Everyone loves awards. Either it is the students or the employees, everyone wants to get a little appreciation for whatever efforts they have been doing to reach a certain level. Students get appreciation in shape of marks and certificates, while employees are awarded in shape of trophies and bonuses. A new trend that is brought by is introduced by AttaCoin Tokens of appreciation. They are designing appreciation coins for encouraging employees for their contribution towards the company’s development.

Why are awards important?

Awards are not only the token for the work an employee did, but it also fulfills the responsibility of reminding the employees that their work is being observed and they will get rewards and punishments according to their performances. AttaCoin Tokens of appreciation offer coins, which have proven to be an amazing way of recognizing a good job done by a particular employee.

Categories of coins offered

They have 5 categories of coins, each of which are offered for a different kind of contribution. They are:

  • Awarded for inspirational leadership
  • Awarded for creativity and ideas
  • Awarded for above and beyond
  • Awarded for strong team spirit
  • Awarded for mastery and skill

What does an award do?

When a company gives a recognition coin to its employee, the employee is further inspired to maintain his or her quality of work. They are encouraged to increase their efforts and will even work harder to prove themselves. This is also a way to recognize hardworking employees. When an employee shows appreciable performance for a long time, he or she has more chances to get promoted and receive further bonuses and rewards.

Appreciation and recognition are important to maintain high spirits in the staff. Also, companies need to do this so the employees keep working hard and put in all their efforts to do good to the company. Companies need to understand that employees are the backbone of any company, if employees would be distracted or demotivated, outcomes would not be high and company would be more prone to fall in losses. Also, the companies who do not offer bonuses and awards are observed to have higher turnover rates as compared to the ones who offer bonuses and awards according to employee’s performance.

Order placement

You can place your order with AttaCoin Tokens of appreciation, for any type of coins you want. You can place the order online. They are offering different modes of payment, so you can choose the one that suits you and your company.