an established NYC real estate firm, Tyler Bennett became the broker of record for the newly established New Jersey office. Building on that success, Tyler decided to pursuehis entrepreneur ambitions further by creating Bennett Realty Group in 2016. During such time, Tyler has amassed an impressive client listing including Zales, Kay Jewelers, Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, Pep Boys, Wendy’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Bar Louie, Noodles and Company, UFC Gym, Tommy’s Tavern and Tap, among others.

Tyler’s expertise goes beyond tenant representation; it also includes locating tenants on behalf of retail commercial developers. By working closely with commercial developers at the initial point of construction, property can developed with the intent of attracting the best suited tenants. Tyler’s knowledge of the local real estate market has proven to be a successful in matching tenant with landlords benefitting both parties.

Tyler is continually building up Bennett Realty Group’s list of satisfied clients, all the while adding to his team of successful brokers. Whether it is a standalone location or a shopping center location, if your company is looking for retail real estate, contact Tyler at his Holmdel, NJ office.

How Black Ubers are luxury taxis?

Uber is the trusted on-demand car service. With time, this taxi service is upgraded with several other services like the Uber rush or the Uber Black. The black Uber car is similar in function to the other cars but it somewhat step ahead in terms of exclusivity and luxury. It provides the customers to access the professional private-car services with some additional cost. The black Ubers are luxury taxis because of the exclusive and versatile car options. Continue reading this article if you want to know about how this Uber is luxurious and how it serves the people.

About the Black Ubers

The black Uber ride is available at a bit higher rates than the other rides. The drivers of the black Uber are usually more patient, know their city well and have good communication skills. They have the capacity to handle a high volume trips in a single go. In such Uber service, the customers are offered soda or other complementary water bottles and the drivers also open doors for them to make them feel like a VIP guest. The fare of this ride is less than many other luxury taxis. Listed below is the basic information about the black Ubers:

  • The Uber Black has seats for maximum of 4 customers.
  • Passengers are picked up in a luxury black sedans.
  • The Uber car Chauffeurs dressed in a professional way often a formal suit.
  • The interior and exterior of the Uber Black vehicle is entirely black in color.
  • The drivers of the black Uber are usually self-employed or sometimes drive as an employee of the black Uber partner.

How can you get the ride on the Uber Black?

For availing Uber services, you must have an Uber app and account. You have to request an Uber car and you will the nearby black Uber at your doorstep within ten minutes. After confirmation of your request, you will receive the picture, telephone number, and name of the driver. The model of the car will also be mentioned in the message. The driver of the car will also receive your information. The Uber app will show you the real-time as the driver reaches the destination. The estimated time will be given until you get in the car. One you completed your journey, the fare will be automatically deducted from your credit card. However, you can appreciate your driver by giving him a cash tip.

How to maximize the value of your car

Thinking of selling your car and are looking forward to get a good price off of your car? Maintain it, do all that you can to maximize the value of your car. Get to know the factors that are decreasing the value of your car.

The dirt on the exterior of your car, the stains on your seat covers, the dirty car mats and the tail lights that are not working may seem like nothing to you. This is where you go wrong. The buyer will not want to get your car as it would not appear well looked after to him and he is bound to pay less than you expected.

We have some pointers and tips that would enable you to get a much much better price if you get a few things fixed, that you may think nothing of, but the buyer will be sure to point out. You could get the buyer to pay more if you follow a few of our simple points.

You might have heard that the outer beauty does not matter. Well, in the case of cars, this phrase is as wrong as it gets. A person who is truly into buying a car would surely want to like its exterior as well as the interior. A buyer would not consider having a look at the interior of your car if the exterior is not as appealing. Get your car washed properly, and possibly get it painted or at the very least get it fixed. You could polish your car with wax and make it shine. Just this little shine will add to the value of your car. Avoid using the washing soap and cleaning detergents that you use in your every day life. There are special cleaning liquids that are to be used on the cars only.

Dingy headlights are a big no no. There are various headlight cleaning products in the market that are used for the sole purpose of cleaning the plastic coverings of your headlights. These products can make the plastic covers clear in only a matter of minutes.

If your wheels are shiny and clean, it’s a very big plus. I definitely do not mean that you should clean them so much that they should always be shiny and dirt less. Like with shoes, you do not polish the lower part of it but you certainly do try to keep it clean. The same is the case with the tires. You can not clean them after every single drive but they ought to be cleaned every once in a while. It would give off the impression that you really do look after your car.

The interior of the car should be managed like the exterior of the car. The floor mats are a big issue when it comes to cleaning the interior. They are removable, they are cleanable, if you can not replace them then please do make sure to clean them. They would start giving off a very bad odor if they are not cleaned properly. A buyer who has come to check your car out would not want to really sit in the car if it does not smell good. Mats with holes, stains or any other kind of severe damage should definitely be replaced.

Treat the seat coverings. Vacuum them. Try and get off the stains that are on the seats. A buyer who would not want to sit in your car because of the condition of your seats would definitely avoid buying your car too.

