LaCie Rugged USB-C: An External and Advanced Hard Drive

LaCie has introduced the most reliable and secure external hard drives. They have launched the technology with high specifications for next-generation computers. What the performance of their products is providing is unmatchable. The USB-C is released in 2TB capacity. After writing the Lacie Rugged Review, we were encouraged to write about this latest masterpiece. This external hard drive is made to be tough, but also it is rugged because of the orange rubber which is easily removable. The basic purpose of this rubber sleeve is to make the drive drop resistant. It is designed in a way that it can survive after driven over by 1-ton weight.

USB-C has very compact dimensions and a very suitable weight. It weighs 224 grams. There is an elegant steel body underneath the thick rubber cover. It can be taken anywhere because of its weight and size. It can easily be slipped into the pocket. Moreover, its water resistant because of its cover and can be used even in rains while in outdoor. Seagate hard drive is used for this model which is the reason for being this device so small. There are two platters 1TB capacity of each. Its main strengths are its mobility which makes it free to be moved, its compatibility which makes it compatible with every type of operating systems and its capacity.


  • It consumes lesser energy as compared to other drives and makes lesser
  • 128 MBs are reserved for the cache.
  • An excellent spinning speed of 5400RPM.
  • USB-C 2TB uses Type-C connector which gives the speed 5Gbps and competes with USB 3.0
  • It asks the user to select if they want to use the drive as NTFS, FAT32 or hybrid.

It is compatible with both NTFS and FAT32 because of hybrid configurations of file systems. USB-C has shown 130 to 132 read/ write speed under the NTFS file system. Its speeds are much faster than the other portable drives. It shields your data from internal disasters like data corruption and externals disasters like Shock and drops water. LaCie USB-C’s access time is very low which makes it very fast. It is because of its two platters of 1TB each. As the platters are lesser which increase the access time. Moreover, the transfer rate is remarkable because it uses Thunderbolt, USB 3.0, RAID 0 and SSD option. In its services, data recovery is also included which it makes more feasible and easier to recover data which is lost by mistake.

The Art of The Side Hustle

For the better part of an adult life, the only thing you will spend more time on outside of work is sleeping. People identify as their job and without it can become lost, stressed and without purpose. Millennials have seen the negative impact of this mindset and are pushing for change – this has led to emergence of the side-hustle. A side hustle is any type of employment undertaken in addition to one’s full-time job. A side hustle is generally freelance or piecework in nature, providing a supplemental income. Side hustles are often things a person is passionate about, rather than a typical day job worked in order to make ends meet.

However, when it comes to this modern-age idea, most individuals don’t know where to begin. Here we have a list of common, yet successful ideas that can help with your side-hustle creation.

Start a niche E-commerce company

Consistent income with few touch points, an E-commerce company is a common type of side-hustle. All you need to set up an E-commerce store is a bit of background in website design, plus an understanding of your product and market. An ideal E-commerce store will operate in a niche, staying away from corporate juggernauts. An example of this is a product like Eftpos paper rolls which is low cost, niche and hands off. It is a good option for the individuals that are busy most of the time and have only a few hours to give to their business.

Buy & Sell Products

There are many individuals that have a hidden talent. They can prepare hand-made jewelry or find a diamond in the rough. If you are one of the few people in the world with one of these talents, it’s time you monetized it by sharing it with the world. Scan sites where people sell their old second-hand products, find some that you can fix, touch-up or you know are worth more value and then sell them on yourself. If you do this right, you can have fun, hone your skills and make some money in the process.


Passions can also be money-makers. With the expansion of the internet has come online platforms where you can advertise your skills and start a freelancing job. Freelancing also offers you the freedom to work anywhere at any time. Examples of common freelance jobs are

  • Copywriting
  • Data entry
  • Web development
  • SEO marketing
  • Video making and editing
  • Proofreading


Blogging often takes time to monetize but it will give you the chance to create, make money and indulge in your passion through writing. i.e. If you know how to cook you can start a blog about all the amazing recipes that you’ve found or created, or just write about the benefits of different food items. With the passage of time more people will start reading your blogs and your revenue will increase accordingly through targeted advertising offerings.

