Exploring Automated PriceSeries TradeVisor for Effective Trading

The financial markets of the world are buzzing with trade activities. Trillions of dollars are traded every day and the markets are not just confined to one country but have turned into global markets and people from around the world take part in it.

The lucrative markets of United States of America capture attention of all types of traders. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) being the prominent one among all the markets. The digital revolution has transformed each aspect of human’s life and same goes for the trading world. There are tons of apps and online software that are used worldwide to take an active part in the trade. Some software’s are specifically designed for specific markets. The usability and productivity of software matter a lot in trade.

The concept of automated trading has taken pace in past decade. The automated trading software’s can perform repetitive tasks and orders greater than any human equivalent. In most cases, software’s are more specific and useful as compared to brokers. Automated trading has opened the doors to naive traders who were dependent upon the brokers.

Priceseries is emerging company that offers products in automated trading for US markets. The top notch TradeVisor is making headlines in the market for being the best Web-based stock analysis software which is extremely powerful and competitive. Let’s explore the TradeVisor.

Exploring and Introducing TradeVisor: TradeVisor is effective web-based algorithmic trade and technical market scanner software. It is subscription based software developed by Rajesh Srivastava. The software defined a number of instructions that guides the trader for placing a trade at an efficient speed that results in profits. The TradeVisor is equipped with programming that utilizes advanced and complex mathematical models to give a set of instructions.

The TradeVisor is great for both passive and active traders. A number of updates are provided and alerts preparing trader in time for the fast upcoming day. TradeVisor gives reliability scores, stop loss values and other technical indicators in form of different charts and analysis.

TradeVisor is composed of different online tools. The tools are available in the menu bar. The tools include historic alerts, bar charts, and graphs. It is based on a cloud-based platform accessible from everywhere.

TradeVisor Features:

  • Identifies and Exits trades based on Algorithmic trading.
  • Helps in portfolio management
  • Livestock charts for every symbol
  • It covers around 4500 US stocks and ETF’s
  • Analysis updated each day around 7 pm
  • Simple to use and friendly user interface
  • Quite cheap at $50 fees per month
  • Daily and weekly charts for stocks
  • Technical indicators and graph for trade mapping
  • Compatible with all types of devices

The Green Card Lottery

The registered and new winners of the DV lottery would be announced soon. Each winner will receive the green cards for them to enjoy the benefits given to each of the Us Citizens. The applicants are notified once the accurate draw was made. There is an assurance of a good way of selecting the winners made through the Green Card lottery. The term and conditions are followed to ensure each of the 50,000 winners is carefully validated before the actual announcement.

Each of the applicants registered to acquire the green card has been selected from the given number of entries holding their names and other related information. Each of them is from a country qualified of the green card visa privilege. The application periods run from October 2017 to November 2017. Each of the qualified applicants upon claiming their respective green cards should present the requirements needed to ensure they are eligible to have the green card.

During the visa interview, the winners should provide a proof of their high school education or a high school education equivalent to the education given to the citizens of the United States. Aside from this, if they are working in the US for under 2 years within the period of 5 years, they should also present a proof of the said employment record to have the green card.

Registrants who in some reason or another want to change their status should come to the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services to know the requirements and procedures needed to make the adjustments they wanted. The number of applicants such the children and other family members would not be honored of the benefits given to them. In doing so, only those qualified to have the right claim to the benefits have the right to have the green cards.

If you interested in availing the Green Card Lottery, you might find the schedule dates in the following months. The applicants who are eager to know more information could take a visit at the Department of State’s Visa Web page and know more about the terms and conditions of the next Green Card Lottery Draw.  In this way, there is a sure way of having the right information for each of the participants of the next Green Card Draw.
Each of the 50,000 green card visas would be given to those participants who qualify to meet the requirements assigned or given to them. As yo1u register, you have a sure way of getting the Green Card as long as each of the requirements and other procedures is met on the right time. The complete set of winners would be announced in a respective manner. After receiving the Green Cards, there is a sure way for them to be a full pledged US citizen.

