Why bussing is the right choice

Heading to Miami whether for the beach, shopping or nightlife, is sure to be a trip to remember. The beautiful cabanas and pristine beaches make this city a dream to spend a weekend in, but for those of us who live in Orlando getting to Miami can be expensive. There are several options, from flying to taking a train, or you could take the bus. Though each mode of transportation has its pros and cons, the cheapest way to travel is to hop on the bus from Orlando to Miami!


Firstly, when most people think of traveling to Miami they consider flying. Although this may be the fastest option (albeit not by too much when you consider airport travel time and security checks), there are only 11 nonstop daily flights, while using a service like Busbud.com, you have access to over 31 daily bus departures from Orlando to Miami.

Plane tickets can cost more than $108 round trip.However, they are usually at undesirable times, while preferable departures cost closer to $200. Compare that to the bus where you can get roundtrip fares for $53! For arrivals,the Miami International Airport is about 30 minutes from downtown, where as your bus can take you straight into the heart of downtown Miami with a stop at the North Miami Beach Bus Station.


Then there is traveling by train.Although it may seem like an efficient way to get from A to B, this particular trip is much longer. With only two trains running daily, it gives you limited flexibility for your travel plans. Travel times range from 5.5 hours to over 7.5 hours, while taking a bus will take an average of 5 hours. With the train, you also run into the same problem as flying where your arrival location is still far from downtown. The Miami Amtrak Station is more than 30 minutes north of the city and the public transit to get to the core is notoriously infrequent.


I hope that by now I have convinced you that the bus is the way to go, but you might be asking yourself, with 31 daily trips operated by seven companies, how am I supposed to choose the mode of transportation that is right for me?

Thankfully, its never been easier to compare rates and reviews online! Although it may take some time, the savings provided by researching the best deals have created a new generation of conscious consumers. If you are pressed for time, there are plenty of sites that can help you consolidate rate options.

Busbud, known as the ‘Expedia of bus travel,’provides all the routes operated by the most reputable bus companies. Here you will be able to easily compare the best price-to-duration ratio on a scale from 1-10. For example, a trip from Orlando to Miami (operated by Greyhound) which is 4h and 20m long and costs $53 has a score of 9.9, while a 3h and 55m trip that costs $113 scores is 6.3. However, keep in mind that many of the more expensive buses that Busbud offers are with premium companies such as Jet Set and Red Coach. These buses have the most comfortable seating and usually have fewer stops. If you are still unsure, don’t hesitate to read the reviews posted on Busbudin relation certain bus companies and theroutes they each offer.

Southeast Florida beautiful any time of the year and bus travel is cheaper than ever, so pack your swimsuit and goggles and meet me in Miami!