9 reasons India, Thailand & Singapore are the HOT Medical Tourism Destinations

Medical Tourism globally is valued at 439 billion dollars & set grow by 25% year on year for the next 10 years.  Also, as medical tourism gains mainstream recognition, 3-4% population of the world is poised to travel internationally for health related treatments.

Many countries hence due to the industry potential have started providing medical & healthcare facilities for international patients but places such as India, Thailand & Singapore continue to thrive as hot medical tourism destinations.

Planning a treatment in a foreign location? Here are 9 reasons why India, Thailand or Singapore can be your next destination

  1. Visa – All these 3 countries have medical tourist friendly rules when it comes to Visa. If you wish to travel to India, you can apply for visa along with 2 attendants along with you and you also have the option to re-enter the country 3 times on the same visa. Thailand gives you the option of Visa on Arrival. In Singapore too, for most western travellers, visa is not required before hand. British and Irish visitors can receive a 30 day stamp upon arrival with a proof of on-ward ticket.

(Note: You will have to get the necessary documentation from recognized/reputed treatment centers before applying for Visa)

  1. Treatment–With the state of the art facilities and experienced professionals, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. All the 3 countries follow stringent processes when it comes to doctors training (Many doctors come with years of practice at government run hospitals) & the medical processes are at par if not above any other leading healthcare institute.
  1. Government accreditation – Scared about being ripped off in a foreign country? In all these 3 countries, many hospitals operate with government accreditation especially keeping the requirements of foreign tourists in mind. Bumrungrad International Hospital &Siriraj Hospital in Thailand, Fortis & Apollo in India, Gleneagles & Raffles medical in Singapore are some of the famous hospitals catering to medical tourists with full government accreditation.
  1. Travel – Who doesn’t love traveling? You can mix your treatment with a holiday & explore the various tourist destinations these places have to offer. Be it the Taj Mahal in India, The Wat Phra Kaew Temple in Thailand or the Marina bay in Singapore, the traveler in you will thank you for choosing these destinations
  1. Costs

If you are staying in the western World, especially USA, you can save a lot on medical procedures. Check out some of the cost differences below: (note: The charges may differ basis the hospital & other services you use)

Procedure :                               United States    India                 Thailand            Singapore

Coronary Angioplasty                28,200 $            5,700 $             4,200 $             13,400 $

Heart Bypass                            123,000 $          7,900 $             15,000 $            17,200 $

Hip Replacement                       40,364 $            7,200 $             17,000 $            12,000 $

Gastric Bypass                         25,000 $            7,000 $             16,800 $            13,700 $

Hysterectomy                            15,400 $            3,200 $             3,650 $             10,400 $

Lasik (2 eyes)                            4,000 $             1,000 $             2,310 $             3,800 $

Dental Implant                           2,500 $             900 $                1,720 $             2,700 $

Breast Implant                           6,400 $             3,000 $             3,500 $             8,400 $

[Source : medicaltourism.com (2015)]

  1. Expertise – The most popular treatments sought in India by medical tourists are alternative medicine, bone-marrow transplant, cardiac bypass, eye surgery and hip replacement, Thailand for open heart & gender reassignment& Singapore for liver transplant, kidney transplant and those associated with blood disorders. (Source: wiki). India & Thailand are preferred destinations for Ayurveda treatment too.
  1. Incredible savings – In case you come from the western world, not only you save in the treatment but even stay & travel wise you would end up spending a fraction of the amount if you go for the treatment in your home country as all the three places are well-connected with flights & boast of unmatched hospitality. Not to mention again, the joy of experiencing a new country.
  1. Service – Apart from surgery & treatment, your recuperation time is equally important. Rest assured you are in the lap of luxury when it comes to these three destinations. With 5 star features & services at your disposal, your medical recuperation time couldn’t be spent better

(Image: Bumrungrad hospital room-Thailand)

  1. Tourist-friendly destinations – Yes, we did mention the joy of experiencing a new country before and much of it attributed to the locals who are well-versed in English so language is not a problem. If you are looking at a life changing trip not only health-wise but also in experience, these three places form an ideal destination as they are tourist friendly, safe for travel and offers a bundle of culture & heritage which you can cherish for years to come.

So, this was in a nut-shell why we think why these 3 places form the ideal medical care destinations.

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