However, if a certain person or the family member of the registered applicant is not qualified to have the green card via lottery, he or she could still have the green card using education, work experience or family member or spouse who would act as sponsor.

Is Your Company Trying To Send A Message Through Dividends?

What better way to send a message than a stack of cash? Income seeking investors are well aware of the link between dividends and profits. A highly profitable blue chip company in a mature industry is more likely to pay out a hefty dividend to long term shareholders. However, investors often forget that the dividend policy itself could be a way to judge the company’s future prospects.

Of course, dividends are frequently used to value stocks. Dividend discount and Gordon growth methods are some of the most popular valuation techniques on Wall Street. Nonetheless, these techniques require a degree of estimation. Investors need to be able to accurately predict the company’s future earnings potential in order to get a truly fair value for the stock.

Signaling theory suggests the dividend policy could help with this. According to ‘signaling theory’ dividends could, in most cases, serve as a window into the minds of the company’s managers.

Here’s what you need to know:

Dividends are sticky

Dividend policies are long term commitments. Professional investors and income seekers pay close attention to the yield, coverage, and sustainability of the annual dividend. Some investors live off these investments, so a minor change in policy could have an outsized impact on their finances.

Managers realize the gravity of these policies, are are reluctant to declare a policy change  they can’t sustain. In effect, dividends are really sticky and changes are somewhat rare. It’s in everyone’s interest to keep the policy as stable as possible.

Policies are signals

A shift in dividend policy is a long term commitment. So, an increase in payout or dividend amount is not just a sign of a profitable year, it’s a sign the management has confidence in the firm’s earning potential for the foreseeable future.

Multiple empirical studies have established a link between increased dividends and future earnings performance. There’s evidence to suggest the market reaction to a dividend increase is generally positive, and managers utilize this effect to draw attention to the underlying value in their company.

Signals work both ways

If dividend increases and special dividends can signal a bright future, a sudden cut in dividends could signal economic decline. Weakening prospects and a declining balance sheet are usually enough to make managers cut the dividend. Energy companies cut dividends when the price of oil declined in the past few years, while several companies have announced dividend cuts when they struggled to pay their debt. Dividend cuts hit a record high during the financial crisis of 2008-2009.

Again, dividend policy was the canary in the coal mine. Cuts signaled difficult times and financial stress.

Final Thoughts

Besides special dividends, most dividend policies are long-term commitments. Managers are aware of the fact that investors are keenly focused on dividend policies and relative yield. So, a sudden uptick in dividends is a clear sign that the management is confident about the company’s future prospects.

Studies suggest there is a clear link between rising dividends and overall stock performance. Meanwhile, dividend cuts could indicate weakening financials and a pessimistic economic outlook.

For better performance, income-seeking investors should pay close attention to these ‘dividend signals’.


What Do You have To Know Before Hiring A Contractor

You’ll have a lot of assurance your home is obtaining correct work done by hiring Associate in Nursing intimate with and knowledgeable contractor. confine mind, hiring the correct contractor won’t solely get you a much better worth for the task however conjointly facilitate keep your home structurally sound. Here square measure our prime fourteen tips to understand before hiring a neighborhood contractor for your project.

  1. Grasp specifically What you would like Before You look for Contractors

It’s necessary to 1st envision your project before obtaining skilled facilitate. This way, you’ll be able to produce, allow yourself and dismiss contractors that attempt to high ball you. Plus, they have a lot of specific you’re, the higher quote you may receive from native contractors.

  1. Evoke References From Family, Friends, and associates

People square measure a lot of connected than you’re thinking that. Before occurring your own rummage around for a contractor, raise your friends and family for recommendations. Plus, native ironmongery store workers can even offer you nice referrals to select the correct person for the task.

  1. Browse Reviews on-line

Check out on-line review sites like Angie’s List, Google, or Yelp. There, you may be ready to see recommendations and warning from those that already got work done by native contractors. However, confine mind that checking these reviews isn’t identical issue as checking your contractor’s references.