Surveys, games, and ads

There are many online platforms where you can generate income by completing surveys, watching ads and playing different games. It is rarely taken advantage of and may not yield huge monetary results, but it only takes a few minutes of your time.

Bottom line

One of the most important things to remember is that a side-hustle is a secondary income, not primary. Much like anything though, it’s an effort-based occupation where you will be rewarded accordingly. Without doubt there are many individuals that are making millions from a side-hustle that has grown, however, you must remember that it took them months or years to get to this stage.

As the old Chinese proverb says, “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”. You are the key to your side-hustle’s success, and to succeed you only have to start.

Some of the Biggest Ways Social Media has Affected Politics

Social media has affected society in a lot of major ways. It’s not only a source of personal entertainment and a way to keep up with friends, but it is a business tool—the more Instagram followers you have, the more business you bring in, or the more you advertise on Facebook, the wider audience you’ll be able to reach. Social Media has even affected politics in some big ways. During the 2016 presidential election, it was one of the most influential channels, and candidates and voters alike used it to share opinions, spark discussion, and raise issues.

As of 2016, seven percent of social media users in the US began to discuss politics on social media often, and 19 percent began to discuss politics at least sometimes. Not only did people use social media to discuss and share their political points of view, but in another survey, 35 percent of respondents reported that they used social media to discuss politic points of view that they disagreed with because they found it to be interesting and informing. Social media hasn’t just affected and changed politics for voters, though. It has changed the way that politicians campaign and reach their voters and has changed the way and how quickly news sources report on updates and new information.

Social media has had a big impact on politics in several big ways, like the following:

Polls and Results are Made Available Every Day

Political polls have always been a major part of elections and are taken frequently to help get an idea of how the public feels about one candidate or another and make a soft prediction on what the outcome of the election will be. Polls can also help inform candidates about what issues they are covering well and what issues they need to take action on. Thanks to social media, those polls can be taken instantly, multiple times a day, and the results can be published right away.

Politicians Can Interact with Voters Directly

While voters still receive pre-recorded phone calls, have to listen to radio messages, watch ads on TV, get flyers in the mail, and will still have campaigners show up at their houses now and again, social media has made it easier than ever before for politicians to interact with their voters and potential voters directly—for better or for worse. Politicians can take and answer questions, personally, through their social media accounts, can respond directly to concerns raised by specific citizens, and more.

The News is Reported Every Few Minutes

Nowadays, instead of reporters having to work through the night to get the day’s news written up and ready to publish the following morning, reporters work through the night to keep voters and the public updated, in real time, on the triumphs, scandals, wins, and loses that happen throughout the day-to-day of different politicians. There’s no longer a specific timeline for when news will be reported—it is reported every few hours or minutes, depending on what kinds of updates come in.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Target the Right Demographic

Politicians know that they won’t get everyone’s vote, so instead of spending all of their time and money chasing votes they won’t have, they can turn their efforts towards those who are lukewarm to them and work on getting them off of the fence. Thanks to social media and all of the targeting algorithms it offers, politicians can now target and reach the right demographic, more easily than ever before. This helps them make the most of their money, time, and efforts.

It Perpetuates Fake and Unverified News

While social media does a lot of good, it has its downsides too. For example, it’s easy for anyone to publish just about anything, so a lot of fake and unverified news gets published and passed around. Whether a voter who adamantly dislikes a candidate, a misinformed news outlet, or a naïve citizen shocked by rumors that are being told, social media makes it easy to start and spread fake news which can muddy up the waters.

Voters are Exposed to More Points of View

Before social media and the Internet, it was possible to get different points of view on different issues, but generally, most people were only familiar with the points of view and arguments shared with them by their co-workers, family members, and close friends. These days, though, thanks to social media, voters can now know what their old high school rival thinks about certain issues or get a detailed explanation as to how their best friend’s boyfriend believes the country should be run. While voters may not take all points of view seriously, getting that exposure and gaining that understanding can be extremely valuable and helpful.

