Big Diabetes Lie

7 Steps to Health Book Advantages

A new book, 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie, depicts a diabetes program which has been experimented upon by specialists and scientists from around the world. One specialist, Dr. Max Sidorov, reports that diabetes is reversible without ever taking medication. He claims big pharmaceutical organizations are working to hide this truth.

7 steps to health - the big diabetes lieAccording to Sidorov, most specialists only talk about using pills, infusions, surgery, and other medications for the treatment of diabetes without ever suggesting a less expensive alternative that he feels is more powerful. This is likely due to the fact that the less expensive routes do not make any money for the pharmaceutical companies. The book details how changes in diet and lifestyle can make a huge impact.

The book is comprised of 20 parts and is 540 pages in length. The book details how nutrition plays a huge part in managing diabetes and how to nearly or fully cure diabetes without the aid of any medication. The book also takes a look at how pharmaceutical companies operate and how they influence our doctors, our health, and the way we treat our ailments.

The biggest part of reclaiming health is getting your diet in order. The book goes into what foods someone with diabetes should be eating, how much, and what types of exercise to put into their regiment. This can be especially helpful for those with Type II Diabetes. For those with that type of diabetes, one of the best recommendations is to lose weight and become more active. However, that does not provide many with the information they need ti change their lives.

The book helps those who know they need a lifestyle change identify how to start in their journey. Reviews from those who have read the book and implemented the changes have reported having less migraines and more energy. While the purpose of the book is mainly to educate those with diabetes in how to cure or treat their diabetes, the fringe benefits are also noteworthy.

Other reviewers boast that they feel they have a fog lifted from their brain with memory improving. This is likely because the book helps identify what the body needs in terms of nutrition and other facets of life. While helping readers with their overall health, reviewers also found they felt more informed about the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry. Today, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding both.

If you are serious about your health and want to learn more about the myths surrounding good health in the modern day, 7 Steps to Health is the perfect starting point. It was written by specialists that know what they are talking about but it is put in language and a format that is easy for anyone to understand. Those with diabetes will especially reap the benefits, but anyone who is becoming more health conscious can benefit. The tips and cures in the book can also help prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol, and help alleviate other ailments.

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