  1. Get Quotes From Multiple Contractors

It’s good to urge a set of quotes from native contractors. This way, you’ll be able to compare the quotes and references from every contractor and select the most effective one for the task. Remember, don’t be afraid to barter with a contractor throughout the interviewing method. It’s necessary that you simply grasp you’re obtaining absolutely the best worth for the task at hand.

  1. Hear Your Instincts

Since your contractor might doubtless be in your home for weeks or months together with your pets and family, it’s best to travel with somebody you trust. once unsure, trust your gut. So, if you are feeling suspicious a couple of bound contractor, straightaway dismiss them. There’s no purpose in forcing a relationship once you feel wrong concerning it from the beginning.

  1. Determine The Contractor’s Credentials

Abbreviations that return once your contractor’s name isn’t only for fun, it truly implies that they received bound certifications from national trade organizations. check that you become accustomed to these certifications and easily Google them. For example if you are looking for a contractor in Barrington you can use google places to find local businesses or visits Euro paving website and check their Brick Paving projects in Barrington

  1. Check that they’re licensed, Bonded, and Insured

A licensed and warranted contractor is one that you simply will definitely trust. This shows that they grasp what they’re doing and you’ll be able to place trust in their skills. Insurance is additionally vital. If a employee gets lac on your property and therefore the contractor doesn’t have insurance, you’ll be control liable. make sure to urge proof of insurance.

EuroPaving is a professional brick paving company established in 2006. Call chicago brick pavers for driveways, patios, sidewalks and retaining walls. Euro Paving ensures the use of Unilock – as our leading supplier, and life time guarantee on all materials! We are reliable company located in Chicago Area.

How to eat your Fried Foods without worries to health

I love French fries, they taste great. Children, Adults, and Elderly loves fried foods, don’t you?
But, the problem with fried foods, they are not healthy.
there is no secret, to produce tasty fried foods, it will need a good amount of oil in the process.
Why are fried foods not healthy?
Livestrong.com summarized from various medical studies and News reports, in their post; fried foods are high in fat and calorie; hence, it increased the risks of medical problems like obesity, stroke, diabetes and cancer.
no wonder, a phrase comes to existence: “there is no healthy fried food.” well, if it were 50 years ago, I would agree with that phrase. but, we live at the now and I can say there Is,
the answer is the Air Fryer.
What is an Air Fryer?

Instead of using oil as the main medium for the frying process, it uses Air instead ( that’s why it is called Air Fryer )
will there be no oil at all during the frying process?
some recipes still need oil, however, instead of 100 mL, you will only need to add 20 mL (it is 80% less oil)
logically speaking less oil means less fat and less calorie, therefore reducing the risk factors for the numerous medical problems that we mentioned above.
to make it even better for health, u should use the olive oil (known as liquid gold), as a recent study by British Medical
Journal “Consumption of fried foods and risk of coronary heart disease: Spanish cohort of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition study.”
Conclude that:
“In Spain, a Mediterranean country where olive or sunflower oil is used for frying, the consumption of fried foods was not associated with coronary heart disease or with all cause mortality.”
That study last for 11 years.

We can say that using olive oil or Sunflower Oil in the process of frying food will decrease the cardiovascular event compare to using your ordinary oil.
and Cynthia Sass from Shape.com; as a French fries fan, she recommend the use of olive oil, and she included some rule about consuming fried foods.
using an Air Fryer combined with Olive Oil, you can still taste the delicious fried foods with the very low risks for the health, and the most importantly
you have a better chance to maintain the good body shape.
isn’t that amazing? (for me, it feels like cheating, and one of my colleagues said that it is like a dream come true for her)
However, choosing a right air fryer is a challenge in itself, many factors need to be considered, like the size, the functionality, the brand you can trust, the budget…(yes you will need a little research before finding the right one)
some Air Fryer comes with bonuses, like recipes book or guide book, some with another extra part that the rest don’t have
let us save your time, in kitchendecide.com we found this particular guide about choosing the Air Fryer the right way in 2017; they cover every aspect you need to find the right one.