Campaigns are Changed

Social media has transformed the way that politicians campaign for an election. Now, fundraising can be done through crowdfunding, making it possible for anyone, (wealthy or not), to contribute to the candidate they support. Even the way that politicians get their message out to their voters, advertise, and, (as mentioned), interact with the voter base has transformed from what it was into an instant, cheap, and easy thing thanks to social media.

In Conclusion

Social media has had a big impact on society, and the political sector is not exempt. From the way that politicians contact voters to the way that voters stay informed on the issues, social media has transformed the way that politics are done in the US today. How else do you feel social media has impacted politics?


What to Consider Before Buying a CCTV Camera

Today the need for CCTV cameras is growing. More and more people are using these CCTV cameras for their residential security. It is very important that you choose the best and the most reliable CCTV camera for your security. There are many types of CCTV cameras that you can choose. You should buy the one which accommodates your needs. You may need it inside your home or at your business place to keep an eye on the employees. You may need it for outdoor use to keep an eye on the burglars or other criminals. You can buy the best quality CCTV cameras from Axis CCTV Camera.

Factors to consider before buying

If you are asking yourself, what type of CCTV camera should I buy? Here is the answer to your question. Consider these three factors before buying a CCTV camera.

  1. The lens

Always consider a high-quality lens camera. It will ensure that you get a good picture and video quality. Getting a good lens ensures that you can recognize faces when you watch a video recording afterward. The lens should have a wide angle so that it lets more light to get in. You should go for an optical zoom lens if you are looking for an outdoor CCTV camera. You may choose an optical lens which may not have a zoom capability if you want to use it indie your home or office.

  1. The sensor

You may find two types of sensors in the CCTV cameras namely, CMOS and CCD. The CMOS stands for complementary metal oxide semiconductor. CCD stands for the charged coupled device. You should know that the CCD sensors provide a better image quality than the CMOS cameras. These CCD sensors are expensive. If you want to identify the faces on the images, you should go for a CCTV camera which uses CCDD technology. CCD will also identify the registration plates. If you want to use it inside the home or your garage or personal property, CMOS is a better choice.

  1. The resolution

It is the most important factor of all. You should always choose a high-quality CCTV camera which gives an HD output. It is the HD output images and video recordings which will allow you to identify the faces in the surveillance. Make sure that you choose the HD CCTV cameras or the IP cameras with high resolution.

DIY Project for Siding Contractors in 2018

Protection is a vital part in everyday life, everything has to be protected in order not to damage anything that maybe sensitive. So in order to protect the house that you are living in sidings has to be done for shielding your house from the external factors such as the freezing temperature, scorching heat, heavy rain, snow and strong winds. These external factors have a very strong impact in destroying your house, so sidings is a must for your house. There are many different varieties of sidings, each varies quality wise, duration and specifically what it is protecting from.

Adding siding contractors downriver michigan does create value for your house, as these things does require good amount of money so some people try to take it as a DIY project but before starting a DIY project consider these things so you can be ready what you are getting yourself into, like for this project you need special tools in order to add the sidings, these special tools are power-saw, level, zip tool, square etc. You also have to be familiar with using these tools. The other thing you have to be careful about is that if there is old sidings and you are going to remove them, do it carefully otherwise you can damage the internal structure of your house. If you are done with removing old sidings then make sure you transfer these into your city dump area, if you don’t you can be fined by the city council. A thorough inspection also has to be done to make sure that there are no cracks or holes left in the sidings which could let the moisture or the external factors inside.

Even if you are not going for a DIY Project, for choosing the type of sidings may require some sort of expertise to know what type of sidings will be best for the house, best option is to contact a siding contractor at your location which can guide you properly about the different varieties of sidings and which type of sidings will be best for you. If you are from US them Home Improvement Michigan site is the best one available for you to get any type of information regarding the new sidings, roof repairs or replacement or any type of project related to house projects, this site can even refer you to the contractors you need for the project.

Adding new sidings make your house better looking as there are different sidings with various qualities, color and design. You can always compare the varieties from the Home Improvement Michigan site so that you are aware of the varieties that come with different cost, design and quality. It becomes easy to choose when you become aware of the different varieties and even if you are hesitant choosing