Clean the windows. Do not use the regular household cleaning materials in your car. They are bound to show your inexperience and lack of care as far as your car is concerned. Buy proper cleaners for the car. They should not be very hard to find.

When a buyer is going to come to have a look at your car, make sure to check the warning lights on the dashboard. They should not be glowing. This is necessary. The buyer will immediately have less interest in the car if the lights are glowing.

Make sure to fix all the dents and scratches. Do not leave them for the new owner to do, as a buyer will question your care regarding the car. Any kind of a minor scratches and small dents can easily be fixed without costing you a lot.

There are car fresheners available in various flavors. Get one for your car. They are inexpensive and can add a lot to your car. Get some fragrances that every body likes in general like rose, jasmine or mint. A nice smelling car is bound to get the interest of the buyer.

Following the few simple steps that have been mentioned above, you would be able to get the value of your car increased. But if you are not happy with the price that you are being offered even after following these tips, you could try and contact us for help. We would sell your car for you. All you will have to do is enter the registration number of your car and a few basic contact details and were good to go. We will connect you to the most potential buyers and get you the price that you and your car deserve.

How to Get Your W2 Form Online

The employees and the employers both need to know the tax related information. One way to get that information is via a W2 Form. For those who have a permanent job, they know the importance of a W2 Form. The firm or an employee knows the importance of this form and what it can mean at the end of the year.

What is a W2 form?

For those who do not know what a W2 form is, here is a simple explanation. It is a form which every employer must send to the IRS (the Internal Revenue Service) and also to the employee by the end of every year. This form comprises of various details related to the employee’s monthly salary, annual wages, tax information, the taxes withheld from your salary, etc. it is an important piece of documentation which every employee should have. If you work somewhere and it has been more than a year, it is time you get the W2 Form. If your employer does not provide it, you can still have it online.

The importance of the W2 form

Everyone should know the information about their taxes or what the employer deducts from their salary. Every employee is entitled to such information. The form also has federal tax information, original net salary, salary deduction every year, social security number, the employer’s identification number, the medical taxes withheld by the company, and much more. With all this information, you can easily prepare your tax returns with the information available in this Form.

How to get the W2 form online

You can get W2 Form online. You can get the copy of your 2 Form for free from the IRS. All you need is to visit the IRS website and fill the form to request the transcript of the tax returns. The Form has various options; you can fill the necessary details and specify the years about which you need information. The IRS will send you the transcript of your W2 Form in five to ten business days. It is the quickest way to get the W2 form online.

Make sure that you get the W2 form online. It is easy to get. There are a few other websites also where you can get this information. You should know that your employer must send you this form by 31st January every year. If he doesn’t provide you the Form, then you should ask or get it yourself.

The Gold’s Rising Price is Fueled by Fear These Days

Gold have always worked as an amazing safe haven for societies in chaos. When the uncertainty hits, no one wants to have their savings in pure and simple paper money, with all the disadvantages it represents. What people want and need is safety.

For this motives, investors choose the yellow metal when the time to protect their assets finally comes. So yes, fear has always been a great trigger for pushing gold prices forward.

Now, the question is: what is fueling the price these days? What are we afraid of? Unfortunately, the list is long. In the following lines, we are going to address some key aspects of the toxic scenario.

Nationalists Parties Everywhere

Today’s economy works thanks to globalization. Even when the affected citizens in developed countries are complaining about it, we cannot go back to highly restricted trade and limitations for multinational companies to operate in low-cost regions.

But populism always works. Both the Brexit and Donald Trump are valid proofs of this. People in highly developed countries seem to be upset about the actual system and want “their jobs” back. This trend is growing at a worrying pace.

Having more nationalist parties ruling major countries would represent a major threat to globalization, and therefore, to the global economy. This scenario is bad enough to give chills to investors. Uncertainty is around the corner and gold bullion investments are always well positioned to benefit from it.

Conflicts are Escalating

There are a few major wars going on right now, even when western citizens do not notice it. The Syrian war and all the armed conflicts in Africa are quickly escalating. The biggest threat to global peace may be the Islamic State and its growing power.

Nevertheless, we should pay more attention to those parties with enough firepower to cause deep destabilization. Countries like USA, China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea seem to be playing a game in the shadows. No one is capable of forecasting what is going to happen exactly but raw ideas aren’t favorable.

These players have the nuclear potential to attack each other, leading the entire world to absolute chaos. This is not a scenario exclusive of a fiction movie. Full-scale war may happen in the world we live in and investors know it.

When conflict takes place and financial systems break down, paper money or stocks doesn’t have too much value. Hard assets like precious metals may be the way to go. This is a present sentiment right now.

Financial Crises on the Horizon

The recent crisis was dramatic enough to make the average citizen feel betrayed by the financial system. Many bankers are working in the shadows, doing things that are openly wrong for the common good, choosing to enrich themselves without ethics nor values.

People don’t trust the system like they used before 2008. With massive advancements in technologies and aggressive policies coming from major countries, new crises may be on their way.